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    Five awesome trail miles for the pooch and me.  The weather was great.  The mud was frozen but it was a pleasant 32F with no wind.  We did some nice fairly technical singletrack.


    Pass on the QOTD


    Tallahassee, Florida


      Morning TT, sounds like a nice run.  I did a quick 8 miles today, felt good.


      Texans survived ...


      qotd:  I got nothin'.

      Arkansas Traveler - Oct 7

      running under the BigSky

        when it warms up I'll be heading out for 17 miles in the hills


        qotd: what's your favorite breakfast?  mine is my own french toast- half & half, couple of eggs and a little cinnamon whipped up, big whole grain bread soaked thoroughly and cooked very slowly in butter- I eat one cooked breakfast a week (usually on Sunday) Smile

          SRD for me. I'm a little sore this morning. Can't decide if it's because of yesterday's long run, or the first league basketball game.


          QOTD: breakfast? what's that?

          Lately I've been partial to biscuits and gravy. French toast sounds really good right now.

            Been a week since I ran.  Heading out for 18 in less than an hour.


            QOTD: Breackfast week days is a banna and a hard boiled egg with coffee.  Breakfast on long run mornings is Oatmeal.  Now favorite would be when someone else cooks it and included corn beef hash.  I only get this about once a year.

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            Faster Than Your Couch!

              About to head out for some miles in the snow.


              I have been MIA lately, due to being overloaded with chores and stuff after DH's back surgery. I feel really bad that I couldn't even get a run in with Sandy while he was in my area (he's a great companion!). Now I'm just dreading the coming week, as the kids' after-school activities will start again, and that means that my day will be filled even more.


              TT: Awesome! I had forgotten that the mud is frozen here, too - maybe I'll run through my swamp. Always a nice loop.


              Sandy: No miles are quick now in my area, with the snow piled up everywhere. Glad you got in a nice run!


              warden: Enjoy the long run!


              Birdwell: Hope you'll recover soon again! Must have been the basketball, there's no soreness from running, ever!


              Queen: Sounds like a long taper - hope your miles will go well!


              QOTD: Oatmeal, with banana, raisins, apple and cinnamon - and lots of it!

              Today I had some bread pudding, though, and that was yummy, too!

              Run for fun.


                Another cloudy day of inversions here in the banana belt of Montana.  I'm heading out for about 10 miles on part of the Pengelly Double Dip course in a bit.  Maybe the elevation will be enough to get me above the fog & clouds for a little while.


                QOTD:  Most days I either eat 2 boiled eggs from my chickens with some fruit or some sprouted grain toast.  Before a long run, I like rice Chex cereal with a banana and soy milk.  I'd eat smoked salmon with cottage cheese, browned onions, sprouts, tomatoes, and a bagel everyday if I could get away with it.  But then I would be broke & fat.


                  .... I feel really bad that I couldn't even get a run in with Sandy while he was in my area ....


                  FTYC, yea really sorry that it didn't work out this time.  I was also busy visiting with family, the holidays, the twin nieces turned 4 - just crazy schedules...  I didn't get to run up Tussey at all this trip, just some short runs around town.


                  Hope your DH is recovering well.  Next time I visit I'll let you know...

                  Arkansas Traveler - Oct 7


                  Computer Geek

                    7 sluggish miles this morning on the road.



                    qotd:  greek yogurt blueberry pancakes


                      Football Sunday run.  Did 8 miles on snow covered logging road.  The gates are closed now, so only had to deal with snow mobile tracks.  DW has small tear in her left achilles so solo run today. Hopefully fast recovery.  I need to find a running partner who's not afraid to run in snow.


                      QOTD: Chocolate Slim-Fast

                      Le professeur de trail

                        Rest today.


                        Sandy - bring on the Texans! (I'm a native New Englander)


                        QOTD: no favs but what we have last night for dinner might be considered a breakfast fav.  Banana & Nutella stuffed French Toast.  Oh soooo good!


                        Have a great day!

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                          12 miles out and back on my nemesis today. It a 6 mile stretch of trail with lots of rocks, leaves and a couple of steep sections. The first time I tried it was frustrating. I felt like all the rocks kept me from getting into a nice groove.


                          After today though, I think we will be friends. I didn't actually run it any faster, but it felt so much smoother. I ran through some of the rock gardens. The rocks moving under my feet didn't even psych me out (much).


                          qotd: my favorite breakfast is hard to pick. Might have to go with bacon and eggs.

                          Pinhoti 100: Finished :D

                            rest day, put away Christmas stuff.

                            qotd: cream filled long johns, or jelly filled donutsWink or 2 eggs taco cheese and 2 slice w/w toast with pb and j.


                              I never made it over the clouds, but it was a great day to go for a snowy run in the mountains anyway.


                              mtwarden:  If you are in the Missoula area next week, a group is meeting to run the Pengelly Double Dip course, and you should join us.  I noticed it is on your list of races for 2013.  

                                On the QOTD, I love most breakfast foods, but usually do morning trail runs on an empty stomach.  I often have coffee and a muffin after.


                                Tallahassee, Florida