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Uh oh... now what?

    There are two medium size dogs somewhere in the two parks.  They are attacking

    people.  Our park is closed.  We went up north to Padilla Bay where we saw

    A plant that already has buds on it (37ºF out there folks, dumb plant).

    A dozen and more great blue herons, some posed--others flew away.

    A bunch of gooses (Ross's Goose [geese]).  Mt. Rainier in the background, a hundred miles away.

    Several gaggles of Ross's Geese

    Even more of them... I have a video (noisy), but not sure if I can post it here.

    And there were tundra swans all over the place.  Today we learned the swans

    eat potatoes that are still in the field, carrots too.


    Got back home, park is still closed...




    Dirty Girl

      Thats crazy about the dogs. And the buds. But nice pictures from your adventure today!

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        Nice pictures! Hope they catch the dogs soon.

        Trail Monster

          I would think baited traps would work well for those dogs. Hope they catch them soon! Thanks for sharing the pics!

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          Faster Than Your Couch!

            scary about the dogs. Apparently, two are already a "pack" and feel a bit too confident. I hope they'll catch them soon. How did they get there, anyway?


            Great pictures, thanks for sharing!


            Yesterday, my trails were close to being inaccessible for a while because a huge, giant digger was doing some maintenance along the road (between the trail and the road). However, I was able to run around it in a wide circle. It was one of the largest diggers I have ever seen, and I was wondering why they had called in the big gear?

            Run for fun.

            Uh oh... now what?

              It made the local news...




              If was fun finding the woman who had locked herself in

              the restroom.  Part of the park is closed for the winter.

              Those restrooms are locked.  The mother stopped Kathy

              as we were heading out and told here what was going on.

              I mentioned the very limited cell service in the park, then

              figured out where the daughter had to be--half a mile away

              behind two locked gates.  Told mom to wait there and we

              went to "rescue" the daughter, a nervous and excited young



              All appearances point at the dogs being abandoned in the

              park.  There was a large pile of dog food left at the parking 

              lot.  The budget cuts make the parks almost deserted as

              far as staff goes--they are deteriorating in appearance as 

              winter passes.


                Thanks for sharing the photos, John!  About the dogs, crazy, but sadly not too unusual.  My brother spent an afternoon in a tree in a park outside Seattle after being chased there by a pack of dogs. 


                Faster Than Your Couch!

                  Wow, those dogs are picky. It takes a lot to draw blood to the point where the victim needs stitches when a dog bites. I feel sorry for the guy.



                  On another note, in today's local newspaper I read that a day ago, a woman got stabbed and her throat cut by an attacker on one of my favorite trails. I even recognized the exact location from the picture in the paper. The attacker has not been caught yet. The woman survived the injuries after medical treatment.


                  And I almost went running on that trail today. Shocked


                  Guess I'll stay off for a few more days...

                  Run for fun.


                    That is sad about the dogs. It makes me so angry. I can't even imagine abandoning a dog.  

                    In dog beers, I've only had one.