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Is watoni home? (Read 90 times)


    Watoni-Big grin

    Save me from my head problems.


    What is Hubbard park like?  Redwood cold and dreary? Or does the course let out into the open?


    I have a 50K there tomorrow and I'm pretty sure you've run that course before.


    It is supposed to be a high of 54 tomorrow- I'm trying to figure out if it is warmer in those woods or freezing (well- I'm already about to turn into a snowflake-but even more).


    Thanks Big grin



    The weather is  a stark contrast from my sunny and warm 65 dipsea!


    Andie :-)


      Sorry, I was crazy busy those hours.


      I am home, but you will be fine! Drizzle and probably mid-40s. I get warm running with a vest a warmers. It will be warmer than the North Face 50k.


      Huddard: Long climbs, not too steep for the most part. Wunderlich should be the same since i do not think you are dropping al the way to the bottom with the steeper Bear Gulch sections.


      I am going to check the start time and see if I can cheer you at the finish (home with the boys now)


      Rock that course!


        Update --


        After noon, as you know, rain starting coming down heavier and the temps dropped. I cycled up Kings Mountain to the top, then descended back down to your aid station where you cross Kings. They were not taking names so folks did not know if you had gone through or not. Waited a while and cheered some runners but then at 39 and raining, it was cold in Lycra!


        I descended and then drove back up to go to a winter solstice party off of Skyline


        Hope you had a great race!