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Occasional Runner

    It's 6:30 AM and I already need a beer.


    I had a great 6 mile run this morning and a nice workout at the gym. I've been feeling like shit lately, so it was nice to have a good run. Things always seem to fall into place right before I run an ultra.


    Heading to the airport soon to fly to Tennessee. Should be an eventful weekend.


    QOTD: Have you ever used, or consider using a running coach?


    I have considered it, but I don't like being told what to do so I'm afraid it would be destined for failure.

      Morning all! 

      Todays a cross training day. Got some time in at the pool this morning. I've noticed lately the more time I spend in the pool, the less my body aches  during and after running, especially my knees. 


      lace- good luck! 


      QOTD- I've thought about it. but I don't know that I've ever been, or will be, running at a level where a coach would be beneficial.  Meaning, I'm not fast, I'm not competing for overall or age group awards and my form is decent. I use a free SmartCoach plan from that other site, and it seems to suit me just fine. one big benefit I see from having a real live coach would be someone holding you accountable, but if I can't hold myself accountable, I don't have much hope. 


      The other problem I would have is I don't like people telling me things I think I already know. 


        Good ,hard effort on the roads yesterday. Stride is still not clean and a slight discomfort but feel decent today so I guess we are talking progress. Certainly not ready yet to look at any events for entering but I hold out hope. I'll stumble around the woods today for anywhere from 4-6 miles. Gonna be sunny and 46F.


        QOTD- I am uncoachable. And I just can't be that structured or rigid. Plus I'm easily sidetracked by some of my other outdoor interest.


          I ran a wonderful 9 miles with my wife this morning. I love running with her cause it gives us time to chit-chat about nothing and everything.


          QOTD: Aside from coaching in High School, no. I wouldn't mind having a running coach. I could use someone to give me a sanity check. I also like the idea of showing up everyday not knowing what may be in store for that day. Also I'm terrrible about doing strides and running drills (high knees, etc..), a coach would definitely help make me accountable here. But the downside is the cost, I just can't afford a coach.


            morning all-

            cross train day for me, too.  Yoga at lunch. 


            Lace- good luck on your race this weekend!

            Birdwell-- swimming is a great balance to the effects of running.

            Northern-- good to hear things are looking up. 

            Fur-- nice time with the spouse! 


            qotd:  nope, not since HS days.  Running for me is a connection to the outdoors, exercise and relaxation.  I like getting advice and hearing about others experiences, but adding a coach would make things much too formal for me.  And, I'm really not any good at it.

            Wandering Wally

              Morning all.  Got 12K done last night.  Planning something similar tonight.


              qotd - No, never have used a running coach.

              Run!  Just Run!


              Trail Runner Nation Podcast

                Tonight I'm doing a "holiday lights run" through South Philly. I have no clue how far it will be. A few running groups are combining forces and we'll end up at a bar to drink some delicious microbrews. Can't imagine a better way to spend a Thursday night! 

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                  Hi all!


                  I usually wait for sunup, but (a) lately it's a long wait, and (b) once the boys got off to school, I looked outside and saw in the glow of the streetlight that the white stuff was coming down hard, fast, and swirly. I didn't trust it not to stop by the time it was fully light, and you all know by now that I'm a snowwhore, so I suited up in record time to get out there while it was still storming. 


                  It was a good run. Couple of inches of fresh powder on the ground, caking up as far as it could on the trees without getting shaken back down, doing all it could to negate my reflective clothing the two brief times I have to cross the road. I headed down to the park with all the little white bridges, but as it was a short run today (little over half an hour) I only went over 11 of them.


                  lace_up: Nice to have a good run after feeling bad. Good luck this weekend!


                  Birdwell: Since my son isn't running anymore, he's suggested he'll swim a few nights a week at the gym when we get back home. If he does, I plan to join him sometimes. Can only help with strength and flexibility.


                  NH: Progress is good! Sunny...I recognize the word, but am having trouble remembering what it means...


                  FSF: Someday I hope to get fast enough to run with my husband. It could happen. Maybe.


                  runtraildc: Hope the yoga goes well!


                  mj: Enjoy the 12K! 


                  TnC: Sounds fun!


                  QOTD: Nope.

                  running under the BigSky

                    have a 6 miler planned for this afternoon in the hills, we had some rain yesterday which took away most of our snow- I'm hoping it didn't turn everything into mud


                    qotd: I think I'd learn a bunch w/ a coach (and probably have to break a bunch of bad habits I didn't even know I have Big grin), but cost and the simple fact that I'm new to running and not very competitive makes it very unlikely (then again a guy could hit the powerball)

                    Endurance Guy

                    Pain cave junkie

                      Good day fine people.


                      Last night I got in a 20 mile mtn bike ride.  Had a blast in the crappy weather.  Tonight I will do a 45-60 minute trail run.  Legs are good after a lot of running/biking miles aver the last 60 days.  I just signed up for the Leona Divide 50K in April and that means I'll be kicking up the trail miles for sure.



                      Have a great day!




                      nc tam

                        A short stint on the elliptical this morning to warm up and then weights and core.  I've got to get back into the early morning habit.  Now the whole day seems nicer.


                        lace:  have a good time this weekend.  I always enjoy that area of the state. 


                        bird:  I think I would enjoy regular swimming but I have no idea how to fit it in (aside from putting in a lap pool with a retractable roof in the backyard, which is not going to happen).


                        NH:  Slow progress is better than no progress.


                        FSF:  Nice that you run with your wife!


                        dc:  yoga sounds nice.  I need to stretch everything out on a regular basis, too.  Especially around my hips.


                        Trails:  sounds like a great way to see some lights.


                        majope:  I am jealous of your nice snowy run.  We haven't had any real snow since Halloween.  I'm still hoping though. 


                        qotd:  Nope.


                          8.5 this morning 2 of which is around a dog!


                          QOTD  Had coaches in High School and College, I run alone so I just listen to the coach in my head

                          Irish Luck

                            Rest day for me today, as the mister and I have volunteer orientation at the animal shelter.  So, I expect to be sufficiently covered in dog hair when I get home tonight. 


                            I'm also perplexed by serious hip flexor pain I have right now at my desk. (A search of dr. google tells me it is the Psoas Major).  It's so bad, I can't even cross my leg--it hurts that much!  I have been experiencing what I call, "sticky hip" in the last few weeks. It's like I don't have enough oil in there, but I didn't have any pain. I ran a great 4 miles at the gym last night in advance of my arm workout, so I have no idea what the heck happened. 


                            QOTD: I've thought about it, but I'm with Birdwell, I don't like people telling me what I already know. (This is why the mister does not race with me...we kiss at the start, offer good luck and say bye-bye.)

                            lace: good luck this weekend. How is the weather looking?

                            birdwell: I think I may be headed to the pool soon. I was a swimmer in my early teen years and my lung capacity was incredible--I think I need to get some of that back.


                            NorHar: great job. glad to read that you are feeling better.


                            Fur: that's why me and the mister love running together.

                            runtraildc: get that stretch on! enjoy the yoga.


                            mjsmith: good work celebrating 123


                            trailsandcocktails: are you part of S. Philly Striders or Fishtown Beer Runners? Either way, have a blast tonight!!! Both are great groups.


                            majope: snow run!!!!  I am looking forward to our first real snow in SE Pennsylvania.


                            warden: have fun getting a little muddy.


                            enduranceguy: have a great run tonight.


                            nc: well done! way to mix things up. 


                            nornev: any dogs up early enough to cheer you on your run? 

                            BT survivor since 2003. Trail runner since 2009.

                            I think brain surgery stimulated my running nerve and made me into a trail runner. I'm grateful for both.

                            Ultra Cowboy

                              Got a Tempo run on tap for tonight While DD2 is doing basketball practice.  4-5 miles in the cold dark night....Forcast calls for 37 °F Partly Cloudy with 20% chance of precipitation.


                              When I did Team in training in 2007 and 2008 we had coaches who taught me a lot about fueling and speed work.  At least once a year I'll join a training group for a race and I've heard the same thing for 3 years from the same guy.  I'll have a certified USATF coach look at my training plan prior to ramping up to a race and make suggestions on Tempo Runs or Speed work.  So yeah I use coaches a lot.  But none of them put COACH on their Tax return. 



                              Level 1 schools are two-and-a-half-day courses where 21.5 hours are spent on track & field and related sport science.  The course consists of classroom instruction as well as hands-on training.  Attendance at all sessions is required.

                              The cost for a Level 1 school is $150.00 for pre-registration or $200.00 after the pre-registration deadline.

                              After the school, participants must complete the online exam that covers event-related and sport science subjects.

                              Upon passing the exam and fulfilling the other requirements (see above), participants will be issued a Level 1 Certificate of Completion.




                              Faster Than Your Couch!

                                6.5 over the mountain and through the woods, it was fun. I was just glad I had chosen my proven Cascadias for the frozen ground, and not the Pure Grits, which are terrible on wet rocks and wooden bridges.


                                DH got well through his surgery yesterday, and now I'm off to visiting him at the hospital, before picking up the kids for their after-school sports classes.


                                QOTD: Not since high school. And since then, I've the drill sergeant internalized. Evil

                                I think I could benefit from a coach, but running is just fun for me and shouldn't get too competitive (I'm somewhat competitive by nature already), so I don't want to spend the money.


                                Enjoy the day, trail guys!

                                Run for fun.