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    I did 6 miles in 11 degrees yesterday after work.  I was surprised that I was the first to make tracks on the trail at 5:30 pm since it hadn't snowed since the wee hours of the morning.  It's supposed to be 9 degrees this evening when I run.  That's mighty chilly!


    QOTD:  I used a treadmill once.  It was boring.  My only suggestion for making the best of it is to run outside.  If there is a war outside or something that makes it impossible to run even around the block, I'd suggest running back & forth in a room before a treadmill.  But, that's just my opinion.


      I'm doing five miles and intervals today.


      QOTD: Sometimes as part of my interval training, I run a fast 1 km or 1 mile on the threadmill. That's about what I can take. If I have to train indoors I go on the bike so I can read.

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        Hey Trailers


        I'll get in a run in a bit. Hoping for something at 5 miles or more.


        QOTD: I almost never use the dreadmill. I started out running on it, but once I "found" trails, or just outside in general I never looked back. The rare times I do get on the treadmill I don't enjoy it. Time moves so slooooow and I keep messing with all the buttons. I can never get to the zone-out state.

        MTA: If the weather is bad enough I call it a rest day. If the bad weather persists, I will think about cross training inside. But usually I just take another rest day. Extreme bad weather is rare around here.


          Planning on getting outside for a run after dark. Probably either my 4.5 or 6.3 mile loop on the roads. I probably won't run outside during the day until rifle season for deer is over. Not really afraid of getting shot, it's just that the roads go through the woods and I'm not interested in spooking some deer and ruining someones chance to bag the buck they've been chasing.


          QOTD: Like Queen said, play little games with it to break up the monotony. One day I'll decide to set a elevation goal, another day it may be a high average speed, then another time very fast intervals. The possibilities are almost endless if you have a mill that can take the abuse.   I actually find that it's great for speed work and intervals. When you set a machine for a certain speed for a certain distance there is a greater incentive to keep pushing since you have to push buttons to slow down.  Last winter I didn't run on one at all and this past summer I was very slow. This year I'm planning dedicated TM workouts. It will be interesting to see if I regain any speed.


            Short run at lunch.  Shorts and short sleeves on today on 54 degree sunny weather.


            QOTD:  I've don hundreds of TM miles over the years.  Don't particularly enjoy it, but when time is short or weather is terrible, I'll step on.  Usually end up doing speed work.  I do 800's mostly all while watching TV.  My personal record is 15 miles, while I was watching football during some unusual autumn thunderstorms.


            This years winner of the JFK50 works on a cruise ship and does almost all of his training on a TM.  This was his first 50M and he barely got in based on his 50k time.

            running under the BigSky

                The tip I've heard on elevation is that 1.5% compensates for not being outdoors and lack of wind resistance.


              I'll give that a go-thanks


              I did mess around w/ some interval stuff this evening and that did make it a little better; I also found out I'm not very fast, but I already knew that Smile


              I consider myself a pretty tough runner (hell I run in snowshoes!), but w/ temps at or below 0, add in a nice "gentle" breeze-I think I'm going to become intimately acquainted w/ said t(d)readmill Big grin


              Endless trails

                I consider myself a pretty tough runner (hell I run in snowshoes!), but w/ temps at or below 0, add in a nice "gentle" breeze-I think I'm going to become intimately acquainted w/ said t(d)readmill Big grin


                I hear you on that. I can deal with the freezing temps and wind, we all know its just a matter of

                wearing the proper gear, but sometimes the effort vs. gain turns into too much of a pain in the ass.