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Cash Prizes for Trail Races-Your Thoughts? (Read 250 times)


    now if they start televising Trail races on ESPN, then the money will just become part of it.  Runners will start to look like NASCAR drivers and we will be inundated with posts on the board from 12 year olds wanting to know "how can I get sponsored".   PFFFFFT.  I see it in archery, i don't need to see it in trail running. 


    Have you seen Kilian's pack from UTMB? We getting close to this type of "exposure"


    Wandering Wally



      I like what is available now - I see more downside than upside.


      Totally agree with this.  Personally, I tend to stick to the smaller events.  I'd rather it just be a gathering and celebration of like minded people than become some sort of huge circus.

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        A few days ago I was listenting to a podcast about how popular pedestrianism (forerunner to modern ultrarunning) was in the late 1800's.  The winners received cash prizes equivalent to a year's wages at that time.  Gambling was a big part of it and the crowds were huge by the standards of the day.  So, if gambling was allowed on Ultras and some big sponsors came in with some serious prize money ($100,000 to win?), maybe we'd see something like the late 1800's again?


        Pedestrianism sounds a lot more like what I do (ie, walk around through the mountains for a day or two) than ultrarunning.  I like it!  Big grin


        Oh, no cash for me.  I'd prefer the events stay low-key w/ no prize money.