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A short RR for a short race: 2.8 Mile Intro to Summer Trail Race (Read 31 times)


    What: Intro to Summer Trail Race

    When: June 14, 2014

    Where: Wyandotte County Lake, Kansas City, KS

    Distance: 2.8 Miles

    Start Time: 9:00 a.m.

    Goal: beat last year's time of 21:50

    Finish Time: 20:14, 4th OA.


    I still wanted to run with my road running group around a local park so I went and ran 2.5 miles before heading to the race. I got to the race about 8:20, picked up my bib, and rehydrated from the morning run. With about five minutes till the start of the race, I lined up near the front of the pack. When the race director announced there was about a minute to go, everyone somehow moved behind me.


    The race started and I went out quick (for me) and settled into 2nd place. I knew I would eventually be passed, but my goal was to stick with the guy ahead of me and pass him if at all possible. The first mile is on relatively narrow trails making it tougher to pass, which actually helped me keep pace as I didn't want to be the person holding people up. A little over a mile into the race, we come to a gravel road. This is where I was finally passed by two people. I maintained my pace, but it was getting tough as I couldn't catch my breath. When we come to the aid station at the turnaround point, the gentleman in front of me stopped for some water so I took the opportunity to pass him.


    Shortly after the turnaround we come to an incline which caused me to slow quite a bit. We get to the top of the incline and turn back onto the trails. I pick up the pace and try keep up with those in front of me. I was able to keep them in sight until we turn left on to another hill. At this point, I have to walk as I can no longer catch my breath. I get passed by three more people during this section; two guys and a gal.


    I make it a point to keep the guy and gal in sight and try to close the gap. I see that I am gaining ground, realize I have less than a mile to go, and pick up the effort. I pass the guy first, then saw that I was getting closer to catching the gal. When we get to a flatter section about a half mile from the finish, I kick it up and pass her. I am now in fourth place, can't see the top three, but am now determined not to be passed. We come to the clearing and I can finally see the finish line. I kick it in with all I have and managed to not to get passed. When I crossed the line, I was spent! It took me about five minutes to get my breath.


    Once I was back to normal, well as normal as I can possibly be anyway, I congratulated the other runners and stayed to cheer in the remaining runners. When the last runner crossed the line, I went back out and ran another leisurely 5.5 miles. It put a nice finish to a great morning of running. I was really shocked to see that I finished over 90 seconds faster than my time from last year. Next year, sub-20 will be mine. Smile




      Nice job, Eric.  Sounds like being chased helped keep you on task.  Congratulations.


      Faster Than Your Couch!

        Congratulations, what a race! Short, but full of excitement.


        Nice warm-up and cool-down miles, too!

        Run for fun.


          Sounds like fun.  Way to go!!!!

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            Awesome job, Eric!   Nice way to smash last year's time.   Its nice that you were able to end the race both fast and spent, like you gave it your best.  Congratulations on 4th OA!


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              Those short ones are intense!  Congrats on the PB and the nice 4 OA finish!

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                Short races look fun.. Like you actually Race.  Smile

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