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    Morning folks! I woke up to 40+MPH winds and rain. (Probably the same ones John M. Had yesterday)

    alas, I am not nearly as brave as him, so I promptly went back to bed Undecided


    todays a cross training day anyway, I'll hit the gym after work for some weight training, and maybe a little jog on the treadmill


    QOTD: mayo or miracle whip?


    Mayo. Miracle whip is gross.



    (feel free to add your own, more appropriate QOTD, as this was the best I've got this morning)

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      6 mile run to the gym and then a circuit training workout. My calves are a little tight, so I need to work that out.


      They say we might get some snow tonight. WTF?


      QOTD: I can go either way depending on what other foods are involved.

        bird well- I would not go out in those conditions either. Enjoy the xt inside.


        I'm heading out for six in a little bit. Recovery from the weekend.



        qotd: neither...veganaise for me. Taste the same but without all the junk.


        everyone have a great day


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          Good morning trailers!  Wow lots of race reports...I guess it is that time of year.


          I got in a nice and easy 7 miles yesterday evening.  Lately I have been switching my Garmin so that I can't see my pace or time elapsed so that I can just run for XX:XX amount of time.  I like it.  It takes any pressure and stress off of me and I can just be out there enjoying myself.


          5.5 mile loop on the trails planned for after work.  It is a beautiful day here so I am really looking forward to it.


          QOTD: Mayo for me.  Do you think we should create a separate topic for this question so that it doesn't get lost in the dailies? Joking  I kid I kid.


          [Edit] PS I registered for the Iron Master's turning back now!

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          Le professeur de trail

            I was thinking if I had a chance at starting the dailies today it would have been "MUST be race season Mondaily".  So many race reports.  I am hoping for a slow day at work so I can make my way through them.  I know there are many more races to go in the next 2-3 weeks.

            Nothing for me over the weekend.  When I say nothing, I mean nothing.  It was the nicest weather weekend since probably last Sept or Oct and I did not run a step.  I also didn't get in any gym time.  Friday I was not feeling well at all so I went to bed very early after a little family b-day party for DD.  Saturday I painted all day. I really hate painting.  It is not my thing.  Amazing I started to feel better as the day went on.  Sunday was DW b-day so I didn't even think of asking if I could run.  This morning I went to the gym and got in some stirs o death and a leg workout.  The good part about not running this weekend is I didn't really need tobut did need to continue to nurse a weird pain in my left foot.  So I did.  We'll see how the rest of the week goes for running time.


            birdwell - I don't blame you for not going out in that weather.

            lace - are you a mad traveller this week?

            tmotmo - good mileage over the weekend

            jamzilla - enjoy your run later.


            QOTD: uh...miracle whip...mayo is just nasty.  (sorry birdwell)


            Have a great day!

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              QOTD--I'm a rebel and will start with the QOTD. Hope that's OK.

              I'm trying to enjoy less of both in my efforts to eat a little better but I guess I would slightly prefer Miracle Whip. Shouldn't this have it's own thread?


              Worst spring weather I can remember around here. Raining good right now and the entire week looks about the same, only cooler. Yuchh!


              So weights, elliptical, then some neglected paperwork and then off to the accountant's and hope he doesn't yell at me for being such a procrastinator. If I get a moderate break in the weather-just light drizzle would be fine I'll head over to the Arb for my trail fix. Heading north again tonight to check on my buckets and do some sap boiling.


              BTW--I like the dailies just fine the way they are.

              Occasional Runner

                Jamie...I'm flying to Philly on Monday, back on Friday, then driving to Moab for a trail race thingy.


                  Morning all!   skipped my planned run yesterday.  It happens, especially on windy days when DH hasn''t been out kitesurfing for a while...  this morning, I got in a short weights session in and I'll get in a short 3-4 miles in tonight.


                  qotd:  All the talk of Miracle Whip is already making me queasy.  Can't stand the stuff-- ate way too many MW and tomato sandwiches as a kid.  Mayo is not much better.  I agree with TMO-- vegenaise.


                    SRD, had a couple productive runs over the weekend. After my run on Sunday worked in the garden / yard all day long. Veggie and flower beds and now fully prepared to be planted in about a month. Just have to get through the today its hot tomorrow its cold season. have a good day all!


                    QOTD: Mayo


                      Morning trailers.  Just got back from radiology and looks like my bad cold has progressed to pneumonia.  I didn't get out of the house all weekend.  I was hoping to do a trail 1/2 yesterday, but wan't happening.  Last time it was this hard to breath, I was running up Pikes Peak..


                      QOTD: Mayo, but condiment of choice is spicy brown mustard.

                        Hi all,

                        Spent all weekend outdoors and loved every second of it! I am ridiculously sore from yesterday's hike on the AT, but will probably get out for a few easy miles later's supposed to be 75 degrees here today!


                        QOTD: really, neither, unless it's already on something. I also prefer mustard, the spicier the better.

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                          SRD for the pooch and me.


                          QOTD: Mayo, but I won't get too wound up either way.


                          Tmotmo44, real mayo can be just egg yolks, oil, and vinegar or lemon juice.  I guess it depends on what you call junk, but to me that is only basic good foods.


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                            I got one decent run in over the weekend. I haven't been running nearly as much as I'd like to. I just haven't had time to even catch my breath yet. Work has been insane.


                            QOTD: Neither. I hate that crap. But if I HAD to choose, mayo.

                              Was planning on 8 or so tonight, but I woke up and ankle was a bit tender so not sure what I do?


                              AT runner, hope you get better soon!


                              QOTD I use either, whichever is in front of fridge, however BBQ sauce is far superior to mayo or miracle whip!


                                I will head out for a run later.  It is rainy and cold.  Yesterday marked a big milestone for me.  I ran early, in the dark and ran/walked my route due to poor depth perception.  BUT..later in the day I went out on the same route...and ran the whole thing.  Not a long one...4.5 miles...but it was the longest continuous run I've logged since surgery.  And it felt good.  My knees ache a little this morning...but it is really ok.


                                qotd:  I eat either, depending on what the food is.  I guess I have a sllight preference for Miricle Whip....but it is not that big of a deal either way for me.