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Cedro Peak 45k (Read 34 times)


    Before I start my short RR I wanted to mention a couple folks:


    Lace_up for helping me get my nutrition dialed in,much appreciated it!


    I got to meet Low_O2, he is a speedy all around nice guy and hoping we can get out on a couple training runs and hunts



    Cedro Peak is a local race for those of us in the Albuquerque area. I did this race last year and was hobbled by a sprained ankle after twisting it somewhere between mile 3-4. I signed up for Cedro this year to use it as a training run for Jemez as well as work on my nutrition because other then never feeling like I get enough miles on my legs this is one aspect of my racing that has always seems to haunt me. I decided to try Hammer fizz (6 lemon-lime tablets in my hydration vest) and perpetuem (orange-vanilla and caffe latte) consuming about 270 calories every 1.5. This formula worked great but I think I need an extra tablet or 2 as I started to get some cramps in the last mile or 2 but for the most part I think this combo plus knowing when and what to supplement at aid stations will work.


    Race day weather was calling for high 60's so I started in short sleeves due to once the sun gets up it warms up pretty quick around here. It was a chilly couple of first miles but not to bad. One of the best decisions the RD made was to start the 45k'ers an hour later then the 45 milers. This avoided the 3-4 mile log jam and really let us spread out and get after it. I started in the back and slowly made my way up to the middle of the pack and settled into a good comfortable pace. The motto of the race is "I love Rocks" and last year those rocks SUCKED DONKEY BALLS, this year knowing what to expect and being better trained they didn't seem so bad until the last 5-6 miles of the race.


    My aid station strategy was to blow through the aid station at mile 5 and then hit the rest of them when necessary. I basically hit everyone of them except for the station offering Tequila shots at mile 25.5. I think I would have puked if I took a shot. When I rolled into the Cedro aid station I ran into a runner I finished the Moab Red Hot with and it turns out we live in the same neighborhood, like 2 blocks away from one another. After the race we confirmed that we have seen each other out on the local trails once. Odd how things work out, I think a training partner is in the works potentially. We both offer up pacer / crew help if the other ever needed. Trail runners are my kinda people, laid back and easy going!


    Honestly, the race was uneventful as I ran most of it solo, weather was great, I didn't twist my ankles, I spent most of the race in the top 20 playing leap frog with a couple of guys, and I felt good as I worked out details for future races. A bonus was meeting a bunch of cool runners (Low_O2, dude from Las Cruces who finished 7th, apparent neighbor, and a guy who was working an aid station who lives 5 houses up that I have never met). I have no complaints and I'm starting to figure out my nutrition as well as when its in my best interest to walk with a purpose apposed to running with non, and think with some more miles on my legs I can improve next year, we shall see.


    I finished the race in 5:12Tight lippedx  18 out of 72 and was an hour and 8 minutes faster then last year and an hour and 40 minutes faster then ultrasignup had as my projected finish, boost to the ego for sure. Awesome day on a great local course. I appreciate you checking this out, I am off to turn on Golf and take a nap. Have a good one all.

      Nice job, sounds like it went so much better than last year, congrats!

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        congrats on a great finish!   Nutrition is something I'm slowly dialing in, nausea and running together- sucks.


        I'll have to cross you and Low_O2 off of my list for running partners-too fast.  After reading all of these RR's I'm not sure there is anyone left I can run w/ Big grin

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          Congrats!!! I'm really happy for you. I love that race venue and wish I could have been there with you again this year. You're going to have a great year and I can't wait to see it all play out.


          It's funny to think that we met at that race last year and we've done a lot of pretty cool stuff together since then. I hope to see you and the family again sometime soon.


            Run Muppy appreciate it


            Warden I wouldn't go and put me in the fast category.


            Thanks Lace appreciate everything you have done for me and my running. You and Jo come up in conversation often here in the house. Looking forward to getting together again soon.


              Nice report, and congrats again on a well executed race! I appreciate the kind words. It was great getting to meet you and chat a bit. It seems we have many similar interests and I look forward to some outdoor adventures in the future.

              It didn't really occur to me at the time, but I hope you didn't mind my comments up on Cedro Peak. I think I yelled "get running man!" or something like that. I forgot you didn't really know me yet and may not realize that I was just messing around.


                Low I didn't take any offense at all, I took it as a good ribbing as you flew down hill past me. You actually caught me stopping and trying to take a picture while walking, no worries and yes I did need to get running.


                We now need to talk about the Crest Trail and Embudito to Pino canyon.


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                  Congratulations, sounds like an enjoyable day out on the trails! Way to chop off that much time from last year's race!

                  Run for fun.

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                    Awesome! That is a great improvement - no turned ankles this time - always a plous!


                    Question - with the fizz - you said you used 6 tabs for your pack.  What size is the bladder? I am trying to figure out how many to use.  I have a Nathan (2L) and I would not have guessed 6. I think I have used 3-4 but maybe didn't have the bladder full.

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                      Boyjame I have a 70 oz bladder and apparently sweat a lot. At the end of the race my entire face was covered in salt and like I mentioned cramps were slowly building. At first it seemed like the fizz was a bit more concentrated coming out of the bladder so I don't know if I need to increase my concentration or just drink more fluids. If I had to guess I consumed well over 160 oz of just water/fizz during the race and about 50 oz of perpetuem. Needless to say I felt full by the time I was done.


                        Great job! Nutrition is one of those absolute key elements the longer you go, and surprisingly difficult to master (at least for me)


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                          You made it sound easy!  Just a day on the trails nailing down nutrition and meeting a bunch of trail running neighbors.  Sounds like a blast.  Congrats on the time as well...that'll show Ultrasignup for doubting you!

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                            Nice job on the Race.  an hour+ improvement is a sign of a good training program.  US Goal times seem to be rather in exact to be polite.




                              Great job to you!   Glad you made it out unscathed, and had a great time.  I read Low_O2's report also, and the course looked absolutely beautiful.  Good luck at Jemez!


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