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    I'm shot now. Ran two and a half hours in the sauna today.  And thanks to a thread going and being with Mandy and Bella yesterday I'll run again this evening with Cloe, the field trialer and get her on a fitness schedule for fall. Might be more of a jog and walk thing in this heat for starting her off again.


    QOTD- Bugs!!  We have every kind imaginable. I apply Deep Woods off by the pound. I also normally wear a running hat that has the floppy skirt hanging on the back but in my brilliance I left it up at my cabin. I've tried the dryer sheet but can't really say if that works, though I don't smell quite as bad.  As far as dealing with it, well, running in the rain is good, certain trails systems do have what I call deer fly habitat and I just plain avoid them during the peak weeks. Generally the deer flies like sunny days, sunny openings with sandy(er) soil and a younger forest canopy-cutover or brushier popple areas. Though during bad stretches they are everywhere.


    Up along lake Superior there is even another fly that locally they call stable flies that are just vicious and deet is ineffective. If you hit a hatch of those your life will be a living hell.


    But yet we still must venture forward, whining as we go and knowing we can't even stop to pee.

      The pooch and I ran a sticky 5 miles of trail this morning.  I spent much of the day getting my gear together for my upcoming road trip to backpack the JMT.


      AT:  So sorry to hear about your friend.


      QOTD: The biting flies are moderately bad here.


      Tallahassee, Florida

        Well Earl was acting weird last night don't know if he was sore from Saturday's run (I am) or if he got dehydrated causing him to have constipation problems because he was walking with his bum tucked under.  So I decided not to run this am with him, may do an afterwork run, or Hubby back in town so may just go home to say Hi to him.


        AT-runner:  Sad

        boyjame:  Yea I want to hear the rant too.

        Jamezilla:  I hope your team is more organized and responsible at work.  Big grin

        snowdenrun:  Sounds like you work at a much better place than Jamezilla.


        QOTD:  We have ticks and gnats.  The gnats aren't too bad, just occasionally you are on a run and they hang in your eyes.  i just keep blowing or faning my face.  Ticks.  I don't do anything special just check the body are a run, they are nothing like Northerns 123 story..

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          AT-sorry to hear about your friend.

          Jamezilla-Thanks for sharing, sounds like it was fun but maybe stick with trail running.

          Jame-Rant away, dude.


          SRD for me, went for a 2 mile hike just to stay acclimated to the brutal heat/humidity.


          QOTD: Deer flies and gnats are pissing me off on the trail I've been using. I'm dowsing

          myself with Off to deal with it. I've heard a dryer sheet under your hat helps too, but I wear

          a visor so I haven't tried it.


            QOTD: I have to jump back in because I HATE INSECTS!!! Running in Sweden for a few weeks reminded me how much. I just can't deal with them mentally, and run around waving my hands like a maniac.


            During my military service, we had 10-14 day long field exercises in the swamps just north of the arctic circle. First we had mid-May snowstorms, which were followed by an early June heatwave. The result was predictable: flooding and tons of still water. Billions of mosquitoes. They surrounded you day and night in a big humming cloud. We slept under tarps and had nowhere to hide. My record is to kill 37 with one swat at my leg. After that, I just have a hard time ignoring the bastards.


            Luckily, in the Bay Area there are almost no flying pests. :-)

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              AT- sorry to hear of your loss


              strength training this am; started my new job today- mostly filling out paperwork, but did go to the range to qualify and managed to shoot a perfect score Smile


              qotd: the bugs haven't been too bad (knock on wood), I did have a couple of days where the deer flies were giving me good chase- they wouldn't light on me very often, but were tenacious in staying close by, enough so I would eventually stop and let them take their best shot- after killing a dozen or so they seemed to thin out and then I'd start running again Big grin