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    Nothing today.


    Tmotmo44:  Foam roller, it relieved my ITB which made the knee stop hurting.

    runtraildc: Labrador, they are hunters but they are also awesome family dogs.  And they love the water.  We would take our on our kayakes.

    QOTD: Dog!!! but there's nothing wrong with a cat.

    Jon:  Hope you enjoy your new job.  Ya start on a Friday???

     03/31/17 Retire

    04/21/18 Mendoncino 50k CA wait List

    05/12/18 Smith Rock Ascent 50K OR

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      Nothing today and nothing yesterday. But I will get out there tomorrow. Fridays are usually rest days along with Mondays, but I used Thursday and Friday this week because of my schedule.


      QOTD: I don't care for either one. But if I had to choose, I would say a cat because they tend to be low maintenance. I just don't want to be bothered with taking care of an animal, unless it is a cow or something that can either provide food or cash somewhere down the road. I guess you could eat a dog or a cat if you were hungry enough; in fact, I think I may have eaten cat on a stick from a street vendor in Japan once, but I can't be sure. Anyway, I did run into a guy on the trail earlier this week who had a dog. The freaking thing jumped up and nosed me right between the legs, hard. Crap!!!!



        I hit the trail last night at Green Lane, and legs felt good so did an impromptu 5k trail tempo run. After that, the legs felt good but I ended up pretty bushed so I jogged, slogged a second loop for about 10k in total I suppose. Took a nice spill early in the run, banged my left knee a bit, but I think that was a plus. It's been creaky now and then and maybe I knocked something back in place as it felt good during the run. Then again maybe the stifling heat is keeping my joints well lubricated. Not sure about today. Probably an hour long run again. A downpour during a run would be nice but that won't be happening.


        QOTD: Dogs. I have a springer and a gsp. I prefer the sporting breeds but most all dogs are cool in my book.


        Tmotmo44 - Hope it's just itbs. The right PT, stretching routine can knock that out. You are not too far out from a recent 100 miler, right? Rest up.. it's hot!

        In dog beers, I've only had one.


        Follower of Forrest

          4-7 around the hood once it gets dark and if I haven't drank too too much.


          QOTD: Cats because dogs are not allowed in our apartment.  We have a 6-toed cat that's a real weirdo and has a knack for cracking me up.

          6/21 - Manitou's Revenge 54mi


          A man may never run the same trail twice for it is not the same trail and he is not the same man


            . Anyway, I did run into a guy on the trail earlier this week who had a dog. The freaking thing jumped up and nosed me right between the legs, hard. Crap!!!!

            I hope you thank that dog.  Joking

             03/31/17 Retire

            04/21/18 Mendoncino 50k CA wait List

            05/12/18 Smith Rock Ascent 50K OR

            07/14/18 MT Hood 50 OR 






            Faster Than Your Couch!

              Good Evening,


              Turning up late again. Work and life seem to take over a big part of my running ambitions now, but as long as they are pleasant, or fun activities, I don't mind too much.


              My neighbor brought over three giant zucchini squashes, so I spent the hot day baking three loaves of zucchini bread and one batch of zucchini brownies. Neighbor will get one loaf of the breads as a thank you for providing the essentials. Smile


              Not much in terms of running. I tried out my new headlamp last night, and it worked well, although the combination of hat and lamp did not go together too well. The visor of the hat is too wide and blocks out too big of an area of the light cone for long-time night running, but for the test, it was ok. The lamp itself is great, only thing I noticed is that it seems to bounce quite a bit when it is facing down in the most-tilted position. Never noticed this with my old lamp, but it may also be that I just did not notice it then because the light was by far not as bright. I'll try it again with a different hat, maybe my winter hat (that I'm planning to wear on that 100-miler all-night run), and then decide whether I'll keep the lamp, or get a different model.


              QOTD: Both. I grew up with cats, and my grandparents had dogs. Had dogs for many years as a young and not-so-young adult, but our current rental agreement does not allow dogs. Sad  So we have two cats now, which I got 12 years ago, when DD was little and wanted to have them for dear life. I brought them over from Europe when we moved here.


              With dogs, I like their playfulness, their intelligence, their endurance, their loyalty, and their determination. Great friends, and they teach you a lot, especially if you have them before you have kids and a family. Wink


              With cats, I like their independence, their gentleness, their grace, their cuddliness, and their poise. Great friends, too, and they teach you a lot about yourself.

              Run for fun.


                FTYC: 100-mile all-night run? Are you very fast or are you going very far north?

                3/8 Way Too Cool 50k WNS

                4/19 Tehama Wildflowers 50k


                running under the BigSky

                  strength training this evening, had to join a gym (400 miles is probably too far to travel to my old gym Big grin) this one is pretty nice as it's 24 hour


                  qotd: I've had/have both, but probably more of a dog person- I'd probably prefer neither as pets simply tie you down no matter what, but my DW I don't think would be w/o one or the other (or both)

                    Didn't realize how bad the heatwave is before I saw this. Also explains why I didn't realize.



                    Will do 3 miles before weights today.


                    Based on yesterday's run I'd like to add one more Thing That Doesn't Work to the common knowledge pool: Ice Tea in running bottles creates a disgusting sweet foam that makes me want to puke.


                    QOTD: I grew up with cats, and I like both cats and dogs. I just don't care enough to ever want either in my home.


                    Heh heh.  Gotta love that summer fog.  Always good weather for running here!


                      I hope you thank that dog.  Joking

                      It was unexpected and a little rough. I just said "bad girl" and went on my way.Smile