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    The pooch and I had an easy 6 mile trail run.  It was 39F at the trailhead and it felt chilly after the recent warm days.


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      SRD for me. Decided to bag yesterday's run too in favor of more family time.

      Tomorrow will be fun. Roll eyes


        10 miles this morning.  A little stale after yesterday's 21, but I grunted thru it.


        Have a good one everybody.

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          Morning Trailers!  headed for the hills for 7-8 miles and not hardly newsworthy anymore, but it's snowing again Big grin


          edit: actually ended up doing closer to 10 miles, it was muddy lower so I decided to stay higher- I couldn't make a loop, but instead went off trail running ridges out- taking a peek over the edge, turning around and running another out


          it was a great run, the snow was coming down and it was dead quiet- about 2-3" on the ground (a few spots were deeper that hadn't melted the earlier snow) which is almost perfect- nice and cushiony, but not deep enough to require a lot of extra effort- a great morning!



          qotd: what's for supper? Smile


          ribeye, oven roasted potatoes, green salad


            Morning all!  DS and I had our 10 miler race this morning.  training race for his HM in a couple of weeks.  Cold start, but it went well.  Since our HM location has a foot of snow on the ground still, it was good training in more ways than planned.  Hope  to get another 3 in later this afternoon.


            qotd:  Pho (vietnamese beef noodle soup) at our favorite place.

              Hey everybody!

              SRD for me today, hope to get up early tomorow and do long run, but that be quite early so......


              RuntrailDC , hope race went well for you both!


              QOTD My son is smoking two racks of ribs for supper tonight! Cool


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                Morning all,


                Just shy of 10 on the trails this morning.  Really nice day.


                QOTD: Have not yet thought that far ahead.  Probably something that can be ordered.

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                  QOTD: I'm trying out a new recipe for Hawaiian grilled teriyaki chicken, with sticky rice. Crossing my fingers it turns out!




                    The run/hike didn't happen yesterday. As I was putting my breakfast onto my place my pager went off for a fire call. It was an actual working house fire which kept me busy until I had to go to work. Fire calls that actually involve fire aren't too common here so it was quite thrilling and great experience. Sadly one of the EMT volunteers lived in the upstairs apartment and she lost everything but the clothes off her back. I gave her a bunch of extra dishes yesterday and today I'll go through my clothes since we're pretty close to the same size.


                    QOTD: No clue yet.


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                      Happy trails on a wonderful Sunday!


                      Planning on a short recovery run after yesterday's 50k. My legs are a bit sore, but I feel like I could do a long run today - well, I won't, owing more time to my family, but it's good to know that I'm doing well on my journey preparing for the 100M in October.


                      trailDC: Wow, great run with your DS! I'm surprised that there's still snow on the HM course, I hope it will melt away soon to give way to some - mud!


                      Snowden: Wow, what a start into the day! I hope the EMT volunteer will be able to get through the next months without having to make too many sacrifices. It's hard to loose everything, especially some treasured mementos, pictures, and personal stuff that means something.


                      QOTD: Haven't decided yet, perhaps some noodle and veggie or fish dish.

                      Run for fun.


                        Well this is the third attempt at starting this today. I hate it when work gets in the way of posting. It's a SRD for me. Partly because I'm at work and partly to recover from the Hyner 25k. I was supposed to do the 50k but after my rolled ankle 3 weeks ago there was no way I was able to get through 31 miles. It was great seeing some of the other forumites before the race. I would have liked to stick around afterwards to see them finish but with the cold, windy weather I was freezing and decided to head out since I wasn't sure how long it would take them. From the times it appears that they all had pretty good runs. Way to go!!!


                        QOTD: Probably what I was going to have for breakfast, which was an egg sandwhich. It's been one of those crazy kind of days at work.

                          14.3 hot miles.  We went to a new place, not much tree coverage.  We ran 12 ish and were at the waterfalls, jumped in and cooled off.  Then 2 back to the jeep....we had cold beers in the jeep so just couldn't add the extra 4 miles we wanted to accomplish.


                          qotd:  MT Warden, that sounds really good.  I am straving right now and only have salad in the house; hubby is out of town.   May drive down the road to Goomba's for either penne vodka or pizza.  Ribs sound good.  Birdwell..hope yur grilling fresh pineapple with that meal.  Too hungry for this QOTD today.

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                            14.3 hot miles.  We went to a new place, not much tree coverage.  We ran 12 ish and were at the waterfalls, jumped in and cooled off.  Then 2 back to the jeep....we had cold beers in the jeep so just couldn't add the extra 4 miles we wanted to accomplish.




                            OK---That sounds like an almost perfect day. Awesome!


                            No running this weekend for me as I was up finishing the maple syrup gig. Cross-training.  Over 50 pints which is good considering the late start and the messed up spring weather. It's fun but I'm glad to be done.


                            16 planned for tomorrow.


                            QOTD-- I ate at Arby's in Plover, Wi. on the way home. What can I say? Roll eyes


                              Good evening (night?) all!


                              No running for me today, trying to give my calf a rest.


                              I did jump on the road bike for the first time this year though. 38 miles with ~2300ft elev gain. Felt good to ride again, I think I will have to incorporate that into my training more often. Then went for a nice walk with my wife, dog and DS this evening. Calf is feeling good, but will give it another day of rest before a test run.


                              QOTD: Oven baked chicken breast, mixed veggies and sweet potatoes. Tasty and easy!


                              2/3rds training

                                Just to warm up the thread after MTwarden's snowy pic... I present Hellsgate Wilderness in Arizona, the trail definitely lived up to the name.  Hellishly rocky, hot, steep, ended up with just over 14 miles and a few cactus cuts.



                                QOTD:  Pasta with Oyster/spinach/tomato sauce