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Solstice Saturdailies (Read 28 times)

    The pooch and I had a nice warm 5 mile trail run.  The snow is mostly gone on all but the north facing slopes and they will probably be clear later today or tomorrow.


    Tallahassee, Florida

      Morning folks!

      I've been sick all week. It bites. But today I promised my 7 y.o. daughter I would take her snowshoeing.

      So I'm bundled up, drinking Dayquil like it's going out of style and heading up the mountain with the most excited 7 year old on the planet.

      I wish her memory wasn't as good as it is.


      I got out with our dog a few times earlier in the week and he really enjoyed it. Now to get him lead broke a bit better.


      QOTD: What is your traditional holiday meal?

      Our family always has green chicken enchiladas on Christmas eve. Not sure how or when it started, but anything else for dinner on Christmas eve just feels wrong.

        Heading out for a fairly flat 15 in a few minutes.  Then heading to SoCal for a week with some old friends and the in law clan...


        QOTD:  Birdwell beat me while I was drafting my QOTD but after you it that special meal ....Does your family go streaking after Christmas dinner?


        Mine does not but was wondering about other families.

        08/05/17 Sierra Crest 50K

        08/19/17 Marquette Trail 50K Miler



          Going to be heading out shortly for about 14 road miles. It will be a slow and slipperyish trudge. Even though we have already had an early start to winter it looks like we will be getting the first big snowstorm of the season starting this evening. Yay!  I have seen reports of up to 12". We'll see. I guess it wouldn't bother me if it tracked a little differently and missed us. I did go out this morning and got the big snowblower ready. My run tomorrow could be interesting.


          QOTD- we don't really have one. We will end up at the in-laws and I'll just try to survive. Get me a bottle of beer and sit in the back corner. Watching the clock.

            Does your family go streaking after Christmas dinner?


            Mine does not but was wondering about other families



            Now that would be a tradition worth talking about!

            Totally unrelated, a neighbor of mine claims to have seen someone out for a run yesterday afternoon wearing only a Santa hat, and nothing else.

            running under the BigSky

              Morning Trailers- headed out for 20-ish miles in the snow covered hills


              qotd: probably 50:50 with ham or prime rib, prime rib this year Big grin


              Endless trails

                Warm here today but the trails still had icy/snowy spots. I used my old Brooks with the

                screws in the soles and the screw tips were poking through my forefoot, had to cut it

                short at 5 miles. I'll do a LR tomorrow.


                It did see something I hadn't seen before; it was getting warm so quickly this morning

                that the snow had steam coming off it. I've seen that weather effect many times on the

                ocean but never with snow, it was cool.


                QOTD: No traditional meal here, but I'm thinking about taking up Queen's after meal


                Occasional Runner

                  10 miles through the snow this morning with a bunch of awesome folks from my trail running group. The snow was deep but it was a comfortable run.


                  QOTD: On Christmas eve we eat a variety of baked breads, meats and cheeses. This is a tradition I grew up with and have continued it into adulthood.


                  Faster Than Your Couch!

                    Greetings from work, lunch break. Super busy these days, but I still get some runs in every now and then, which helps with keeping me strong for work. Squats during breaks count as strength training, right? Planning on a few mountain miles after work, it will be dark by then, but still a mudfest! QOTD: nothing set in stone for Christmas Eve, but pan-fried fresh trout on Christmas Day is tradition since generations. QOTD2: now I should know what "streaking " is - that ESL curse, you know. But as we all stay at home, I will say no. Now where's that all-knowing online dictionary??

                    Run for fun.


                      Winter Solstice, yup it was 72* at 5:30 am this morning.  It was also raining.  Went w/o a shirt.  Did 15 miles.


                      qotd: We always have bagels and lox on Christmas eve.  On Christmas day we usually alternate between ham, turkey, roast beef, etc.

                      Arkansas Traveler - Oct 7

                        QOTD: Typically either turkey or ham.


                        Tallahassee, Florida




                          No running today.


                          Sunset is 3:20 pm. Length of day is 6 hrs and 41 min. Tomorrow will be an entire 6 seconds longer!


                          QOTD: Christmas has never really been a big deal in my house. So no traditional meals.


                          QOTD 2: Queen is streaking an autocorrect? Or have I been missing out on a great tradition and not know it?


                          Follower of Forrest

                            Afternoon all,


                            I thought the day felt short today.  I got in 12.5 on the trails today.  There was a mix of dry, puddles, and snow.  It was 60 degrees out and got to splash through puddles in my shorts.  All in all, a fantastic run and I felt strong the whole way.


                            QOTD1: We will be at the GFs house this year.  Their family is primarily Puerto Rican, so they will make their favorites.  Her family will make me eat, as they consider me too skinny and even give her a bunch of shit about not feeding me enough .


                            QOTD2: Don't tempt me

                            6/21 - Manitou's Revenge 54mi


                            A man may never run the same trail twice for it is not the same trail and he is not the same man