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A few photos from Acadia (Read 35 times)


    A few photos from recent trip to Acadia National Park.


    Running time was limited there and definitely could have stayed longer. Did a nice speedhike up/down Mt Gorham, stopping for views, photos, talk and dog petting with fellow tourists, about 2 miles in 51 minutes. Not long or high but rocky and steep and the many conversations and dog petting breaks slowed things down.


    Found a trail spur near the hotel into the carriage roads where I had a nice easy 7 mile run on gentle grades racing the bicycling tourists (and beating them) uphill.


    Best run/hike run/hike I did with LadyB hooking up the Long Pond, Great Notch, Razorback, and Gilley Field trails for a nice loop on the Western mountain of Acadia. Maybe 5.5-6 miles in total. A bit off the beaten path over there and not as crowded so LadyB could be off leash. An easy trail along the lake turned into an uphill stagger alongside a beautiful brook then turned into a more strenuous climb into thick dark woods before topping out on a granite strewn mountain top. Thick fog made it feel like we were up in the sky with nothing around us for miles. I imagine the view on a clear day would have been spectacular. It was a bit dicey on the way down due to rock ledges where once I had to halt LadyB, pick her up and help her down but for the most part it was a jog down a gently sloped huge chunk of granite intermixed with short sections of pine laden trail. Unfortunately I forgot the camera for that one. 



    Dogs on Coast


    Cadillac Mountain View


    Rocky beach in the fog


    Great balls of granite


    Mount Gorham Poses





    Long Pond View

    In dog beers, I've only had one.

      Thanks for sharing ... one of our favorite places.

      Le professeur de trail

        Yep, one of my top 2 fav places (that I have been to).  Did you watch the sunrise on Cadillac at 4:45am or whatever early time it is?

        The incarnation of peacefulness and patience



        Refurbished Hip

          Awesome pictures, XT.  I'd love to get out to Maine someday.  Makes me wish Mainegal still posted here.


          And your GSP is beautiful!

            That looks awesome!


            Connoisseur of Cookies

              I loved Acadia.  Thanks for the photos.  Reminds me that I need to go back.



              "C" is for cookie.  That's good enough for me.


                Beautiful - haven't been to Maine in a while and need to get back up there.  Thanks for sharing.

                  I absolutely love Acadia too.  We have a summer place in Trenton, which is about a half hour away.  Unfortunately I'm not able to make it back this summer Sad

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