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Toasty Tuesday (Read 40 times)


    I'll run after work, 5 to 7...


    QOTD: Pass



    Endless trails

      6 miles this morning, cold, first day in long sleeves, gotta break out the

      gloves for those first few miles.


      QOTD: It's probably time for a trail shoe question, what's everyone wearing? Feel

      free to post a better qotd.


        Plan is to run  6 speedy miles after work with the running group.  I realized it will be full on dark when we're finishing up.  I really do need to find that headlamp soon...  My garmin died this weekend and it looks as if I will have to send it in.  I don't know if I'm more bothered by being without it for 2 weeks or the $59 'handling fee' they charge to replace it with another refurbished model.Joking  I have the simple 110--I'm a simple runner and it has more than I need.  I know these have been problematic, so perhaps I'm lucky to have gone three years.


        qotd:  I'm really digging my cascadias right now.  I have two pairs of trail Asics 2170s  and a pair of Brooks Ghost in rotation right now, but the cascadias are the ones I usually go to, even for the paved trails and road.


          Not toasty here today.  Cool 48 degree run this am with beautifully clear skies and high visibility.


          QOTD:  Mizuno Wave Ascend 8.

          Occasional Runner

            I ran in the woods for an hour this morning, scaring up a bunch of curious deer and enjoying the very cool temperatures. It was summer in Wisconsin last week and it's now definitely fall.


            QOTD: For short stuff, I wear my NB MT10's. For really long or technical stuff, I wear the NB 1210's. But my daily running shoe for trails and roads is the NB 1400. The 1400 is the best shoe I've ever slipped my foot into.


              My 10 days of  sloth have ended with a morning at the gym getting back to the weight routine. A dog walk on the trails is planned tonight. Still waiting for some inflammation to go away before running. This weekend I think.


              QOTD: Cascadia, Mizuno Ascends, New Balance 915, New Balance 1110, Innov8 Terroc 330. THe Cascadia and Mizuno are my go to trail shoes, the New Balance for easier (ie less rocky) trails, the Innov8 I am still forming an opinion on.

              In dog beers, I've only had one.


                Doing five slow today to see if that can loosen up my sore throat, back, and knee. Actually, just loosening up one of those would be great.


                QOTD: I rotate Asics 2010 and Mizumo Wave Rider for all real runs. When I do my 3-mile warmups before the gym, I use Inov8 F-lite 195. I'm pretty new to rotating shoes like this, and I really recommend it. When my feet start to feel overworked, a switch seems to remove 50-80% of the issue.

                3/8 Way Too Cool 50k WNS

                4/19 Tehama Wildflowers 50k


                Wandering Wally

                  6.2 frosty miles this morning.  Heard some critter get killed out in the woods this morning.  Not sure what got it.  Fox or coyote probably.


                  QOTD:  Asics something or other.  So far Asics is the only brand I've found that uses a last narrow enough in the heel and wide enough in the toes for me.  I wear Keen to work every day (their office appropriate minimalist shoe) and am giving them the eye for my next pair of trail shoes, specifically the Tunari CNX.  The last they use seems similar to Asics.

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                    Not so toasty, it was 37 in the morning, and warming up to a glorious day right now. Just about to head out for a few miles, not sure if this is my last "hard" week, or if I am tapering already, but I'll run and see how things add up.


                    Still gnawing on a few questions around the OC100, but I think I'll give them a separate thread later.


                    LB2: Enjoy the run after work, nice to chill down like that.


                    jonferg: I have done my first mitten run this season already, and I was glad to be wearing them!


                    traildc: Headlamp time again, yay! Hope your garmin issues will be resolved soon.


                    AT: Same wonderful day here. Still sounds frosty to me.


                    lace: Poor forest animals. Wink


                    XT: Getting ready...


                    Chnaiur: All at once is bad. But usually, a good run resolves at least one, maybe two of these issues!


                    smith: If I hear that in the night, it creeps me out somehow, even though I know I have nothing to fear - usually, at least. Reminds me of that scene of the emporer walking through the mountain forest in the night alone after not listening to Pacha in the movie "The Emporer's New Groove". Big grin


                    QOTD: Cascadias on trails, maybe the PureGrits when I don't have to expect any wet rocks. Ghost4's on the road, but that doesn't happen very often right now.

                    I'm not sure if I should get new Cascadias for the OC100, my current pair has about 800 miles on it (I don't keep track, but I've had them for 1.5 years now) - on the other hand, they don't show any signs of major wear, and I don't want to get the next model so close before the race (my current one is not available any more). Decisions, decisions, sigh...

                    Run for fun.


                      Good morning all.  I got in 5 miles this morning in the pitch black dark.  I remembered my headlamp, but last year's batteries quickly died and I was alone flying through the dark on the trail.  That was fun.


                      QOTD:  I'm wearing Pearl Izumi Emotions in bright purple.  I also have a pair of Asics gore tex 2000's for when the snow hits this winter.  My other shoes are road shoes, some Asics 2000's and a pair of New Balance that I won--I'm not sure which model they are.


                        6.6 mi on road/rail trail this a.m.  44 degrees when I set out, with long sleeves and gloves.  I love fall!  (Also want to shout out to Black Diamond - I've used my new Spot a few times in the last week and it's great - bright enough and incredibly comfortable.)


                        Jamezilla - I saw "green marbles" twice on my run this a.m., both times it was a cat.  (Yes, my daily runs are heavily populated with house cats - I venture really far into the wilderness.)


                        QOTD:  NB 1210/Leadvilles and Mizuno Wave Ascends.  Mizuno Wave Riders sometimes on the roads.


                          Getting ready to go mow the lawn. DW had been handling that chore most of the summer but since she had her hand surgery she can't use the push mower. So she'll just use the riding mower and I'll do the pushing.


                          After that I'll try to get in a 6-8 miler. I'm ready for some running after biking the last two days.


                          QOTD:  Hoka Mafates that have been relegated to road due to extreme mileage. 1176 miles and counting. Still feeling good.

                          Totally  loved them on the technical trails. Gave a really nice ride and were very stable.


                          Hoka Bondi B: Use these occasionally on the road and they feel decent on the trails. They're waiting for the Mafates to finally die.

                          Hoka Stinsons: Only used these on trails. Don't like them. No where near as nice as the Mafates and Bondi's.

                          NB 1210s: Very nice shoe that fits me well and works well on the most technical trails.

                          Brooks Cascadia 5's: Nice durable shoe that I like, but they are slightly small so I can't wear my ankle sleeve with them.


                          I really would like to try the Saucony Xodus 3's. Once I get a lot of mileage on the 1210s I'll get a pair.


                            I'll do 5 or 6 after work today.  Should cool down to the lower 90's by then.


                            qotd: Asics Nimbus (road shoes). If I'm going to run on a technical trail, I just wear a newer pair from my current rotation that may have more tread.

                            Brazos Bend 100 - Dec 9th

                            Houston Marathon - Jan 14th


                              Planning 5 tonight after work.


                              qotd: I just bought vff spyridon. Ran in them for the first time last night. Not sure I like them as well as my Komodo sports. For winter I will run

                              in water shoes with thick wool socks.


                                QOTD: MT110's