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    Another nice icy 5 mile trail run for the pooch and me. I am getting a lot of use out of my new spikes for so early in the season.


    QOTD: Are the trails deserted in the cold weather where you are?  They used to be here, but there seem to be more and more hardy types out there these days.


    Tallahassee, Florida


    Endless trails

      I'm heading out for a 7 mile trail loop. Still feeling a little loopy from my fall on the

      ice two days, should be warmer today so hoping for slushy ice. I'm buying a pair

      of spikes just as soon as the running budget allows.


      QOTD: Our state park was deserted two days ago when I ran. Also, due to budget

      cuts, the parking lot is not plowed, the road in is not plowed, none of the trailheads

      are accessible. It's going to be a tough winter for trail running.

      Occasional Runner

        I only got 5 this morning because a storm came in, blew out the inversion and dumped a bunch of fresh snow. Without the inversion, the weather warmed up and the trail was a slushy mess and my feet were soaked. I called it quits early and cross trained by shoveling about 10 tons of wet snow.


        QOTD: Cold weather doesn't slow people down here very often, but I had the trails to myself this morning because they were in terrible condition.


          Heading to yoga class in a few minutes.  It's a running lite day, with just a quick run to the track with the boys.  Yesterday ended up to be 7, between 2 runs.  The first 4 was on a new-to-me trail system that I've been wanting to explore for a while.  Trails were nice, but my legs felt like lead and I was hungry.  Returned home and put in a quick 3 miler later in the day.


          qotd:  Depends on which trails. On the really cold or icy days-- yes.  But our weather here is rarely so bad that it keeps folks out of the parks too long.  I've noticed an uptick in trail runningg, with more races and training programs offered locally, so I think it is becoming less quiet overall.


            I have had a slight change in plans, 7 after work instead of 5 tonight. And 10 after work tomorrow instead of 20. I'll get the 20 on Monday...


            QOTD: The trails are always deserted where I run. And I hope they stay that way.



            Follower of Forrest

              Goodmorning all,


              Due to the Xmas party after work today, I had planned on running, biking, and pushups this morning.  My gf missed her bus and I ended up having to scrap it all in order to drive her in.  To make matters worse my car popped a check engine light and started making a strange noise, which required me to drop it off in the Manhattan VW dealership (their posted hourly rate for mechanics is $150/hour...yes $150/hour).  I did end up getting a 2+ mile walk in (dealership to office)  I'm hoping to cut out of the party on the early side so I can still salvage some sort of workout.


              QOTD: "My" trail is most often populated by 50-60 year old asian men and women who hike in groups of 4-8 (mostly Koreans).  They are still out there, are generally well prepared, and have nice gear.  My brother lived in Korea for 3+ years and says that physical activity is a much larger part of everyones lives in Korea as opposed to the US

              6/21 - Manitou's Revenge 54mi


              A man may never run the same trail twice for it is not the same trail and he is not the same man



              Eat to run, Run to eat

                Around the standard lunchtime loop at 9.48 pace. 45*F and sunny

                pleased considering its my first run in a week, and now I'm fat. 1/2 mile of crusty snow 2" deep in first and last miles as well.


                QOTD:  Fewer people, but more of the dedicated types.

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                DIrty German 50m 5/18/14 12:06:16


                  A wee 4 this was dark outside due to clouds so didn't get out of bed as early as expected.  Yesterday was nothing..


                  QOTD: My morning runs I only run into Bob the old guy or two ladies walking a dog who must not be two freindly as the owner goes way off the trail for me to pass.  Weekend trails are pretty deserted because of snow and mostly used by Mt Bikers.  .

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                  Gator eye

                    7 easy miles of slip sliding in the moon light and 3 miles of hills on the only major hill in my area, the treadhill.


                    QOTD: In the area I live I have only ever passed 1 other runner in 3 or so years. Trails or roads. I know there are other runners in the area but due to the time of the morning I run I never see them.

                      sandy:   It's nice to be all that trail you do.  You job has always seemed interesting to me.

                      08/05/17 Sierra Crest 50K

                      08/19/17 Marquette Trail 50K Miler



                        7 miles on soft snow covered trails and saw a few cross country skiers out there.  The snow is kicking my ass this year.  4 runs in a row on snow covered trails and each run feels like I'm running at the beach.  I had to power hike up 2 hills today that I normally run when they aren't snow covered.  Have screws in my shoes, but snow is too soft for any "bite".  Oh well, that which doesn't kill (or injure) you...



                        QOTD:  Still see people out and about when I'm on popular trails.  When I get deeper in the woods, I'm all alone.


                          I got in a wonderful 5 miles run on the icy/snow packed trails yesterday. First run in a while and my muscles are a bit sore today.


                          QOTD: I thought the trails would be deserted yesterday but I ran into 5 or so people. The sun was out through, so that usually brings more people out, even if it is cold.

                            Doing a holiday lights run through S. Philly with some friends. The decorations are amazing and so tacky simultaneously.


                            QOTD: Usually things get pretty quiet on the trails here in the winter. I will still see some people, but not nearly as many as the rest of the year. I like this time of year because it feels like I get "my" trails back haha.

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                              5 with the wife around the old hood. We plan on finding a trail or 2 tomorrow. Staying with built in mud sitters is the best!


                              Might hit up Pennypack  in Philly at some point over the long week.



                              QOTD: Yes they are and I love it! Trails all to myself.


                                Five in the park. I've picked up the pace a little lately, and I'm enjoying running more. This year was dedicated to recovery and base-building, but over the last months my running has started to feel like a lethargic shuffle.


                                QOTD: I wouldn't know. I'm just not making it out on the trails. Illegally parking and trespassing after dark is just a huge hassle.

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