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    Today will be either a single track bike ride or run just not sure yet.  Kinda feel a tad lazy today.



    nc tam

      Have been mostly off-line thanks to holiday festivities and travel.  Have managed to be consistent with cardio and weights thanks to hotel gyms. My run yesterday became an indoor workout thanks to high winds (gusts in the 70s!) and rain/sleet/snow.  The winds last night kept knocking ice and branches from the trees onto our roof.  It sounded like the house was being pelted with large rocks all night.


      If the roads aren't too icy I will get out for a bit this after work.  Otherwise I will be back in the basement. for my cardio.


      qotd: Nothing unusual comes to mind.  The extended familes on both sides think we eat odd stuff mostly because we favor veggies and grains over chicken nuggets, cheese sauce and spam (still a favorite of the hub's extended family, eaten fried with Kraft slices melted on top).

        Lazy after the 10 yesterday, may join the racing club for the Thursday night spinn at the shop, playing checkers with the grandkids they just can't beat the grandpa, if I do their games no way do I win unless its pong or pack man. Dog even lazy today.

        MM thinking of ya, still got that groin problem also, watch the iceingWink

        NH- thought there needed to be access to public land?

          13-mile trail run after a few days of rest.


          QOTD: nothin'



            "Hey hot stuff!  So I got the news from that specialist on my groin.  Looks like we won't be able to spend that time together in the woods after all.  Do you want to borrow my Vaseline while I'm in bed?"


            Big grin


            Nice !!!!!  Smile


            Stretched out into a nice 15 mile run this morning. A bit chilly for around here, abt 33 deg.   Everything feels good, so I guess I'm good to go for my 5k on New Year's Eve.  Better start tapering now...  We fly up to PA first thing tomorrow, gonna be much colder there.  Looking forward to it.


            qotd: I brought back some Christmas Pudding from my last trip toLondon.  I got to say, that stuff is nasty !!!  Good thing we had some "real" treats as a backup.

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              Mandy, MRI? Hope it's nothing!


              Birdwell, we got ugly weather too. Boo for winter!


              Hi Sugnim!


              majope, I'm impressed by people who run in snow storms or heavy rain. I'll take 90 or 100*F and sunny first.


              NH, there's no easement for access to that land? Weird!


              Rocky, hope the cold goes away quickly!


              lace_up, I saw your snowshoe pics on FB! Too cool!


              EDRW, glad you're feeling better!


              FTYC, kids + snow = lots of fun! We built a snowman and basically ruined all the fresh powder in our yard yesterday. Smile


              ebur, that irish cream and coffee sounds awesome!


              I ended up with 7 miles today at a fast pace for me. Then DH and I went out to celebrate my birthday (28! Woah!) at Red Lobster. I didn't have anything weird unless mahi-mahi and shrimp are weird.

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                Still recovering from the flu here. Hope everyone is doing well.


                QOTD: I haven't eaten much of anything lately.