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    The pooch and I had a nice 5 mile trail run this morning.


    QOTD: Are you playing with any new toys from Santa? I did some target practice with my new pellet pistol. It seems the shooting skills are returning pretty quickly. I also reworked the trigger a bit to reduce the trigger pull to about 2 pounds. So it seems I can't even wait 24 hours to start taking apart presents and tinkering. Smile


    Tallahassee, Florida

      I'm not running today but I stomach is gurgling from over endulgence .  Going to movie, lunch, and shopping with SIL.  Then driving home tomorrow.


      QOTD:  I only got one present and it's not toy related.

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        Hope everyone had a nice Christmas (or any other holiday).


        I took a SRD yesterday and then did 5 this morning.


        qotd: No, just hanging with the family.  It's nice to have everyone in the same house again, even if only for a week.

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        Gator eye

          Did 8 this morning in 4 inches of fresh powder.


          QOTD: I was a bad boy this year,  I threw the coal in the wood stove and that's that.


            No run today so far. I am paying the price for eating things over the last few days I can no longer tolerate. It will make this day one I am forced to stay home most of the day. I may run a few miles tonight.


            I did not get any toys...but I did get new pair of running gloves I want to try out. I am not sure how they will do for me. I have Reynaud's and usually do better if I wear mittens.


            It sounds like everyone had a good holiday with lots of family time. There are a lot of homes here still without power...but my family was lucky.


            Enjoy the post Christmas miles!


              Belated Merry Christmas everyone!


              Had a nice run yesterday on a crisp Christmas day of about 6.5 miles. The trails were frozen and crunchy. Kind of nice. A dozen degrees warmer and it would have been a muddy mess. Today, I'm ditching work early and taking the beast over the reservoir for an hour long run on the trails. We had a dusting of snow today so hopefully some of that sticks around.


              QOTD: Yes, I am playing with my Xtreme Taper bobblehead figurine. Some crackpot picked this up for me. Dang, they put arm panties on me too.



              In dog beers, I've only had one.


                Happy Boxing Day.


                I shook off some Christmas fat with a 14 miler on lightly snow dusted trails.  Saw 3 Mt. Bikers way out in the middle of no where, as I was going up a long climb (they were coming down).  So hopefully I earned some "trail cred".


                XT - Does the shirt come off?  That way it really would look like you.


                QOTD:  TT, I love to tinker, but no toys for me.  Did were my running new hat today.

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                  6 fast road miles and a circuit workout at the gym. Been busy with a bunch of projects around the house while we try to get ready to go to AZ for my race. Never enough time.


                  XT- That's pretty awesome! It looks a lot like you and the arm panties are the perfect touch!


                  QOTD: I didn't get anything to play with, but I went out today and bought a new glass front beer fridge that I can keep next to my chair when I watch movies in the man cave. I'm too lazy to go all the way to the kitchen to get a beer.



                    QOTD: I didn't get anything to play with, but I went out today and bought a new glass front beer fridge that I can keep next to my chair when I watch movies in the man cave. I'm too lazy to go all the way to the kitchen to get a beer.


                    Do you even have to refrigerate PBR's?


                      I got in a nice 5 miles on Christmas followed by a short hike with the family.  Today, I am back to work and am working late so I doubt that I will get another run in until Saturday.


                      QOTD:  The new toys this year were for our son.  But, he is sharing. 


                      Faster Than Your Couch!

                        Just about to head out for a few miles in the snow. I worked early today, and it was fun, but I could have used a couple more hours of sleep. I might catch up later in the afternoon after my run.


                        The reason I have not been much around lately is that our computer is getting slower and slower, so that it is incredibly cumbersome to even just open up a webpage (20 minutes, and you're still not there), let alone type something. I may have to get used to using DH's tablet (if he lets me use it, that is).


                        TT: Great that Marley seems to be getting back into the groove again!


                        Queen: Bad, bad holiday foods!


                        Sandy: Nice to have a full house again!


                        Gator: Nice miles!


                        moonlight: That's the side of ageing that no-one tells you about - until it's too late (then they might smirk at you). Hope you'll be fine soon again!


                        XT: Love that Bobblehead! Looks a lot like you, with the panties and all!


                        AT: You must have been in a mellow Christmas mood to not knock those MTB's off the trail! Nice instant-slim run!


                        lace: Does that mean that now you won't ask your DW to bring you your beer any more? You know that this much inactive slouching may be bad for you! 


                        sugnim: Don't you hate it when work gets in the way of running!


                        QOTD: Not necessarily with my own toys, but my kids' toys. Fortunately they are great at sharing (the kids, not the toys)! They got some transformers - each takes only "a few" 18, to be exact) "simple" steps (yeah, we all know what that means...) to transform into another shape. And I can't even blame Santa, as I was the one who bought them.

                        Run for fun.


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                          Merry Xmas all,


                          Took advantage of the day off and did a 5-1/2 miler.  I pushed the pace a tiny bit and ended up with the fastest loop since May.  I feel like I'm getting into the swing of things again and these vacation days are (for the most part) helping out.


                          QOTD: I got a computer for my bike and it took everything I had to not start assembling it last night.  I'll slap it on this evening.

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                            Do you even have to refrigerate PBR's?


                            No. No you don't.


                            Endless trails

                              Looks like I'm the sweep today.


                              Easy 4.5 miles this morning before starting new job, shortest run in

                              months. I'm having some kinda tendonitis issue with my foot; hurts in

                              the morning, feels fine after walking a bit, then feels fine running.


                              QOTD: DW and I bought ourselves a new flat screen TV, should be delivered