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Alternate Chili Run - RR (Read 34 times)


    What: Alternate Chili Run
    Where: Wyandotte County Lake Park, Kansas City, KS
    When: December 14, 2013
    Distance: 10.35 miles
    Weather: cold and windy with a feels-like temp of 13F
    Goal: to push the pace a bit and have fun
    Finish Time: 1:47:47

    I treated the race as a training run, pushing the pace a bit, but not running it at race effort. The conditions made me take it easier than I had planned on, but I still surprised myself with my time. My fastest time on the course this year, before the race, was 2:05:? and my fastest run ever on the course was 1:52:? from last year. The course last year started in a different spot making the big hills at the end of the real loop not seem as bad, plus there was no snow or ice on the ground last year. If you want to read the full report with a few pictures, follow the below link:




      Thanks for sharing the RR, Eric!  It's good to hear about other distances, and how you're using this race for training.


        Way to go. It is a rare thing, for me at least, when my actual time is faster than the goal I had planned. It has happened a few times, though. And I like that. Congratulations.



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          Nice going.  It's nice you get "home field advantage" for this race and the 50k...keep up the good work, I'm sure you'll nail the 50k too!  Thanks for the report!

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            Looks like a nice run and I'm sure you'll do great at the 50k after your PR.  Maybe the rest helped you.


            So it looks like there are some hills in Kansas after all.


              runtraildc - Thanks!

              LB2 - Thanks! I'm still trying to figure out a realistic goal for the 50K, but when I do I'll make it a challenging one. I've been known to underestimate myself and set goals that are too easy. I'm trying not to do that for the upcoming 50K.

              Jamezilla - Thanks! It is nice being able to run the course and develop a plan of attack.

              AT - Thanks! I'm sure the rest did help. This park is known to have some hills. They're challenging for this area, but I can't really compare them to anywhere else.....yet.

                Nice job rabbit chaser, seems like you ran a strong race, congratulations! Good luck on the 50K too!


                  Great job.  Getting a PR while treating it as a "training run", nice.

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                    • Nice job.   Ya that hill actually looks fairly flat. Pictures are deceiving.  Nice that they let dogs run in it.

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