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Jamezilla's Stone Mill 50 RR (Read 48 times)


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    I'm not working today so I have no excuse not to get a RR together, so here goes...



    My training was pretty much non-existent for this race.  I have not put much work in since September and I'd say I've been pretty much off the mark since August, which is when I signed up for Stone Mill (log is accurate).



    Thursday after work I went to the local sushi place and ordered a lot of sushi (14 roll combo!).  I ate sushi non-stop from that point until Friday evening, making sure I was stuffed the whole time.  My GF isn't big on sushi, so I reserve it as a pre-race, spoil myself kind of treat.  I remember thinking "I hope this works so I have an excuse to do this again" .  I took the day off on Friday and my GF and I drove from where we're at in north Jersey to Gaithersburg and just made the 7:00PM packet pick-up.  We stayed at her friend's apartment and slept on an air mattress, which was free and only ~30 minutes away.


    When I woke up, I got up from the air mattress, took 2 steps, and stubbed the hell out of my 4th toe.  Bad enough so that I was bleeding.  Not a good way to start the day.  I dressed and was out the door a little slower than I anticipated and didn't reach the school until 5:30, which was when the RAers were planning on meeting.  I ended up parking about a mile away from the school.  Halfway through the walk I realized I didn't have my hydration vest.  I decided to double check the car even though I was sure it was back at the apartment, which paid off because there it was in the back seat.


    I met Boyjame, jbyram, TrailsnCocktails, and fiance of TnC before the race briefly.  We got our photo taken together then hustled over for the start.


    Miles 1-8

    I didn't realize that the race had started and ended up starting about a minute did a lot of people.  I started the race with an empty pack and empty handheld (due to rushing).   At about mile marker 1 there were water coolers so I stopped to fill up my pack, which seemed to make a lot of people laugh as they passed by me.  I ended up running with TnC and JByram for a little bit during this section.\\


    Miles 9-18

    I had pre-loaded my handheld with 2 scoops of perpetuem and planned on using that as my main fuel for the race.  I filled up the handheld at the 3rd or 4th Aid station and hustled off.  Unfortunately, I had filled the handheld up with lemon/lime gatorade, which did not go well with the cafe perpetuem.  This was the last I used perpetuem during the day and possibly forever (at least the cafe flavor).


    At mile 14, I felt a twinge in my knee which caused me to limp and really scared me that I was going to have to deal with 36 miles of gimpy knee.  As soon as it came, it went and I didn't feel it again.


    Miles 19-28

    I passed a bunch of people in this area who were running everything and looking dog tired already.  I ended up running with a fellow who I kind of recognized (turns out from Ironmasters, which he ran with the flu).  I fell in with him until we hit an aid station.  When I started out of the aid station, I could see another Wegman's shirt ahead.  I pushed until I caught up with Boyjame.  We ran together until the next aid station.  Mile 28 aid station had drop bags.   It also had a bunch of rowdy volunteers wearing various wigs and pouring/drinking whisky and beer...overall a fun place.  Would have been a great place to drop no doubt.  I changed my shoes, grabbed a bunch of PB&J and headed back out.


    Miles 29-38

    I felt fucking awesome.  I was running effortlessly.  Everyone I saw commented on how well I was moving.  Aid Station volunteers told me I looked like I had just started.  The idea of a sub 10 hr finish was creeping into my head and I was wholly convinced that I had the race whooped.  (Also I had some delicious cheese quesadillas at one of the aid stations).


    Miles 39-47

    My legs lost the magical range of motion that I had had during the preceding 10 miles, but I was still moving.  I started these miles running more and walking less, but I was mostly walking by mile 47.  I questioned whether or not I could finish constantly throughout this section.  I was mostly on my own.


    Miles 48-49

    I walked.  I got passed by a lot of people.  I was hurting badly.  It was starting to get dark.  My goal for this race was to finish before the official sunset time of 4:53 PM.  At this point, I didn't care anymore.


    Mile 50

    With a mile to go, a lady who I had leap-frogged with numerous times and who had told me she was 55 came shuffling up behind me.  This was the final straw and gave me enough motivation to get running again.  I "ran" the whole last mile.  The last 30 yards of the race are straight up a grass hill.  You just have to laugh when you get there because it is easily the steepest hill of the day and who cares at that point.  Finished the climb and crossed the mat with an official time of 10:51:42... I minute ahead of sunset!


    Post Race

    I sat down for a couple minutes and saw BoyJame finish.  I didn't stick around very long.  My GF drove me back to her friends apartment where I showered then rolled around on the air mattress for the next 14 hours trying to find a position that didn't hurt and trying to deal with the too hot/too cold sensations that would not stop (this happened to me last race too...anyone else ever get this?).



    I completed a 50 miler!  I am in pain right now because I didn't train properly but overall I'd say I got off easy.  The back of my right knee has some serious tendonitis stuff going on and I can't straighten it, but it is already feeling better than yesterday so I don't think it is a real injury.  I would declare that the sushi pre-gaming was a resounding success.  My stomach was rock solid throughout.  I really enjoyed buffeting at the aid stations (wasn't really part of my plan).  My feet were fine, even the toe I stubbed in the morning didn't end up hurting that bad.  I walked away saying "never again", but I have been searching races on the internet again.  I thought that 100 miles would seem more reasonable after finishing 50, but that is not the case.  I now understand what kind of shape I need to be in to do more than survive a 50 miler.


    PS: great meeting everyone.  Sorry you couldn't make it FTYC, but thanks for the wegman's setup...the shirts are cool.

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      Congratulations on achieving your goal and finishing the race before sunset! I can't imagine running a 50 miler without being properly trained for it. I have never experienced the too hot./too cold sensation after a race, well at least not alternating from one to the other. Thanks for sharing the RR.

        Congrats! Sounds like you had a strong performance even without "proper" training.  It was really great to meet you, and hope to see you at another race!


        I did enjoy the Stone Mill aid station at 29. I changed my socks there, and was treated to the last 2 pieces of potato, which a volunteer brought over to me. Not used to that level of service!

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          Sound fun! Congrats!!! SO.....did you partake in the whiskey? Maybe this is why you were feeling so fabulous?


          I get CRAZY hot flashes at night when I'm in full training mode. In thinking about it, it is usually after long long runs.  I haven't found a reason for it.


          Where's the group photo?


            Yay! Congrats on finishing! You did awesome for 50 miles Smile

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              Congratulations. I always go into this pretty trained and still wind up tired and sore (in feet and legs) before mile 40. It's difficult enough for me doing it trained - wouldn't want to do it without training. Have not had the hot/cold thing. Still having soreness going down stairs.


              Someone said Hokas make your feet feel better. I would like to know if that would work for me late in the race, but I'm not liking the idea of the only experiment that comes to mind, in this matter.

              It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


                Nice job.  Imagine what you could do with proper training.  Wink

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                  Nice job. You met your original goal and you should be stoked about that. Get a few more 50's under your belt and that 100 miler will begin to come into focus. Races like this help to build that base, but it also gives you great experience and insight for proper fueling and pacing. You're definitely on your way. Good job.

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                    Great job - thanks for sharing! I often have a hard time sleeping after ordinary long runs, but I can't say I recognize that hot/cold thing.

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                      Awesome job, and with no training and in a rush that morning (and stubbing your toe *OUCH!*)! Freaking awesome man!

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                        Way to kick ass James!!  Great seeing you there!


                        the start was low key, wasn't it? Sure caught me by surprise..

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                          You are a real BA.


                          Running 50 on no training and after eating all that sushi.


                          I puked just reading your RR.

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                            Congrats on making it to the finish before sundown. Almost sounds like a trite western ultimatum.

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                              Nice job Jamezilla...thanks for sharing.

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                                Nice job! Very impressive, especially considering the minimal training.