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    Back in the muggy humidity, feels even worse here than East TX.  Major thunderstorms this afternoon. Anyway, today is a SRD and I have taken a few naps today, which was well planned because I was really knocked out by the flight.


    Plan do do a few miles tomorrow morning before giving our seminar.


    qotd: pass, too foggy to think of something.

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      Good Morning,


      7.5 between the sinking full moon and the rising sun this morning. What a sight!

      (It is the brightest full moon of this year, and it looks bigger than usual because it's its closest to Earth in its cycle).


      Sandy: Glad you made it through the flight, those ultra long distances (well, the word says it all) are always exhausting. But for the humidity, at least now, when you run on a humid day in TX, you can always tell yourself "It could be worse...". Black eye Hope you'll feel great again for your seminar.


      QOTD: pass.


      Off to work, enjoy the day, trailers!

      Run for fun.

        Five easy trail miles for the pooch and me.  Marley seems OK, but I figure it best to not push her too hard too soon.


        Tallahassee, Florida


          Awesome run this morning in a torrential downpour. I didn't wear my Garmin, but I was out for an hour before the "thunder boomers" started to come. Probably got 5 or 6 in since I know this trail pretty well.


          QOTD: For those who have children, how often do you take your kids out on the trails?

          running under the BigSky

            SRD after my first 50k, maybe a 2-3 mile walk this afternoon


            qotd: when our DD's were younger we took them day hiking quite often and also took them on several backpacking trips.  They are grown now and when we get together we try to get some trail time in- it's now mostly turned to trail running.  Neither are avid trail runners, but they do seem to enjoy a short run on the trails.  I have a young grandson and we've taken him on several shorter day hikes, my hope is to take him on his first overnighter this sumer


              Work induced rest day, yet again. I'm kind of tired of working 65-70 hours a week Dead.


              Sandy - Worse then East TX? That should mean you can drink the air!!!


              FTYC - I wish I could get up early for runs. It can be beautiful.


              QOTD: When the kids were younger we would get out for some hikes. Two summers ago I went for several hikes/jogs with DD but she lost interest in going with just dear old dad. Last year I did several trail runs and one race with DS. He seems to be showing interest in longer distance running especially on trails and has talked about doing some trail races next year. I'm hopeing that he may show enough interest that he could pace for me if I ever do a 100 miler.


                We are going to intersperse hiking and running (I will got for a run, the whole family will do a few hikes of a couple miles from the house). Cloudy and cool today with a chance of rain. Skipping the group ride today.


                QOTD: Trying to take the kids more. Now that we have horse trails so close there is no excuse for not using them!


                  No running today. 10 easy miles yesterday.


                  QOTD: My mom still takes me out on the trails every time I come home. Big grin

                    When my alarm went off at 4:15 this morning, I thought it would be better to sleep some more than run, so looks like I'll be doing 5 tonight when it's hot and muggy out.


                    QOTD My son has gone running a few times with me, but he's not into it. Once in awhile we get out for hikes.


                      13 miles this morning on paved roads.  Nothing too exciting to report, but I had a nice run.


                      QOTD:  Our son will be born in October.  We took him for a 5 miles hike yesterday in utero, and I can't wait to take him out on the trails when he is born.  First, he'll be in a carrier held against my body, then in a stroller, then on foot & bike.  My goal is to get him out into nature as much as possible with plenty of time for jumping, climbing, running, hiking, swimming, stomping, and looking under rocks and logs.

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                        5 sluggish miles on the trails with a friend in the heat this afternoon. Doing an easy week this week with no runs longer than 10 miles.  So far so good, the will power to do less is holding.


                          Sandy - Worse then East TX? That should mean you can drink the air!!!


                          DD1, Yeah, I almost didn't think it possible.


                          It's already Monday morning over here and with the thunderstorms yesterday and last night, it was absolutely saturated this morning.  Drinking the air is about right, plus it was 80 deg. at 5:30am  I did 5 very sluggish and soggy miles.   At least I was up and out before the masses, so the traffic wasn't too bad.


                          qotd: I sometimes go out on trail with my DD while she is horse riding.

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                            I missed a bunch of runs this week, but did a nice 7 miles on the beach today.


                            Congrats Warden

                            6/21 - Manitou's Revenge 54mi


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