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    lace: Too bad you won't be around on Friday, I'm doing a 22 miler at Wissahickon that day. Though I have a feeling our paces would not match up Big grin



    I'll be running the Wissahickon tomorrow morning before my meetings. I'll probably do 7 or 8 miles on the yellow trail.


      Rest day and will double up tomorrow then take Friday off before Saturday's race. I am in guinea pig mode so I am testing some things out.


      Lace: eat a soft pretzel and TastyKake for me.


      QOTD: I keep my hair short so nada other then an occasional comb through the beard.


      Have a good day all.

        The pooch and I had a nice Spring 10 mile trail run.  After a couple really warm days everything seems to be sprouting, budding, blooming, or turning green.


        QOTD: Mine is buzzed pretty short most of the time, but I still hit it with a brush even when it is 1/4" long.  Ditto for the beard.


        Tallahassee, Florida

        Irish Luck

          Still struggling as I recover from this sinus infection and ear infection. I feel like such a wimp. I did some miles on the dreadmill last night, but kept cursing as I had to stop every so often and catch my breath. I hope to be back to my usual self soon. I think I may hit the bike tonight to mix things up a bit.


          QOTD: a brush. I have fairly straight hair that is easily tamed and does not require product. Since I shower at night, my only problem is going to bed with damp hair and getting a "bend" in my strands from sleeping on it.

          BT survivor since 2003. Trail runner since 2009.

          I think brain surgery stimulated my running nerve and made me into a trail runner. I'm grateful for both.


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            Today will be my dress rehearsal for Ironmasters.  I will sneak out of work early so that I can get at least 4 hours in before nightfall.  I hope I brought everything I need!


            QOTD: I generally have that "just got out of bed" look (or as a coworker called it "just screwed the prom queen look"...but I think covers the look and the upbeat attitude).  I don't think I've used a comb since about the 8th grade.

            6/21 - Manitou's Revenge 54mi


            A man may never run the same trail twice for it is not the same trail and he is not the same man



              Good morning all, did a nice 10 mile run yesterday as the sun was setting, such a magnificent feeling running at that time of day. Will probably get in 8 miles at lunch today and sneek in some treadmill miles later tonight.


              Jaime: The stair stepper has done wonders for me a far as leg strengthing goes since I started using it last year. I now do it twice a week, the pain is worth it, keep it up.


              QOTD: Hair stays fairly short but I like to use a little gel and run my fingers through it, i tend to put a little wave in the front for that wannabe Cali surfer look

              Ultra Cowboy

                Plans for a 3 mile fun run tonight with the running store group.


                QOTD...I don't know where I put my comb.  the only thing I run through my hair (what is left) is a Wahl clipper .





                  Had biology class this morning and a math class tonight. In between will be more studying and either a short run/walk to test out the foot and ankle or maybe some time on the elliptical. Since the elliptical changes elevation and works the quads pretty hard and my foot is still sore I'm leaning toward the elliptical. Nothing quite as bad as wasting a perfectly beautiful day inside because of a injury Sad.


                  QOTD: Normally just wash and go. It's getting thin enough that I just cut it short and don't have to worry about trying to control it.


                    Easy 5.5 at lunch  - semi-tapering for a race on Saturday, so plan the same for tomorrow and SRD on Friday.


                    boyjame/runinaround - what's a typical stairmaster workout for you?  I've thought about mixing it up when I'm stuck at the gym.


                    QOTD:  I brush what's left up there.


                      I wimped out on my run yesterday and my excuse it that it was raining pretty hard.


                      QOTD: ...I don't think I've combed my hair the past 3 days. But when I do I use a regular comb or brush. 0 condiments, I hate putting stuff in my hair, feel like it kills it slowly.

                        5 miles at the park, For being 83° out I felt pretty good! And because it's the first nice day out the park was full, Including the  3 moms  with strollers side by side blocking the whole trail. Then they got offended when I said excuse me so I could get through. A snot rocket would have been appropriate!


                        QOTD I have semi curly/wavy hair so just a bit of gel and a brush.


                        2/3rds training

                          after a few days of rain down here in the desert things are starting to bud/blossom/bloom...


                          Caught a glimpse of this on an easy 5 miler



                            Touching base and late, oh well. Spent yesterday slogging thru a foot of snow on snowshoes toting buckets of sap from all over my property. An exhausting form of cross-training. But I was smelling the reward all day as I boiled it down. Smile  The next couple days look to be real cold so no sap will be running. Where the hell is a normal spring?  Did get a nice road run in today but my legs were still somewhat shot from yesterday I think.  I think some speedwork on Thursday is in order.


                            Also have noticed my last few times up that I've got fresh wolf tracks each time within about 150' of my shack. Have to keep my eyes open for those critters now and I'm not real thrilled about that. Have had them on my property before including them dragging the body parts of deer around. Nice.


                            QOTD-- This sounds like a girlie type question, I'm not a metro-sexual. Big grin I have a buzz cut and some real thinning to boot. No comb or brush. Towel dry and get movin'.

                            Whenever I grow a beard it just makes me look older than I already am and dog hair seems to magnetize to the whiskers so that's out.

                            Uh oh... now what?

                              If I wait a minute or two, it will be midnight on the other coast and I could start the daily...


                              Yesterday's 76 minutes was done in 68 minutes today--amazing what the sight of a

                              bear will do.  I didn't see one, but I don't know what else to attribute it to--could have

                              been fear of falling things.  Wind steady at 35ish, gusting to 50.  I heard a crack or

                              two while out there--often wonder 'which way to go' if ever the sound is close enough

                              you stop and are hesitant to look up.


                              QOTD:  Weird stuff... hair and beard, #2 attachment everywhere, been that way for years.


                              NorthernHarrier:  Is Wisconsin maple syrup comparable to Vermont maple syrup?  We

                              had "real" syrup in a cafe or two in Vermont and New Hampshire and it was surely way

                              better than anything in a bottle here on the left coast.  Is it a hobby?  Ship any?




                                NorthernHarrier:  Is Wisconsin maple syrup comparable to Vermont maple syrup?  We

                                had "real" syrup in a cafe or two in Vermont and New Hampshire and it was surely way

                                better than anything in a bottle here on the left coast.  Is it a hobby?  Ship any?


                                Big grin Far superior!!!  The lake states produce a lot of syrup but we are a distance back of what New England produces. Every bit as tasty though!


                                We do it as a hobby about every other year. For the amount of time I put into it I would have to sell it at a kings ransom to break even. Normally I'll tap anywhere from 25-50 trees. Only tapped 26 this year as it is a late and weather wise a messed up spring. Anyhow we do it for personal usage and gift some out so depending on our total production. It is really a fun endeavor.  Look for a PM.