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    Good morning!


    I've been awake a loooong time. As Saturday moves closer sleeping is becoming more difficult. I've run only a few miles this week...but my foot seems to have healed from whatever the problem was. I am undertrained but excited about running on Saturday. Bad news is there is a winter storm warning for the area with accumulations of 4-8 inces of snow over ice. I am more concerned with the drive there. I am definately packing gators and yak tracks....Hoping it does not get cancelled.


    qotd: Pass. I can never think of anything.

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      No run for me this morning. We're heading to the airport in a few minutes for our flight to Louisiana. It'll be a fun weekend of running big loops in the south. Good times!


        I'll churn out a few miles tonight, no more than three. I ate a few spiders last night on my run. They came back out in full force with this heat. They will be back to wherever they go when it is cold tomorrow. I hope a bunch of them freeze before they go dormant. I'll get a long run this weekend with Kelly.


        Gator eye

          I did 10 in a rainy 50 degrees,it's the warmest run I've had in 2 months. Weird, most of the country is locked down in a arctic blast and here in Michigan where it's been in the teens for the last month it warms up. But good things never last and the temps are heading back to the teens for the weekend.


          QOTD: Do you think you would run as much as you do or race as much without the internet?


          I don't think I would. When I started running for health I didn't  know how far a marathon was let alone what a ultra was, it floored me when I read how far people ran at one time, 3 years later I'm one of them. One google search on shin splints opened a whole new world for me.

            The pooch and I had a warm foggy 5 mile trail run this morning.


            QOTD: I had to think about that one.  I am not positive if I would have become a runner without it, but assuming that I did I would probably run just as much.  I definitely would have raced less though.


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              Morning!  Getting ready for a short run and then yoga at lunch.  Still continuing my holiday streak.


              qotd:  My running predates the internet, and I remember finding races in the local paper and running store flyers.  Much easier and more interesting with the internet, so I am racing more.  And, I've been able to quickly find solutions to minor issues before they became actual injuries.



                I'm going to the gym after work today. Will probably get a few TM miles in. Not interested in running in the humidity/rain at all tonight. I'll probably do some arms & core work too.


                QOTD:  I would probably run a little less, simply due to a lack of knowledge of the sport. I've learned so much about running/racing from blogs and forums. Not to mention just finding races in general.

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                  Slept in today so it will be weights and elliptical tonight in the man cave, think there is a football game on. Cool. Time to quit whining about winter coming and just embrace it i guess. Cry The weather here is making the big change and I just looked at some web-cams near my cabin and there is already 12 inches of snow on the ground up there. Time to head to the trails on those long narrow sticks.


                  QOTD--I was running long before the internet so yes, I would be. The internet gave me the info for a lot of cool races I did out of state but my mileage would have still been high without it. I don't need to race to want to be out running.  Maybe with less time surfing I would have run even more. Big grin


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                    Good Morning,


                    Getting ready for some more miles in the mild weather again. I enjoyed yesterday's run, we had a temperature inversion, so while it was freezing cold at the trailhead, it was warm and sunny on top of the mountain. I sat there for a while on a rock in the sun, soaking up the warmth, before heading down into the foggy cold again.


                    My knee seems to be getting better, so I'm aiming for around 3 miles today without a rest day in between, hoping that the knee will hold up.


                    moonlight: It's all mental, especially in such bad weather. Take it easy, start out slow, and it should turn out just fine. Best luck for the drive, though!


                    lace_up: Good luck for the race, and safe travels!


                    LB2: Good job stocking up on protein before the race! Good luck for the race!


                    Gator: Enjoy the mild weather while it lasts!


                    TT: I love running in warm fog. It has something serene about it when all you hear is your own footfalls, and the water dripping from the trees (and maybe the pup panting).


                    traildc: I was thinking about your holiday streak yesterday, wondering if you had kept it up. Great job! Have fun at yoga for lunch!


                    T&C: As rain hits, the importance of upper body and core fitness rises instantly!


                    Harrier: What a coincidence that a cave workout falls right onto a football evening - enjoy!


                    QOTD: I would not have had the courage to tackle ultra distances, although I might have tried. I definitely would not have had the knowledge on how to run ultras, and I learned a lot from this forum and from other internet sources.

                    Races - I think my running buddy would have nudged me into more races than I would have done on my own, but only up to marathon distance.


                    Have a fun day, trailers!

                    Run for fun.


                       The weather here is making the big change and I just looked at some web-cams near my cabin and there is already 12 inches of snow on the ground up there. Time to head to the trails on those long narrow sticks.



                      NH-- I was just checking out the snow reports on the north shore.  Almost 30" in some areas-- if this keeps up, should be a great skiing year!  Look hard enough, and you can always find a silver lining somewhere....

                        Got in 7.5 last night and hope to get in 5 or so tonight.


                        QOTD I'm not sure I run more because of the internet, but finding races farther away is easier, also the information is much easier to find about training, injuries, nutrition, all that good stuff.


                          5 miles in the freezing. Sitting in the car with every heat source on. My knees hurt, my legs are numb and my lungs hurt.  I have no idea how idea of you do this.  I think it was 27 deg.  I'm going to set my cold limit at 35.



                            Good morning all.  It's currently 1 degree here in Missoula, MT.  I ran 5k yesterday evening after work in 7 degrees, and my UA merino long johns actually kept me very warm!


                            QOTD: No.  I'm currently doing a holiday running streak because someone online suggested it.  So far, I'm enjoying it!  Smile


                              Low motivation run today.  Was planning for 10 ended up with 6.  I can live with that.  Might be a sugar low left over from Thanksgiving.


                              QOTD:  Was running and racing before Al Gore invented the internet.  Flyers and work of mouth in "old days". (Pretzel City Sports still sends out flyers for race registration).  Books were my resources for training (Higdon, Sheehan, etc.) in my early days of racing.  The internet has made it easier to find information, but much of it hasn't changed.  Best usage for me is finding places to travel for a race.


                                SRD for me today, the taper continues.  Temps are going to drop from the mid 70's this morning to the upper 30's tonight.  Look's like it will be a cold, wet run this weekend.  Perfect.


                                lace_up and LB2 - frozen spiders at the Cajun Coyote sound good.  Yum.  We should scout out a RA spot for the S/F, wonder if Jo would like to be our "Trailer Trash Coach".


                                qotd: probably not, but it is easier to get info on races (and register for them).

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