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Le professeur de trail

    I ran 5 miles in the blustery darkness this morning.  Saw one walker, otherwise I was alone.


    QOTD: What age range or time in your life was the best for you (for whatever reason)?


    I am in the tail end of my thirties (shaking my head in disbelief) but I think I have enjoyed them more than any other time in my life.  Kids, running, good marriage...can't ask for much else.


    Have a great day!

    The incarnation of peacefulness and patience



    Refurbished Hip

      I turn 30 tomorrow.  Cry  Thanks for the timely reminder, Jamie.


      QOTD: It's all been bad at some point or another.  LOL.

      Le professeur de trail

        I turn 30 tomorrow.  Cry  Thanks for the timely reminder, Jamie.


        QOTD: It's all been bad at some point or another.  LOL.


        Pure coincidence! (I swear).  But happy early birthday anyway.  And you don't look a day over.....29.

        The incarnation of peacefulness and patience



          Morning folks!

          Got in 45 minutes at the pool this morning, followed by some PT prescribed stretching.


          Jamie, I'm in about the same boat, just a tad younger.


          mandy, try really, really hard to not punch people who wish you happy birthday tomorrow. They're just trying to be nice.


          QOTD: well, I've never been smarter than I was at 16-17, so maybe that?


          edit: spelling

            ARGH -- Weegee gave me his cooties Sad (sinus cold).  So no running yesterday or today.  May get in a few miles tomorrow, but then I'll be sitting under a tattoo gun for several hours!


            qotd: I'm loving life right now!  Seems every decade gets better (I'll be turning 50 at the end of the year).

            Upcoming races: 1/9 Bridle Trails 50K, 1/30 Lake Youngs Nuts Run 50K, 2/14 My Better Half, 3/5 Dupont Trail Marathon, 4/2 Umstead 100


            Faster Than Your Couch!

              Good Morning,


              Heading out for a few trail miles. Cold, windy and some flurries, I wish it was spring already!


              Jamie: Brave morning run!


              Mandy: Maybe the best years are still to come? Hope you'll have a great birthday tomorrow!


              Birdwell: Nice workout! Reminds me that I also need to get in some stretching again. I've been slacking on that one recently.


              EDRW: This is the post-ultra cold. It comes up after successfully completing an ultra you never thought you'd manage so well. The purpose is to bring you down from cloud 7 to earth again. Evil   Hope you'll be better soon!


              QOTD: Maybe mid-20's to late 30's? I had so much energy then, and got so incredibly much accomplished. But I still enjoy life, even at the prospect of getting clanky. Edit: Oh wait, that's called putting on a patina... Cool


              Enjoy the day, trailers!

              Run for fun.

              Occasional Runner

                Ran 8 trail miles outside of Gallup, New Mexico. It's one of my favorite trails and I haven't been on it for more than a year. It was a nice run.


                QOTD: I just turned 40 and have had a lot of great periods in my life, but I think the best is yet to come.


                  So far looks like an URD for me.  Woke up at 2:00 am with chills and a killer sore throat.  Now all congested.  I'll wait to see how I feel as the day progresses.  No time to be sick.


                  QOTD:  They've all had benefits.  I can't say one time of life has been better for me, just different.  It would be nice to take my late 40's knowledge and go back to my mid 20's.  Don't know if I would make different choices, but I would be better prepared for them.

                    The pooch and I had a nice 8 mile trail run this morning. It was a nice chilly 24 F at the trail head.  A great morning for a run!


                    QOTD: The best times for me probably started when I started to be able to take longer trips.  That started in my mid 50s when I was lucky enough to have the chance to bicycle coast to coast with my daughter, camping along the way.  It has continued to now when I at 61 am semi retired and soon to be fully retired.  I expect the good times will continue as long as I have my health, which could be a long time if I am lucky enough to inherit my parents good genes.


                    Tallahassee, Florida


                      Good morning trailers.  It's a sunny day here, and so tonight's riverside run should be a real treat.  I went in for my follow-up appointment yesterday & it turns out that what has been plaguing me is an ulcer that the Dr. thinks I've probably had for years.  The good news is that it's curable; the bad news is no caffeine, alcohol, or acidic foods.


                      QOTD:  Life keeps getting better for me.  If it keeps up this way, I will be a very happy old person.



                      Mandy: Happy birthday.  30's are way better than your 20's.  Forget our cultural obsession with youth.  Wisdom & experience are where it's at.

                      Ultra Cowboy

                        Plan on 6 miles tonight on the trails in the dark.  Tempo pace.  Funny I FEEL tired in my body...I'll try to eat well and get it done.


                        Not sure where I sit on the Time-Money-Happiness 3D continuum now compared to other times in my life.  I definitely feel I could Do-over some parts to make them better.  Right now I am trying to make good memories I can look back on proudly.




                          Another day off for me.  I may go for a bike ride later if it stops raining.  It’s also about 75 – 80 deg here.  Yuk.


                          Boyjame:  Sounds like a nice chilly run.


                          MM:  Happy pre-birthday day.


                          Birdwell:  Nice cross training (I should be doing some of that while waiting for my ankle to get better.)


                          EDRW:  Sorry about the cold, but hey post a photo of the new tattoo.


                          FTYC:  Hang in there spring will come around at some point.


                          Lace_up:  Must be a nice trail seeing how it is one of your favorites and considering all of the trails you run.


                          AT:  Gotta hate those URDs.


                          TT:  Great temps to be running in.


                          Sugnim:  No caffeine and alcohol. . . ouch!!


                          Rocky:  Have a good 6 later.



                          Qotd: there are up/downs all the time, hard for me to pick the best.  The optimist that I am I like to think it all keeps getting better though.

                          Arkansas Traveler - Oct 7

                          Ky JohnTerry

                            New here, good afternoon. I will get a chance to get a run in this Saturday, busy with other things now.


                            QOTD: What age range or time in your life was the best for you (for whatever reason)?


                            I just turned 46 2 weeks ago and I am in better shape now than before. I know this sounds bad but it is true. So far my forties have been the best. Making decent money, kids are healthy and I have discovered that I can run a decent distance. I completed for the third year in a row Louisville Lovin' the HIlls 15 mile trail run. It is located in southern Jefferson County, Kentucky. Yes, it is in February and it can be cold, rainy, snowing, cold, sometimes sunny and yes, cold.


                            Faster Than Your Couch!

                              9 miles in 4-6 inches of snow, and I was the first to print my footsteps into the white wonderfulness all along. It would have been perfect for snowshoeing, too, I should have brought them along before it all melts away again. Fortunately (for this), temps are going to be well below freezing for the next several days, so maybe I'll luck out and get in a snowshoe hike on the weekend.


                              Ky: Welcome! Always glad to get some fresh spirits added to the board, especially in "new" locations!

                              Run for fun.

                              Uh oh... now what?

                                The gym thingie plus to the beach and back.


                                QOTD:...sticking to the running/walking sort of stuff. There are too many variables for one decade to be best.