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    Guess I get to start them!


    2-3 easy today so I can race a 5k tomorrow for a last PR of 2012 attempt.


    QOTD: what do you do with your time between the holidays?

    I feel like a slug. I have done almost nothing except every day chores all week!

    2013 races:

    3/17 Shamrock Marathon

    4/20 North Coast 24 Hour

    7/27 Burning RIver 100M

    8/24 Baker 50M

    10/5 Oil Creek (distance to be determined)


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      The pooch and I had a great 4 mile trail run. There was a nice sunrise and a light snow was falling. The woods got just a light dusting before the sun came up and melted the snow.


      QOTD: I've been hitting the trails a bit, planning some summer backpacking trips, and generally chilling out.


      Parkville MD


      running under the BigSky

        I was just about to ask the same thing Smile


        my 17 miler yesterday turned into a 12 miler, so my 6 miler today will grow to a 10 miler Big grin  I saw a Gyrfalcon yesterday, they will often come south (well south being Montana) in the winter.  I saw it flying off and then a few minutes later found evidence of his (her?) presence when I stumbled on a small pillows worth of sharptail grouse feathers!


        qotd: no work, but lots of play (and eating!) went x-country skiing for a couple of days and getting in some runs- work will be back soon enough


        HURL Fat Ass 50k  1/11- DNS sick :(

        Zion Traverse 47 miles 4/5 DNS :( stress fracture in heel

        Don't Fence Me In 30k 5/10

          2 hours today. Was in the 20s, so that was good, but the new snow in the woods beat me up. Came home, had lunch, then took a nap. I haven't had to sleep off a run in ages.


          QOTD: Less than usual. The boys are both home in between Christmas and New Year's, so I don't get much done. But I do get to hang out with them.

            Morning trailers!


            I DID IT -- ran my 50-mile training run yesterday despite coming down with a cold two days before.  I had thought about postponing, but I had invited a bunch of people to join me (including four other women who are running Rocky Raccoon as well), plus the weather was absolutely perfect.  Although my head was somewhat stuffy the day before, I didn't have any body aches so I figured I'd see what I could do.  I awoke to some chest congestion, but again, nothing too bad.


            We wanted to simulate the Rocky course, so we headed to a local park with great rolling trails.  It's hillier than Rocky (not surprising, considering RR is damn flat), but not quite as technical (RR isn't bad either, but there are a lot of roots).  We mapped out a 10-mile loop, then used our cars as the aid station in between.  I felt pretty good throughout, although I had some trouble breathing, especially going up hills.  Loop #4 was especially bad, but during the break before heading out for the last loop I was able to cough up some of the lung butter. Took about an hour longer than anticipated, but that's mostly because we lingered at the aid station each time.  (It's definitely more efficient when you have people fawning all over you and getting your bottles filled!)  We started and finished in the dark, so that was great practice.


            Needless to say, today is an SRD Big grin


            qotd: more running's in store, but I hope to get some house cleaning down as well.  Fortunately I have another light work week next week.

            Upcoming races: 5/4 Tacoma City Marathon (5-hour pacer), 5/11 Lost Lake 50K, 5/24 Pigtails 100


            My woefully neglected blog.

              Morning folks!

              SRD for me.


              QOTD: I've been trying to catch up at work all week. It's been a loosing battle.

              Occasional Runner

                EDRW- Great work. I could never do that. I can only run that far when I have a bib attached to my body.


                6 icy road miles and a great gym workout. Our running group is supposed to be doing a 32 mile trail run on Antelope Island tomorrow, but with all this snow, it may be 32K instead. We'll see.


                QOTD: I've been training my ass off and working on our new house. It's been a very productive week for me.

                4/21- Boston Marathon

                4/25- Salt Flats 100

                5/3- Sinister Night Run 55K

                5/10- Ice Age 50M

                6/1- Comrades Marathon

                6/14- Bryce 100

                Irish Luck

                  Met up with a great group of folks for 10+ miles in snow (woooooooohoooooo first snow run of the season!), doing some serious hills in the process. I am pretty wiped out, so I think a nap is on deck in 3, 2, 1... The full belly of egg,cheese, bagel sandwich helps, too.


                  QOTD: I've been off this week with the mister. We had all sorts of projects planned, but have spent most of our days running and enjoying food. We went to a great concert on Friday night (Lake Street Dive; just look them up on YouTube) and went to the movies (a rarity!) on Thursday.

                  BT survivor since 2003. Trail runner since 2009.

                  I think brain surgery stimulated my running nerve and made me into a trail runner. I'm grateful for both.


                    SRD today, "tapering" for the big 5k tomorrow evening!!! We took a drive in the PA country-side today, lots of snow. Qotd: typically we eat, drink and run... This year we traveled up to PA to visit family and are now... eating, drinking and running!!!

                    Hog's Hunt 50k, May 10 (maybe)

                    Bighorn 100m, Jun 20

                    nc tam

                      Spent an hour on snowy trails today, just a few icy stretches to navigate.  Felt like I could have run for much longer but I had a hiking date with the fam to keep.  20s, sunny and only breezy on the ridges. Just a very, very nice day.


                        Spent yesterday chasing a cute gal around a park yesterday, flipping pancakes, taping feet and swearing at cantankerous old men who berated them needlessly for wearing headlamps.  That 50 miles seems to have put me within 35 "official"/logged miles of 2,000 for the year so I'm contemplating a little jaunt up Tiger Mountain tomorrow to get me over the hump.  Plus, it's a good way to prep for next weekend's 50K on the same hill.


                        I had contemplated going up and doing an "official" local 50K just so that I'd have one more ultra for the year than Lace Up and bump him to 10th position on the Marathon Maniacs list…  But I'm just not that ambitious.  :-)

                        Have fun on Antelope Island, Kelly!  I'm jealous of your new playground.  And happy almost new year everyone else.


                        QOTD: Work, usually.

                        Occasional Runner

                          There's a list for such things?

                          4/21- Boston Marathon

                          4/25- Salt Flats 100

                          5/3- Sinister Night Run 55K

                          5/10- Ice Age 50M

                          6/1- Comrades Marathon

                          6/14- Bryce 100

                            10 around town, nice 16deg. no wind but lots of sun felt very warm, then some core and curls and squats, then get frozen watching grandson peewee hockey indoors.

                            QOTD: some work some play.

                              There's a list for such things?


                              Go to the Maniac Insane Asylum and click on the Ult column for 2012.  It sorts people by the number of ultras they've run this year!

                              Upcoming races: 5/4 Tacoma City Marathon (5-hour pacer), 5/11 Lost Lake 50K, 5/24 Pigtails 100


                              My woefully neglected blog.


                                Did 6.3 miles on snowy, slushy, icy, roads. Temp was approximately 32-33 with a 15-20 MPH wind. Only lost my hat onceSmile.  Ran by one of our local churches that burned out this morning Sad. I had worked overnight and came home to fire trucks going up and down our road. It sucks to see it burned out but I guess it's better then if it was someone's house.


                                QOTD: My normal, work and in the abcense of school work try to get caught up around the house. Oh and I'm back to running most days.

                                4/20/13 Hyner 50k

                                9/28/13 Bald Eagle Megatransect (Marathon)