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    Morning folks!

    Got in four super easy, and embarrassingly slow miles this morning. But thats o.k. I got out there at least.


    QOTD: pass


    Faster Than Your Couch!

      Good Morning,


      Heading out for some slow, soggy miles in the rain, through the mud and last remains of ice/slush. I don't even bother putting on my rain jacket, wet it's going to be anyway.


      Happy trails, everyone!

      Run for fun.

        Morning all. Did my sppedy track workout this morning. Have 8 or 9 planned for tonight to shake out the legs.


        Birdwell: Great morning miles.


        qotd: pass

        Occasional Runner

          I did a 6 mile tempo run and then went to the gym for circuit training. Now I'm heading out for another 6 or 7 on the trails behind the house. I hear they're dried up and fast.


          Jo and I are flying to Jamaica later today for a week of running and heavy drinking. Probably at the same time.


          Birdwell- Slow miles are better than no miles!


          Couch- Enjoy the soggy miles.


          Tmo...I hate the track. Good for you, though!


          And that's all I have to say about that...


            Aaaaa, Springtime in Paris.  Took this photo on my easy "instant run" 3 miler this morning.  Tomorrow morning it will be 24 deg F and there will be a bit more snow when I run.  Feels good to have a little winter weather - I love it.





            qotd: I agree with what has been posted above...

            Brazos Bend 100 - Dec 9th

            Houston Marathon - Jan 14th


              Morning trailers!

              Did my planned 5 miles last night.  Embarrassingly slow, too.  And, after a couple of weeks off, I'm feeling a couple sore spots this morning.  Again,  embarrassing.    Have 7 miles planned tonight.


              qotd:  The term 'humble bragging' came up yesterday-- meaning intentionally or unintentionally 'bragging' thru humble terms.  In this context, it could be talking about 'the worst 20 mile race/run of my life' to the guy at work who just started a couch to 5k program.  so here's the qotd: At what limit do you try to avoid running related  'humble bragging' with others? 


              I rarely talk about runs or races of any distance greater than 5 or 6 miles, unless I'm with another "distance" runner.  For me, I think it has little to do with my abilities (or inabilities) but rather most people, many runners included, cannot imagine running more than that distance..


              And I do not post my workouts on facebook.  A special race maybe once per year...


              Follower of Forrest

                Day 7 of resting my foot.  I'm considering trying an easy mile tomorrow.  I think my work/dress shoes are making it worse.


                I sent back my broken (torn uppers/delaminated lugs @ 119 miles) NB MT1010's yesterday which NB will be replacing with a brand new pair...makes me wonder why I'm not the squeeky wheel more often.


                Bird: nice to see you are making your way back to 100%

                FTYC: I think my best training days are in the rain...enjoy.

                TMOTMO: I am envious of your training...keep it up, I'm looking forward to seeing the payout.

                Laceup: Its tough to beat Jamaica.  Have you done Dunn River Falls?  I'd recommend it.

                Sandy: Great pics...I don't envy the snow.

                DC: enjoy the PM run.


                QOTD: Most people at work don't know I run.  The only time I ever mention it is if someone comments on me being skinny.  There is 1 employee who runs occasionally that I will fully discuss my running with.  I don't do facebook so no bragging in that realm.  I have the tendancy to describe what I did this weekend as "spending time in the park"...trail running is not a thing to most people I know.

                6/21 - Manitou's Revenge 54mi


                A man may never run the same trail twice for it is not the same trail and he is not the same man



                Computer Geek

                  Good morning all....5 miles last night......some more miles around the neighborhood for me tonight....probably 6 or 7 but that always depends on how I feel, how timely I am getting the mini-mes into bed, etc.


                  birdwell....nothing wrong with slow miles....still a lot faster than those who stayed in bed.


                  FTYC....enjoy the rain and mud!


                  tmo....track?...I haven't done a track workout since high school.....but I hope you enjoyed it...and the miles tonight.


                  lace....enjoy the trail...but more importantly....enjoy Jamaica with your lovely wife!


                    Morning folks,


                    Not much happening for me here. A little nicer day, which is good but spring just isn't really comin' around too quick for us. I'll be doing some pace work after lunch. Should be a good day for that.


                    QOTD-- Well I'm an introvert so..... I pretty much keep to myself. I've been doing this so long everyone I know is aware I run but unless they are a few of my running friends they have no concept of the long, long trail runs and events.


                      Plans for this morning were to get up, have a leisurely breakfast then put in 10-12 miles on the mountain before work. Instead I slept in. Now I'm looking at the rain coming down and I just decided to wimp out of a run. Looks like I'll be putting some time in on the bike trainer and elliptical, if I can get the ambition to do it. Then again maybe I'll take the day off.


                      Birdwell - Kudos on getting out there. It's better than what I'm probably going to do which is nothing.


                      FTYC - Is the ice covered trail that you have been talking about the same one that they use at the beginning of Rothrock?


                      Tmo - Track workout? Yuk. I know it would be beneficial but I have a difficult time making myself do the speedwork. For some reason the treamill works better for me.


                      Lace - Enjoy the remainder of your workout.


                      Sandy - Just to let you know, you are not allowed to import any of that white stuff back here.


                      Run - Sore spots are always nice. They make you feel alive


                      Jamezilla - Foot problems always suck for a runner. Hope it gets better soon.


                      QOTD:  I try to avoid talking running or bicycling with people who talk like they want to sign up for an event but won't dedicate themselves to preparing for it. Like the smokers who "run" a 5k in 40 minutes. I'm glad to see them out there doing something, but our perspectives are totally different.

                      Uh oh... now what?

                        The early morning loop is done.  We found a new park yesterday--four miles of squiggly lines to explore this afternoon.  Rain forecast percentages are 90, 90, 90, and 80 to close out the week, but temps move above 50ºF... spring approacheth even if we can't see the yellow thing.


                        QOTD:  I rarely run with anyone except Kathy.  I won the Staircase to Dosewallips 40ish miler.  She came in dead last, but she likes to tell how she came in second overall and I came in next to last.  She passed me about 27 miles into a trail 50k and seems to recall that day quite clearly so I don't have much to brag about in this household.  I like historical conversations more than performance conversations.


                          Good Morning All!


                          I have a bad shin splint in my left leg, so I just did the elliptical this morning.


                          I am planning on doing 8 or so tonight on a trail. I hope a soft surface is better for my shin.

                          running under the BigSky

                            URD for me Sad  it appears I'm getting/have the flu- again!  this doesn't seem possible as I got a flu shot in Nov, had a full blown respiratory flu in January (albeit never tested for it) and now again- the doc said they've seen more folks this winter than an other that he can remember; he had several cases of people w/ full on flu symptoms that tested negative for Influenza a or b- some mystery virus????


                            anywho, I'll be glad to get this winter season over, it hasn't been the best


                            qotd: I'm not overly shy sharing my love of running with others, no more than sharing my love of the outdoors in general


                            one of the fellows that joined us at Joshua Tree said he started running after soaking in our long thread leading up to and after our Grand Canyon run- this was on a backpacking site, he also happened to be the first one back to camp on the JT run! Big grin


                            certainly no reason to brag, but I'm not going to curb my enthusiasm on long distance running


                              Morning.  I had FTYC's weather for a wet morning run.  Stuck to the roads and did 12 miles. Was planning on 16, but the heavy downpour pushed me inside early.  I don't mind the rain, but when it blows under my hat and I start to get cold, I'm done.


                              QOTD:  I've been running so long that my friends all know my of my addiction.  I rarely talk distances because they hold little meaning for non runners.  The one I get all the time is, "are you still running?"  I always get a chuckle because it makes it sound like a disease.  "Yes, I hate to inform you that I still have that dreaded running illness, there is no cure."


                                Howdy trailers!  I've missed you guys.  And I've missed running!  Good grief, who knew a little ulcer could be so dang difficult?  I've said it before, but this time I think it's true: I believe I am getting better, and I am starting back running again after about 3 weeks off.


                                3 miles Sunday, and 3 miles planned for after work this evening.  My race calendar has changed, obviously, but I'm still looking forward to doing the Pengelly Double Dip this June.


                                QOTD:  If people ask me about my running, I'll answer their questions.  But, I'm just a person who runs, and I'm sure any other able-bodied adult can start running to if they'd like to as well.  The most flack I get is from lunch days at work or other social food-related events when I steer clear of the unhealthy stuff.