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    Morning Folks! Got out for a quick 5 before I head east to Arlington, VA and the hustle and bustle of the belt-way. Have a good day all.



    QOTD:  I can't top donuts but here it goes. When looking for running apparel do you buy online or at your LRS? If you buy online do you have a favorite site?


    Mixture of both for me. I'll check one of the local LRS first this I will shop online. Typically theclymb, REI, runningwarehouse, back country, and even amazon will get a search or two.




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      Happy Monday all,


      I plan on getting 7 miles after work this evening along with getting back on track with the body weight routine.  I'm really amped up to get into some solid training again.  I did a 5k this weekend, which is a nice gauge of my running fitness since I've done it every year (2011, 2012, 2013).  It turns out that my work has been paying off, which is plenty of incentive to keep pushing it.  Honestly, I had been questioning my training quite a bit...I feel like a new man!


      Here's my progression for the New Milford 5k (warning: road running information ahead...procede at you're own risk)

      2011- 23:19 (training?...what is training?)

      2012- 19:09 (ran lots of 5k's and lots of speed work...everything came together for this race...PR)

      2013- 19:06 (broke 1 y/o previous 5k's this year, no speed work, horrible pacing...that's enough of a race report)


      QOTD: I don't have a true "LRS"...just chains.  I don't feel the need to go out of my way to support them.  I shop the sales rack at REI and check for internet deals.  There is not much I pay full price for "in-store" or "online".

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        After nearly 6 hours of running yesterday today will be a rest day, even if I don't feel that bad. Had a lot of trouble sleeping last night, which I'm sure will catch up with me later today.


        QOTD: There is no local running store here unless I drive up to Ithaca which is a little out of the way. So I buy pretty much 100% online save for the very occasional cheap shirt from Wal Mart. I use a combination of sites, zombierunner, roadrunnersports, runningwarehouse. When the price is right, I like to use as "one click shopping" is awesome.

          After a weekend filled with lots of folk music and no running, I am ready to get back in the game today. I'll run 4 miles to my frisbee game later, and I might run 4 at lunch too. Too much fun over the past several weekends has let to very little running. I'm so excited for my half marathon this weekend, if for nothing else, to get me back on a trail!


          QOTD: Both. Usually shoes at LRS. I just bought shorts there the other day as well.

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            SRD for me today.  I'll get to the gym later for a strwngth class.

            dpc- hot and humid here.  But welcome to the beltway.


            qotd:  I use the LRS occasionally, but also rely on REI a lot and roadrunners, too.

            under a rock

              SRD for me. Took the dogs for a half hour walk. I have an appt with my sports chiro to work out my kinks later today.


              QOTD: I usually do most of my shopping on line. I like Brooks for shirts so I get them where I can find them cheapest. I like NUU-MUU for exercise dresses. Runningskirts and Sparkleskirts, for the obvious. And Skirtsports for bottoms to wear under my dresses. right now I have more than enough clothing for running and working out. I imagine it will be a few more years before I need anything other than sports bras.

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                I'll squeeze in some strength training and a easy 6 mile run this evening; this is going to be a very easy week (not going to run wed-fri) leading up to my first 50k this weekend


                qotd: no LRS for me (although that's going to change as we're moving in a month)- the majority of my purchases come from REI and roadrunner, always when they offer better discounts

                  SRD for me, forced rest for the pooch.


                  QOTD: Wherever I can find deep discounts.  That might be an online store, Ross, REI,  the Nike Outlet,  the LRS or somewhere else.  I try to pay half price or less if possible.


                  Tallahassee, Florida


                    Weights today. Banged my foot up at the playground yesterday, which reset recovery a bit.


                    QOTD: I really try to support my LRS when I buy shoes. Primarily I use A Runner's Mind in Burlingame, or Zomberunner i Palo Alto if I'm passing by that way. When it comes to running clothes, I buy them wherever I happen to be.

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                      Set the alarm to run this morning, but turned it off and slept for another 3 hours instead. I really really needed it. Now I'm lounging at the rooftop pool over looking the Acropolis. Beautiful day, warm and not humid, not a bad gig!


                      That all adds up to a SRD.


                      qotd: shoes=LRS;  apparel=larger sports stores;  S-caps, HEED, gels=online.

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                        Good morning folks!  SRD for me.  I greatly underestimated the heat factor on yesterday's run.  I ended up walking the last half mile home and almost passed out when I got inside.  I'm terrible in anything over 70.  I'm guessing it might be time to take along some electrolytes.  Blah.


                        QOTD:  I get my shoes at the LRS, sports bras at REI--I don't skimp on either of those important items.  My shorts, pants, & socks, however,  come from the clearance section at Ross, and my shirts & jacket come from thrift stores.  I've seen some shirts & tights go for $100, but I've never paid more than $10 for mine.


                        Thread killer ..

                          Non running day but waiting for my horseshoer


                          We did the TRT Training Runs over the weekend . In years past they had been fairly low key this time it was overwhelming . I know there were 200+ registered plus many signing up last minute . The Tahoe Mt Milers did a great job .


                          Day 1 going up the ski run at Diamond Peak  , 2 miles from the Lodge to the top , mile 31 on the 50 and 31 & 62 on the 100


                          Red House the lowest point on the course 6,800'


                          Marlette from the North Canyon Trail

                            It was a nice little over 6 this weekend with Earl.  Nothing too exciting to report.


                            Valerie: We did Mt Rose Meadows to Brockway on Saturday.  We ran into a large group mid way coming up from the Carson side.  Was that your group?


                            QOTD:  I try to use the LRS but it's pretty small so not much choice.  I usually find a short I like Nike and keep buying them on line.  I am currently into the Althena shorts.  Very comfortable and don't look like running shorts.  Always wear Nike capri's. 

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                            Endless trails

                              SRD for me today.


                              Nice pics, valerie, that's some hill.

                              Not a bad gig at all, sandy, enjoy.


                              QOTD: I visited the LRS last fall when we moved here, but they did not have

                              a single pair of trail shoes. They told me they could order anything I wanted

                              but as we all know, so can anyone. I use holabird sports and running warehouse.

                              Holabird mostly has last years models, but also a good return policy.

                              Ultra Cowboy

                                Had a tough run Sunday  in Boggs State Forest with the training group.  Caught another cold, and I have some after effects from a week of Trail riding, Drinking and Roughhousing.  Did two loops of 9.6 and 8.0 miles.  I didn't die but I wanted to.  Could have fueled better maybe?


                                Spent the night before there camping with the group.  That made the run worth it.  Not many places you can hear opera by the campfire....


                                PART 1   PART 2


                                The training groups I do are through the LRS.  They Get first crack at my money..