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    Morning trailers. I awoke this morning to the sound of heavy downpours and it looks like it might continue for most of the day. I had planned a longer run today, but after yesterdays 5 miler with about 3 miles actually running, my ankle was swollen again last night. I think today will be a long hard workout on the elliptical, as that doesn't seem to bother the ankle too much. I hope everyone else has a good day running and good luck to those who are racing this weekend.


    QOTD:  Are you aging gracefully? Or if you are younger, do you envision yourself aging gracefully as you age?


    For myself I can't say that I am. While I don't feel like I'm old, (I'll soon be 48) I find myself frustrated by not being as strong as I once was, and not being able to heal as fast or improve as fast. At heart I'm still a kid, but I can tell that my body is no longer capable of doing some of the things that I used to be able to do. I know that I still have goals that I will achieve, but that I also have to be more patient in my training and start to accept that I'm not capable of being the best overall.

      Morning folks! Got 5 or 6 miles on tap for today after work.


      QOTD : they say you're only as old as you feel, some days I feel like an 85 year old man (I'm not)

      i have noticed that things tend to hurt a little longer now.


        SRD for me, 17k race tomorrow.  I was looking at Ultrasignup to see how many entrants there were, and noticed that the site already projects what my place and finishing time should be (based on all of the results they collect, not based on prior performance at this race).  Do I really need that kind of pressure?  Do other people find this useful/annoying?


        QOTD:  If we're talking about running, I don't have any complaints so far about aging (I'm 42).  My running life has been a series of on and off stretches, so I've never been consistent enough to see a clear decline in performance.  Sure, I'm not as speedy as I was 10 or 20 years ago, but I'm probably more patient and more willing to put in the work, which has yielded pretty good results.

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          Morning all!  I got in some stair time atthe gym followed by a very light workout.  I need to decide what I want to run tomorrow.  Long but not too long.  Probably will be stuck on pavement but we'll see.


          DD1 - coming down to the wire for you.  Hope you get in some kind of decent run before next week.

          birdwell - feel like 85 some days? that just sounds painful

          DD2 - I think that kind of projection could mess you up or motivate you.  But good luck nonetheless


          QOTD: I soon turn 38, look like I am 20, sometimes feel like I am 48 (depending on the day).  Most days I feel ok though- probably better than I did 5+ years ago prior to running.  Running has helped me to be in mch better overall health despite the "injuries" I have struggled with.


          Have a great day!

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            The pooch and I had a very wet 6 mile trail run.  There was lightning, thunder, hard rain, and wind most of the way.  A couple lightning strikes were fairly close and we got off of the ridge a little quicker than usual.


            QOTD: I think I am aging very well.  I am 61 and folks guess my age at substantially less.  I am lucky to swim in a pretty good gene pool.


            Tallahassee, Florida


              A lot more snow in the north again overnight. Have not seen the official numbers but a couple web cams I watch makes it look like about 6". Adding that to the foot that was still there well....Angry. At least it's not raining here right now but  it will be later this morning. I'm going to do an 8 mile slog out at Donald park shortly.


              DigDug-- I find it very bothersome. No value whatsoever.


              QOTD-- I do nothing gracefully. But just happy to be still strong, fit, and in the game.


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                Happy Friday all,

                It is raining here also.  I will do an hour of running in the rain after work.


                QOTD: I'm 29 so I guess the question would be "do I think I will age gracefully?".  I'm in as good/better shape than I was when I played soccer in highschool and was active every day.  I think being active every day is the path I want to follow...if that leads to aging gracefully than so be it...if not, oh well.  I'm just going to do what I like and let the chips fall.  I have enjoyed aging so far Smile.

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                  Good Morning,


                  Flooded it is, lots of rain came down last night, and it's still raining now. I might postpone my run until tomorrow, not only because of the rain, but also because my car is causing trouble again. Seems like when the tires were changed, the pressure sensors were damaged, comes to a grand total of $800 for the "free" tire change. I think I'll have a talk with the manager about who's going to pay the repair bill.


                  DD1: That just does not sound good in the light of the upcoming Hyner. That ankle better heal up quickly and cooperate again!


                  Birdwell: Enjoy your run later!


                  DD2: Now that's just gross! I don't need that kind of pressure. Perhaps a note dropped by e-mail will discourage such things in the future?


                  Jamie: Seems like you're getting ready for a stair run. Well, I would have said that sounds just like the Hyner, but looking at the weather, it looks as if it's going to be a mudfest again. Dead


                  TT: On a ridge with lightning around you - not exactly the best place to be. Glad you made it through, and the pooch, too!


                  Harrier: It's not raining, yay - wait a minute, snow doesn't seem much better. Just wait until it all turns into mud again!


                  Jamezilla: You're 29 for the how many-eth time? I used to be 29, too, until I turned 39 almost ten years ago. Wink


                  QOTD: I don't think I am aging gracefully, just because I'm not aging! Big grin

                  On a more serious note, I haven't noticed too much that really bothers me about getting older. Yes, I'm not as strong as I used to be, it takes longer to build up again, things don't heal as fast any more, I have a few more wrinkles and a lot less hair than I had 10 years ago, but all in all, I'm still happy with the shape I'm in. Maybe the kids keep me young? - although sometimes it feels they are the main reason for me aging!!

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                    Morning All!  raining/snowing here too, I'm afraid this is going to put a big crimp in my weekend running plans- when it turns muddy here you're pretty much done Sad   strength training on tap for this evening


                    qotd: I feel like I'm in pretty good shape for my age, running certainly is a big factor in that assessment; I no longer get carded when buying beer though- kind of miss pulling out my DL and have them look twice at my DOB Big grin

                      Hi friends -


                      Glad I'm not the only one who's not too thrilled with this terrible east coast weather. I had 22 miles planned on the trails, but it looks like I'm heading indoors for as long as possible. Don't get me wrong, I hate the treadmill as much as anyone, but I'm not too keen on running in the woods during a heavy downpour and thunderstorms. A couple summers back a girl died in the woods where I run when a tree fell on her. Sad


                      I would move my long run to tomorrow or Sunday, but my family will be in town all weekend, so I'm trying to get it out of the way now. I'm disappointed because this is my last looong run before my trail marathon in 2 weeks, but you can't win 'em all.


                      QOTD: I'm only 25, but people usually say that they think I'm older.....not sure how I feel about that! I do have an "old soul" though and had to grow up pretty fast in my early 20's so I'm pretty sure that's why. I think I'll age "gracefully" as long as I stop going out in the sun without adequate sunblock. As far as my body goes, it definitely doesn't bounce back as quickly as a few years ago, but I'm still in the best shape of my life, so I can't complain.

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                        This came up on a social networking site today...



                        Today is predicted to get up to 81 degrees.  the Barometer has fallen pretty low so we will have some wind in the next day or two.  Hope tomorrows race is mild temps.  I'm not used to these warm days yet.


                        I might do a little 2 mile shakeout tonight between loads of laundry.

                        Half Marathon Sat Am and Dairy Princess Ball Saturday night.

                        Get on a plane Sunday and head to Las Vegas for 3 days for a work conference.


                        So I may see you all again by Wednesday...Don't float away...


                        QOTD- Aside from hair I'm better off in terms of happiness and physical fitness now than I was 10 years or 20 years ago.  I'm around some very dynamic 40 and 50 year olds who inspire me that middle age can be a great time of life.  (I'm 39 now).




                          Jamezilla - what happened to Forrest?


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                            Jamezilla - what happened to Forrest?


                            He is still honored in my signature.  Honestly, how is that not the best scene in any movie ever.


                            PS - the book is better than the movie (I hate when people say that too)

                            PPS - yes there is a book (Forest goes to space...not even joking)

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                            A man may never run the same trail twice for it is not the same trail and he is not the same man



                              Planning on a nice easy, shorter run today to just loosen up a bit. Then walk the dog and head to work.


                              QOTD: Well, I'm still in my early 20's but I can tell I follow right after my Mom. I think she ages gracefully, but I believe her response to this question would be almost exact to yours Daydreamer1. She's had one hip replacement and will need the other done in the semi-near future so that has slowed her down. But I think the awesome part is that she still skies, hikes, and got back to being just as active, if not more active than before. So while I may not age "gracefully" I think I'll age well.

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                                Down in Moab, drinking craft beer, getting fed and rested for my race. It's amazing down here today!


                                QOTD: I don't age.