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Too Frickin' cold Thursdaily (Read 33 times)

running under the BigSky

    we're -3 this morning, too damn cold for November  Disapprove   fortunately it's a zero day for me


    it was a balmy 7 degrees last night and ended up w/ about a 1/4 # of ice in my stache Smile


    qotd: what weather conditions will keep you from running- I usually set my limit at 0 and then it's the dread mill, sometimes pouring rain if it's cold will force me to the dream mill as well



      I did a little over 7 last night. I'll do about 4 after work today.


      QOTD: If it is raining really hard or lightning at all, I will probably not run. But it is rare that I can't sneak something in between storms. I like running in the rain, but people probably think I am crazy. But then again, they pretty much think that anyway.



      Endless trails

        That is pretty cold for this time of year, mtwarden.


        I'm doing an easy 5 this afternoon, then an early thanksgiving meal

        with family that are in town.


        QOTD: I found my limit last year when I ran in a rainstorm that turned into

        a passing thunderstorm, thunder/lighting is my outdoor running limit.


          Morning guys,


          Up and running the single track by headlamp this morning. Had some early fog thrown into the mix to so even though I know these trails thoroughly I still had to back track a couple times as I ran right by a couple unmarked trail intersections. I'll blame the heavy leaf cover on the trails and not the fact that I was in another zone. Threw in some tempo intervals once it became light.


          QOTD--If it's not too windy I will run to -5F. That's pretty much my limit. Taking a day or two off during that kind of brutal weather is not a bad thing at all. Otherwise bring on about anything else ma nature can throw my way.



            Heading to the gym tonight for some time on the elliptical.  Probably won't run until Saturday.


            QOTD: Pouring rain in the cold will do it for me. I love running in a summer rain.  I'll run in the cold probably down to 0 degrees, but anything lower and I head inside.

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              Plan on 5 later tonight.


              QOTD I will run down to single digit temps, but here in central PA I can't remember the last time it was that cold. I also avoid cold rain where there could be icy patches, I fall enough, don't need ice to help me!

              Gator eye

                10 miles in warming temps this morning.


                QOTD: Thunder storms and low visibility days sends me to the basement torture chamber. Cold and snow with wind can send me to the treadmill too it depends on my mood, I ve run in -5 with wind but I have also scrapped runs in the 20 degree range with snow.

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                  I did a 20 mile tempo ride on my spin bike followed by a hilly 12 mile trail run. I'm trying to get into shape.


                  QOTD: Extreme cold can keep me from a running but I can't assign a temperature to it because humidity plays a role in that as well. Running in northern Saskatchewan last winter, I learned that my eyelids will freeze shut somewhere around -20F.




                    QOTD: I'll go down to 0F, and only run slowly under 10F. Colder than that and my airways get irritated. When I was young and invincible, I maxed out during a -20F cross-country ski competition, and afterwards I felt like I had burned my lungs out internally for like two weeks.

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                      Good afternoon.  DW and I did 8 very hilly technical miles.  Had to stay alert because laves have hidden many of the spiny rockt that like to trip you up.


                      QOTD:  I've run in -10 degrees wearing ski goggles and face mask, and that's as cold as it gets in my area of the Appalachians.  Lightning is my stopping limit.  I took an indirect hit from lightning when I 17, so I have the utmost respect for electrical energy.


                        Today was supposed to be a long run, maybe as far as 13 miles. But, I've managed to screw around all morning and it's chilly and damp so I think I'll stay inside and do a hard workout on the bike trainer followed by a 1/2 hour on the elliptical.


                        QOTD: High winds and lightning. We have too many dead or partially dead trees around here. After any moderate wind storm there will be some fairly big branches down, so If I do run in the wind it has to be an area with good trees or no trees. I've ridden my bike in gusting winds of 45 MPH+. That can get rather interesting. I've ridden in temps that were in the low teens with 15-20 MPH winds and I've run at temps down to 5F. It's rare for us to get enough temps that are colder then that so I don't know what my lowest limit would be. If it's warm I actually like running in the rain including downpours. I guess I can join LB2s crazy club.

                          I ran 6.23 this am. Goal was 7 but I accidently took a short know when you realize..I'm not in the trail I thought I was...when did that happen? Coming off the ridge the sun was shining though the oak trees with the flourescense green moss just a glowing. It was a beautiful fall morning after 3 days of rain.


                          QOTD: I leave in NorCal so my weather conditions are pretty idea so whet keeps me inside may never keep you guys inside. The combination of windy, cold and rainy. Cold could be below 40...the wind poushes it over the edge...When in Michigan it's the slushy rain. I will be there end of January so I'll let you know how cold.


                          Kelly: The key to getting in shape is consistency.Smile

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                            I went for a run yesterday in the Best. Weather. Ever.




                            And today it's raining again.


                            QOTD: Few weather conditions keep me from running outside. I'll run through the rain, sleet, ice, and snow. I pretty much hate running in the wind though and generally try to avoid it. When I visit other places in the lower 48 I always say I'm going to run and then wimp out because of the heat.

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                              Kelly: The key to getting in shape is consistency.Smile


                              Good to know!


                              I'm not sure where things went wrong. I added 4 pounds somehow and I can't seem to shake them. I dropped one pound this week but I've had to do a lot of shit to get it done. Something is amiss with my system.


                                "Frickin' Cold"  ???  Again with the crazy talk.  For me it was very muggy due to an impending thunderstorm rolling in later today.  I ran at lunchtime (to beat the thunderstorms) and just happened to hit a break in the clouds.  So....  not only was it muggy, but the sun was super-heating the air, must have been about 80 deg or so.  I was a sweaty mess when I got back to the office.  Gotta love walking thru the lobby dripping in sweat, fortunately we have a workout room that has changing/shower rooms right off the lobby.


                                I ended up doing 5 kinda sluggish miles.


                                qotd: Only lightening keeps me from running.

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