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    13 yesterday on local trails ... finished a huge project at work, so I was tired but it was so worth it


    Today? Hopefully some hill work on the bike and then a good night's sleep for tomorrow morning's run


    QOTD: I have only rented snow shoes in Tahoe this winter. Fun, but I prefer noprmal trail running


      5 miles pushing DS in the stroller along the river trail last night. Really struggled to get in the groove, so it was a less than satisfying run. Plan to get in 10+ up on the mountain this evening so hopefully that goes a little better.


      QOTD: Yes, my wife and I have snowshoes. Haven't used them too much the last couple of years. When I do use them I prefer to make my own trail and explore off the beaten path, pretty much every snowshoe trail I have taken doesn't really require snowshoes since they are packed down so much(unless there was a recent heavy snow).


        Did 12 miles on the trails last night and just got back from 7.5 miles around the streets at work during lunch.. The heat is starting to get to me making it hard for lunch time runs, im gonna have to get back to running mornings and nights again soon.


        QOTD: No snowshoes because no snow around here, ive only run through snow once while visiting Washington.


          Got in 11.25 miles yesterday and around 8 today. Overall i'm feeling like a much stronger runner lately.


          QOTD: I do not have snowshoes, but I'd like to get them, mainly for hiking. Possibly I'd want to try running in them too. We just don't get enough snow around here that sticks around. I'd have to do a pretty good climb in to actually use the snow shoes.


            Just got back from a 3ish mile run with the pup. It is a run that almost did not happen.  I had decided I didn't want to go...but told myself "if you get there and don't want to run, you don't have to".  Of course, I grudgingly started walking, then running then immediately started to enjoy myself.  Even took the longer trail. There was this bright orb in the sky....must be an alien ship...or maybe...the sun?  The sky was a strange but beautiful blue.  Odd...I have only vague memories of days like today.  To celebrate the alien weather my dog chose to explore the deep bogs that dot the area surrounding the trail.  So into the tub she when when we got home.


            Weather is supposed to be nice through the weekend.  Of course, I have to work the next four days (12 hour shifts) sitting at a desk with no windows.  Oh well....I've had the last 5 days off...time to go to work I guess.


            qotd:  I own one component of dion snowshoes. I am hoping to get the other components for next winter.


            Happy Trails!


            Just here for the food

              A late afternoon 15 for me. Second run in the Hokas and I think I'm really going to like them. My right foot felt like it was falling asleep for a couple of miles, then I stopped and loosened the laces a bit and it gradually went away. I did find myself doing more heel striking on some downhills, something I almost never do. All in all a good fit.



              QOTD: no snow= no snowshoes. We get one or two snows a year in the Ohio Valley, and usually just 1-3 inches at that.