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    Six easy trail miles for the pooch and me.  The weather has warmed up a bit here and it is quite mild.


    Tallahassee, Florida

    running under the BigSky

      was just about to hit the post new thread button Big grin


      we're expecting a brief warmup into the mid-30's for the next couple of days- yeah! and then yet another Arctic blast- boo!


      had a good (but extremely tough due to snow) 18 miler yesterday afternoon, strength training on tap today


      qotd: do you do any strength training?  how often?  in a former life I lifted weights a lot, now I strength train twice a week (usually)- mostly body weight exercises (pullups, pushups, situps, squats, dips, etc), but still use some weights occasionally- thrusters, cleans, dead lifts, bench press   I think I'm going to buy a weight vest for my body weight exercises for a little change up Smile

      Le professeur de trail

        Good morning TT and mtwarden!

        An hour + at the gym this morning that included 4 mile run.


        QOTD: Yes - ever since I got hurt and shut down the running in Sept I started with some stuff at the gym.  I knew I wanted to continue to once I started running again.  I do some strength stuff 2-4 times per week - try and do legs 1x/week, and rotate upper body and core stuff the other days.  So far it has worked out nicely for me.


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        Have a great day!

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          Morning gents,


          Easy 5 miler the plan today. Probably even a little walking thrown in. Just some core and stretching tonight.

          Working on the logistics of a mid February backpack of the Foothills trail in S.C. A thru hike of close to 80miles. Been on my list for a long time. Need to coordinate a shuttle right now and I'm good to go. Love that stuff.


          QOTD-Do weights, both free and machine 2-4x weekly. Never put any science into it. Just a basic routine of about 20 different things with some multiple sets. More of a maintenance type workout.

            Mornin' trashers,


            Have another day off from work today, so I'll be getting some things done that I've neglected (packing up the rest of the Christmas decorations, tackling the chaos in my office, getting the oil changed in my car).  However, I'll be going for a quick run as I'm waiting for my car to be done (probably get in 6-10 miles, depending on how long it will take).


            qotd: I used to go to a gym fairly regularly for some basic strength training/core work, but stopped last summer.  I also took a strength training class from a friend who teaches CrossFit (her class was tailored to endurance athletes) last Jan.-June.  The class was great, but I found I was always tired and some of my runs suffered.  I do want to start incorporating some of the basic exercises that I was doing at the gym, however.  It's just that our house is so darn tiny there really isn't a good spot to work out!  (And I'm sure my two cats would love to "help" me).

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              Good morning, trailers!


              SRD for me. Driving back to MI, but will get in a spin and some yoga later on this evening.


              QOTD: I like to mix it up with yoga, Pilates, and traditional weights about 3 times per week.


              Have a great day everyone!


                SRD for me.  I'm still pretty tired from yesterday's run in the mountains.  My dog looked at me like I was nuts when I told her to get up this morning, so SRD for her too.  I don't think she'll be asking to play ball after work.


                QOTD:  Nah, I can never get into weight lifting.  It's kind of boring to me.  I guess I probably "should" lift weights, but I just can't get over the boredom factor of any exercise activity that has me staying in one place indoors for very long.


                  Back to work and back to my computer after 2 weeks off, so here goes......


                  Beautiful, warm and sunny 13 miles back in the woods yesterday (last day of hunting season - yea!!!!)


                  Will go out for an easy 7 or so today.  After running flat roads for a while due to hunting season, my body needs an easy one today.


                  QOTD - No weights for me.  Would like to, but it is more of a time/distance factor living out in the country and driving into town to go to the gym.  Need to though.

                    SRD for me today, BUT I really felt like going for a run and the next thing I know I am at the trailhead. Got in an easy 5 miles which felt really good.


                    qotd: I try to get into 3 crossfit classes a week, though I pretty seriously scale or modify the planned workout so that it fits with my running plans.

                    Pinhoti 100: Finished :D


                    Faster Than Your Couch!

                      10.5 miles in the snow, it was fun. What can be more beautiful than snow, and a bit of sun peeking through the clouds?


                      TT: Great morning workout! Milder weather here, too, but far from "mild", just barely above freezing in the valley (not up on the mountains, where I ran).


                      warden: 18 snow miles yesterday, and a tough workout today? You're an animal!


                      Jamie: Nice morning workout. Seems you're back in the routine again!


                      Harrier: That hike sounds really good! Hope you'll have fun, and that your planning works out!


                      EDRW: I sometimes run home from the car dealership, and let DH deal with the waiting. Gets me in some 10 miles, +/-, depending on which way I'll take. Busy woman have to take every opportunity to fit in a run! (Especially when living in a small house - same here!)


                      Scrapster: I'm out of the loop - did you do a race this weekend, or just visiting? Hope you'll have nice workouts later! Always good to stretch out after a long car ride!


                      sugnim: Dogs are so wonderful when they communicate their thoughts so openly! Hope you two will recover speedily!


                      tj: Nice, warm, sunny - yeah, I remember that. Was a long time ago. Don't forget the orange hat today!


                      lynde: Sounds like a much needed trail adventure! You can always push the rest day a few days ahead!


                      QOTD: No dedicated strength training. I do my microwave challenges occasionally, one or two minutes of squats, lunges, etc., several times a day, trying to get in as many as possible. Or hopping up the stairs on one leg while carrying up the laundry basket. The housewife's in-situ workout...

                      But, we do have a monkey bar for the doorjam, and DD and I always compete who can do the most pull-ups (not relevant for running, though)!

                      Run for fun.


                        SRD for me today, but ...  we're supposed to get a lot of thunderstorms over the next few days so I might sneak out later to get a quick run in before all hell breaks loose.  We'll see.


                        qotd: I try to do some core training, but I find it easy to skip them unless my back starts "reminding" me to get back on track.

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                          QOTD: I do my microwave challenges occasionally.


                          What is a microwave challenge?  Because I'm imagining a contest involving massive quantities of frozen pizza.

                            6 early this morning was almost 20deg. warmup on the way be a wet trail on Saturday.

                            qotd: 2x a week just basic stuff - bench, row, curls and core, only leg is squats.


                              FTYC - just a weekend trip. No racing until March. Smile

                                SRD today after a really good 14 miler on the trails this weekend, followed by a medium effort 6 miler yesterday. Last week was my unofficial week 1 of 50k training.


                                QOTD:  I am trying to focus a LOT more on strength, core exercises, and stretching this training season. I even penciled them into my training log so I make a point to do it. I always let those fall by the wayside when I am busy and have a really angry right piriformis and hamstring that never forgive me for skipping out. Roll eyes

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