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    Good morning, Trailers!


    I'm hoping for a great day of running and working out. I'm going to run 6 miles to the gym then workout for a while before riding home with Jo. Then we plan to go run a tough trail in the high country. I'll get another 12 or 13 miles on that run, plus a lot of vert. I'm hoping to track down some mountain goats.


    QOTD: Where are you on the bell curve of your running life cycle? Are you still on the way up and making gains. Are you at the top, waiting for the slow and steady decline? Or have you dropped over the top already?


    I think I've peaked and I don't expect to ever be any better than I am right now. I hope to hang on right here for a while before I begin to lose my abilities and start my decline and ultimately hang up my running shoes forever. In my fantasy world, I have a bunch of huge accomplishments still to achieve, but I'm afraid reality has other plans for me.


    I hope you all have an incredible day.

    100K or Bust - Busted

      Planned weekly track session this evening with my running club. Cold front came in yesterday and it's freezing right now.


      QOTD: I've been on the downside of the curve for 30+ years, but May 3rd will mark my 46th anniversary of beginning to run post-HS. The only way I'll see a new PB is to run longer than I've ever run before.

      2017 Goals: for races not to be exercises in futility

      Gator eye

        Mr. Jangles and I did 7 under bright moon shine this morning. I turned off the headlamp and ran that way till the two track turned ruff, I didn't want to turn a ankle. Mr. Jangles did a wonderful job of keeping me safe from three dangerous looking deer and a couple of rascally rabbits. I asked him what in the world he would ever do if he finally caught one of those dangerous deer, he just looked at me with that stupid grin and trotted on ahead.

        It was a fun run.


        QOTD: I'm still making gains although slowly. I' m turning 48 this year so really the only gains I'm looking to make is staying healthy so I can keep enjoying runs like this mornings.


          A great 10 miler this morning.  A crisp and cool morning (abt 45* and 75% humidity), not many of them left around here this spring.  I also did the last few miles with two of the fast girls, so that was nice too.  One of them is the one I recently helped out in her first 50 miler, now she is talking about doing a 100 next - I think she's hooked - just reeling her in slowly.  He He He.


          I'll also go to the little core training session at lunch today.


          qotd: In my mind I'm at the peak...  still working toward that carrot that is Hardrock.  But sadly, when returning to the real world I guess I've started down that slippery slope...

          Arkansas Traveler - Oct 7

            Good morning!

            I got in 6 late last night.


            QOTD: I'm think (and hope and pray) that I'm just starting the upswing on the curve. I had never run until I threw on a pair of Sauconys back in early 2012. I'm finally getting dialed into a good training routine and hopefully the upswing will be dramatic.


            It will be pretty depressing if this is the best I can do 


              Snow on the ground this a.m. - plan to run at lunch time.


              QOTD:  This is a good question that I've been thinking a lot about recently.  I guess I think (perhaps optimistically) that at 43 I still have a lot of room for improvement.  Obviously my max potential is declining every year, but I don't feel that I've ever consistently trained to get close to my potential, so my performance curve still has some upside.


                Getting ready to head down to the AT for a nice 20 mile jaunt, maybe a little more. It all depends on how much it warms up. Feeling sore this morning from being at the gym last night.


                QOTD: Speed wise I'm on the downward slope. It's an age thing. For endurance I hope I'm on the up slope. I would like to get in at least one 100 miler in the next few years.  For goals accomplished It's on the up slope, at least I hope it is. There are quite a few places I would like to run yet such as a R2R2R.

                  I haven't decided yet...May run after work might not.


                  QOTD:  I've been running off and on for 38 years.  I am a strong middle of the pack person and can win my age group once in awhile.  i don't see my running as being at it's peak but more like on top of the plateau.  I have run consistently, stronger, and longer for the last 6 years (since moving out of the city).  I plan on staying here for four more years, then I retire from work giving me more time to train for a longer run.  since my "peak" was never that impressive I don't think there will be a downhill because as I slow, my age increases making what I accomplish running pretty impressive.  Being average has it's advantages.

                  08/05/17 Sierra Crest 50K

                  08/19/17 Marquette Trail 50K Miler


                  running under the BigSky

                    strength training and some stationary bike (will also try and walk some on the treadmill)- it's been four weeks now w/o any running; the heel is getting better, but it's agonizingly slow progress Sad


                    qotd: as I've only been running for two years, I believe I'm still improving- this is all relative though as I'm as slow as molasses! Big grin


                      Hope to get out for a run today. Haven't run since my race on Saturday. Recovery is going great, just want to make sure all is good before I ramp up for the next race in May. Now I just need to decide if it will be the 50k or 50 mile version...


                      Lace - Maybe I missed it, but are you working these days or just running? Thought I remember you got a new job a while back, but you seem to be getting in some good weekday training lately.


                      warden- good to hear there is progress on the heel. Slow progress is better than the alternative!


                      QOTD: I think I am on the upswing. My running "career" is young and I continue to make gains. The limiting factor in my future improvements will be how much life gets in the way. Don't want my son to feel like I'm always gone running as he is growing up, may need to get more creative in my training.


                        Brought some warm clothes for a lunch time run.  31 degrees here and windy.  It was 80 on Sunday.


                        DD1 - What AT section are you running today?


                        QOTD:  I know I couldn't get any where near my marathon or 5K PR's, but at the same time, 26.2 miles was a very long run for me 12 years ago.  I've been running so long, that I'm good with that.

                        Occasional Runner


                          Lace - Maybe I missed it, but are you working these days or just running? Thought I remember you got a new job a while back, but you seem to be getting in some good weekday training lately.



                          For now, I'm just running and taking care of the business that I own (but can't make a living from). I did take a job a while back but I quickly resigned. I'm in no rush to go back to work so I'm being very particular about where I land.

                          Occasional Runner

                            Here's a photo from run #2 this morning. This trail starts right behind my house and I decided to follow an unmarked spur that I had been curious about. It was worth the time.



                              I was down in St John, USVI last week. Swam a mile+ day. Ran every day. Drank Budweiser by the gallon. Found some trails near Cruz Bay (Caneel Hill and Lind Point) that were good for an hour long morning run. Just relaxed most of all. Came home to warm temps but it's chilly and cold today. After running shirtless in near 80 degree temps Sunday and Monday (plus last week) it looks to be back to the long sleeve and gloves this evening. At least it's sunny out there. The gsp and I will run 60-90 minutes, TTBD (trail to be determined).


                              QOTD: My peak in terms of speed was 2007-2010 I suppose. My marathon PR was in this timeframe, I ran several sub5 50k's, a most excellent 50 mile race at JFK, and also had pretty decent speed on the shorter 15k trail races. So I guess in terms of speed I am over the hump and sliding down the other side. It's not bad over here though. Something to be said about just putzing about with the dog nearly every day. Doing just a few races at most a year is fine with me anymore.

                              In dog beers, I've only had one.


                              Faster Than Your Couch!

                                Maybe a run late, kids' school conferences and work early got in the way of a daylight run. DigDud, good to heat from you again! DD1: how does the AT compare to Rothrock? I am always suspicious of the "big" trails, like AT or MST. The MST is unrunable for the most part in my area, the only exception being those 2 miles that the Rothrock uses. QOTD: in some aspects, I'm still on the upswing, like speed on medium distances, and lenght of runs. At the same time, I have lost some speed on very short distances, like the half or whole mile, compared to HS more than 30 years ago. Like Queen said, it seems to be a plateau. I still hope to be able to do Hardrock or Western States some time, but realistically, chances are low.

                                Run for fun.