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    Good morning, Trailers!


    I'm heading out for my final run on the beach before packing up and heading back to the United States. Its a LONG flight and I'm not really looking forward to sitting for the next 24 hours, but the drinks are free so we'll manage.


    QOTD: Do you make the effort to recycle in your household?


    Jo and I work hard at minimizing our waste but we're not allowed to recycle our glass bottles at the curb along with our paper and aluminum. The city expects me to tote all my bottles to recycle center, which I really don't want to do. I guess that illustrates my level of commitment.


      Sitting at work...wishing for 4 o'clock.. Then I am heading to the state park for a nice trail run. Too many roads lately...I need a shaded trail.


      Lace: I hope your last run there was a good one.


      Gator: i am so tempted to run the half at Yankee Springs this weekend. Awesome you are doing the double on Saturday. There is a 10 mile trail run July 4 in Lowell I'm going to is only 20 bucks. I am also considering the 50kat Woodstock.

      Gator eye

        I jumped on the eliptical for 40 minutes this morning, trying to give my calf a extra day or two of rest.


        QOTD: I live in farm country, no recycling programs in this area. We still pay for garbage pick up out of pocket which really adds to the road trash. But I do return my beer cans, does that count?


        moon- The weather for the race this weekend is shaping up nicely, it looks like humidity is moving out just in time. Have you done Woodstock in the past? It looks like a good time, I almost regret signing up for the 100 because of all the other activities I'm going to miss out on. Do you plan on camping and doing the weekend trip or just a race or two?


          I'll do 5 to 7 tonight. Back is much better this week. I had a great run last night on tired legs and slept well for the first time in about 4 nights.


          QOTD: No. I would, but we don't have a recycling program here.


            Got in 6 muggy but surprisingly quick miles this AM. Almost wanna go for more after work but I've been having some calf issues this week so I probably won't.


            QOTD: Philly has a great mixed recycling program. Usually our recycling bin is more full than our trash. Though a lot of it is beer and wine bottles....

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              Hazy, hot and humid here today, so will get a sweaty 5 miles in at lunch.


              Kelly - safe fight, and remember, pacing is the key to good drinking.


              LB2 - nice fast tempo run yesterday.  I love when that happens, and your right, it usually is a surprise.


              moon and Gator - I saw info on the Hallucination 100 and other races.  Looks like a lot of fun.


              T&C - It's the road - I kills your calves 



              QOTD"  Yes, we recycle at home and at my office, but have to pay extra for the "privilege".  It's not easy being green!

                Another beautiful morning on the trail. We did and easy 4 mile run going over under around and through the newly blown down trees and branches. There must have been a pretty good storm last night, but if we had it at home I apparently slept through it as usual.


                QOTD: Yes.  It is pretty easy to do here.


                Tallahassee, Florida

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                  Hiya gang.  I'm officially 3 months post-op now.  Running should be on my horizon soon.  However, I did just buy a new road bike.  I'm pretty excited about it!  I took her for a ride last night and will probably do the same tonight.  I am hoping to start my bike commuting to work again soon.


                  Okay, carry on with all your running related things now.  Smile






                  QOTD: Yes, but Madison makes things pretty easy.  I don't have to sort or do anything.  I just dump everything in my recycling bin and that's it.  Sometimes I feel guilty if I forget to wash out a peanut butter jar, but then I wonder if that even matters anymore.

                  Le professeur de trail

                    I am going to post today.  Not because I ran (I didn't) but because we finally found a house!!!! We are moving next month (although a few minor details to work out between now and then). Yay! The past few months have been spent getting my current house ready to sell, stressing that it did not sell in the first couple of days (unrealistic hopes), thankful it was under contract in 31 days, stressing we did not have a house yet that we liked, wrestling with a price on a house we did like and now coming to a compromise.  Now just to stress about the move and all the little stuff we need to get for the house. Oh and all the while doing next to no running.  Still rehabbing, going to PT, still not all that healthy.  Long road back but I am determined.


                    Mandy - nice ride!


                    QOTD: Our area recycles a lot and we oblige with two full recycle containers every week.  We have a tendency to have more recycling than trash each week.


                    Have a great day!

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                      Good morning!


                      Got out for an early 6 with the dog this morning. Explored a new development being put together near my place.


                      LB2- love it when those speedy runs just happen!


                      Mandy - sweet looking ride! I still love getting out on the road bike for some fast riding, need to do that more often.


                      boyjame - congrats on finding a house! We just put our house on the market and are going through the stressed it won't sell stage.


                      QOTD: Yeah, we recycle and did before the curbside started as well. I do wonder if it really makes sense though. Seems like a lot of time, money, and resources goes into recycling. I wouldn't be surprised if it actually does more damage than good to recycle. I need to research that one of these days. Anybody have any info on that?

                      Refurbished Hip

                        Congrats on the new house, Jamie!  Are you staying in the same city?

                          Morning folks!

                          Got in 6 miles on the trails late last night.

                          It turned into one of those "I think the trail is this way, so I'm going to keep heading in that general direction"

                          I was right, but also very wrong. The trail was where I thought it was, I just didn't plan on the 15 foot deep canyon between me and it.

                          Loads of fun.


                          mta: Mandy, that looks dangerous 

                          Jaime, congrats on the house!


                          QOTD: When we lived in Arizona, we had a curb side blue barrel for recycling. Our town here in Utah doesn't offer anything of the sort. The nearest recycling facility is 45+ miles away. So, no. We don't.

                          running under the BigSky

                            Morning Trailers!  Another beautiful morning here- 48 degrees, slight breeze and timed it nicely to see the sun come up as I crested the first ridge, 6 miles and ~ 1800' of elevation; wildflowers are really getting w/ it now and saw my first fawn of the year


                            Mandy- nice bike!  I'm commuting to work now and really enjoy it- not to mention saving on parking, gas and wear & tear on my truck


                            qotd: in MIles City we didn't recycle, wasn't much of an option- in Helena we are- aluminum, cardboard, plastics and glass- you have to sort them and then take them to a recycle center- we go about every two weeks or so, pretty easy and painless Smile


                              I wouldn't be surprised if it actually does more damage than good to recycle. I need to research that one of these days. Anybody have any info on that?

                              This is from Popular Mechanics - Don't know if the numbers are still accurate, but at least it's numbers.

                              The Environmental Debate

                              To resolve the environmental debate once and for all, experts have begun to conduct detailed life-cycle analyses on recycled goods, calculating the energy consumed from the moment they're picked up by recycling trucks until they are processed into brand-new products. When compared with the amount of energy required to send the same goods to landfills or incinerators and make new products from scratch, the results vary dramatically, depending on the material. 

                              Aluminum, for example, requires 96 percent less energy to make from recycled cans than it does to process from bauxite. At the other end of the spectrum, recycled glass uses only about 21 percent less energy--but it still comes out ahead, according to a study by Washington-based environmental consultant Jeffrey Morris. Recycled plastic bottles use 76 percent less energy and newsprint about 45 percent less, he found. Across the board, the key factor is the energy intensity of extracting virgin materials, which is an order of magnitude higher than that of recovering the same material through recycling. "Even if you doubled the emissions from collecting recyclables, it wouldn't come close," Morris says. Overall, he found, it takes 10.4 million Btu to manufacture products from a ton of recyclables, compared to 23.3 million Btu for virgin materials. And all of the collecting, hauling and processing of those recyclables adds just 0.9 million Btu




                              Mandy - Nice Ride!

                              Jamie - Congratulations!


                                Thanks for the info AT, saved me some time! Good to know.