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    Howdy folks its been awhile, hope you all are well. I have several new projects and students on board so I have been chasing my tail more than usual. In Texas for a meeting and got in a quick 3.5. I didn't want to push it seeing how I am now working on 3 hours of sleep and need to be coherent for the day. Take care and have a great day.


      Morning all!  Weather-wise, we had it all-- snow, rain, sleet-- and now everything has a thin layer of ice on it with more to come tomorrow.  One thing I don't mess with is ice, so it will be a gym day for me.  a little treadmill, rowing machine and weights.


      welcome back, dpc3!


      qotd:  how many shoes do you currently have 'active'?  For me, 4.  This is double what I usually have, but I've accumulated two pairs of road (Brooks Ghost and Ravennas) and two pair of trail (Cascadias and Asics 2000s) that I'm actively using for running.  Need to retire the ravennas to gardening and errands, but I'm not quite there yet.  I have another pair of Asics in a box somewhere.

        Hi all,


        Been dealing with a weird achilles lately. Ran on Sat and it tightened up pretty good that night so I took off yesterday and today I will probably do some elliptical and/or strength training instead of a run.


        QOTD: Honestly, just 1 pair. I need to buy new trail shoes and in the mean time I'm just wearing one pair of Brooks Ghosts. But my running is not too frequent right now so I'll be ok.

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          I had a nice little pacing job this weekend for 20 miles at Cajun Coyote. I'll let Lace up tell the story and give a pacer/crew perspective after that. I don't want to ruin the story. I'll churn out 10 this evening after work. It is time to get serious with these weekday runs. I should be doing 2 of those each week with a 5 miler to 10K or so thrown in the middle somewhere.


          QOTD: I probably have 4 or 5 pair. At least one pair needs to be retired. The uppers are completely shot after a run a week or so ago. They are totally ripped up, but I have had them for about 3 years.



            Good morning folks,


            Cold and winter-like here and I think it is here to stay. Lovely.  I have had 3 straight days of good trail running so today will just be a little core and a stint on the elliptical. Saturday I had the pleasure to run with Mandy on our favorite trail system around here and it probably will be the last snow free trails we will see for quite awhile. And other than one face plant it was a good run.


            Welcome back DPC.   And a welcome back to Majope.


            QOTD--I thought with scaled back miles I would scale back shoes but another failing. Currently 6 pairs in the rotation--3 trail, 1 screw shoe pair, and 2 road.

            running under the BigSky

              morning all, first morning in a week we've been above 0, I guess you can call 2 above 0 Big grin


              strength training this evening


              qotd: 3 pair currently- a newish pair of N1's, an older pair of N2's w/ screws and older pair of Grits, all see some action (I have a new pair of N2's in the closest waiting for spring)



                Well, if it ain't the snow on the trails trying to kill me then it is the ice on the roads trying to do me in. This morning's run was extremely frustrating and my legs were really sore from yesterday's trek through the woods., Rocky and I ended up with 4.1 miles instead of 6. I was about to lose it a couple of times on Rocky, trying to keep him away from the cars, but he would work his way behind me and around towards the vehicle and then cower when I'd yell at him for being a moron. I just couldn't fight with him for 6 miles, so instead of 1 mile tomorrow I'll do 2 and I am quite seriously thinking about giving Rocky a rest week this week because I just can't stand having him on a leash and trying not to slip and fall on my ass which I did 3 times before leaving the driveway - a .10 - .15 long driveway. I will be so happy when this ice and snow is gone or somewhat gone........ wishing it would happen this week.


                QOTD: Hmmmm, depends on one's perception of active. I've got 2 pairs for trails (one of them for long runs), and right now 3 pairs for roads (one for short and easy, another for mid-long runs that aren't done on trails and the other for races done on roads). I have 2 pairs that I don't use anymore and wish I could find someone willing to buy them, I wasn't always a shoe person until I started running dang it.

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                5k - 24:15 (7:49 min/mile pace) 

                10k - 51:47 (8:16 min/mile pace)

                15k -1:18:09 (8:24 min/mile pace)

                13.1 - 1:53:12 (8:39 min/mile pace)

                26.2 - (Debut) - 4:48:10 


                Gator eye

                  Rest day.


                  QOTD: I think I got 4 pairs going right now, two of them are on there last leg. Once X-mas is over hopefully I can find a good sale and replace a couple pairs.


                    Cross training day today - I shoveled out my office walkways from the 6"+ we got yesterday.  After yesterday's run, I spent an hour tuning up the old snow blower and It fired up on second pull after it's yearly makeover.  Then I ended up doing our driveway and a few of my elderly neighbors.  They always complain when I start down their driveways, but I just act like I can't hear them. Smile (Actually it's a selfish act since i know I'll be getting some baked goods for my efforts, and that makes it worth every minute.)


                    Congratulations, Kelly.  It's about time you won one of these things.  Wink


                    QOTD:  5 at present.  2 Mizuno's, NB, Hoka and Inov-8.

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                      I'll do some walking today. The body feels great but I have a nasty bruise on the bottom of my left foot. It may take a while for that to go away.


                      QOTD: I have 3 active pairs but winter will force me to add a pair of Inov8's to the mix. They're warmer and work well with my micro spikes.


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                        Morning all,


                        SRD today for me.  Ended up doing a late night 4 miler in the sleet.  Roads/sidewalks were icy so I was stepping very cautiously and pushing off was not an option.  It didn't help that the shoes I was wearing are basically slicks these days... it caused some different sore muscles today for sure.


                        QOTD: inov-8 235s and NB 1010 v2 for trails, 3 pairs of VFF's for the roads (yeah I'm still doing that) = 5

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                          SRD for me today. I'm been averging 40 mile weeks for the past month so I'm

                          happy with my training, but based on todays icy conditions I know that may

                          change as winter really kicks in.


                          QOTD: Two active pairs; NB 1400 and Asics Fuji Racer. I need to pick an inactive

                          pair to put screws in.


                          Thread killer ..

                            I have been trying to do a Holiday running streak while I've been doing that we have had a sub-zero streak . My runs have been short,  it takes nearly as long to get dressed as I have run . I really don't like running in single digits and I will have to resort to the treadmill if it doesn't change soon .


                            QOTD: Just one . I tried another pair for icy runs that have better tread but had to go back to the Hoka's now studded for better traction .


                              SRD for me today. I'm been averging 40 mile weeks for the past month so I'm

                              happy with my training, but based on todays icy conditions I know that may

                              change as winter really kicks in.


                              QOTD: Two active pairs; NB 1400 and Asics Fuji Racer. I need to pick an inactive

                              pair to put screws in.

                              I think 40 mile weeks are great. I try to stay between 150 and 200 per month, which is not easy when you only race a couple of times a year.



                                Good morning all.  We should finally make it out of the sub-zero temperatures today.  It was below zero and I didn't run at all this weekend.  On Friday, it was 11 degrees below zero, Saturday was 23 degrees below, and Sunday made it up to 0, but I just did not want to run in that kind of condition.  We should be up to 15 today, and it has been snowing all morning.  I'll be back out there, but I'm out of the holiday running streak I tried to do.


                                QOTD: 4 pair, but with the winter weather, I will pretty much be using only my goretex Asics 2000s.