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Laurel Highlands Ultra - I have no right to feel this good (Read 61 times)


    Nice job XT! Impressive result considering the issues and lack of training leading up to the race. Sounds like you had a great time out there, glad it turned out well for you!

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      I forgot to ask - do they allow pacers at LHT? And do some use them?

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        great report and a great race!  it's not easy to overcome negativity (especially in a long event) and I salute you for doing just that Smile

          It sounds like an amazing race!  Glad that you had such a great outcome.  I may have to do this one someday. Thanks for the detailed report.

          Trail Monster

            Congrats! You must have been just behind me! I ran the last two relay legs, miles 46-70.5, and finished around 10PM. Sorry I didn't know you were there or I would have looked for you at the finish!

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              Jamezilla - Thanks. I am a big fan of point to point or big loop courses. I knew there were plenty of crew and relay teams on the course should I need to drop so the solo thing was no concern. I did pack a $20 though!



              Thanks for that!


              I've really wanted to do this race, but I've felt intimidated not by the course, but by the logistics.  There's a likelihood I'd be down there solo and with no pacers or pals.  It's not my town, and I got no people out there.  My biggest fear is that I'd have to drop and then I'd be told I'd be riding to the finish in the back of the UHaul when they came to close the aid station.