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    Finally, here are some pictures from the website and my lame blackberry.


    All in all, a fabulous trip. We had great snow (it snowed 3 of four days we were there turning, spring into powder conditions). I got to ski with my older son, Liam really impressed me by nailing his first safety run and doing very well. He did not hit all the tricks on his second run where you go for it, but he knew he needed to go big to get a top place. He handled the pressure, was gracious, and was right up there with his peers (next year he will be in the same age category).


    Thank you for all the kind words and support and enjoy!


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      Awesome.  Looks like Liam gained some excellent experience.

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        Would love to see his expressions while skiing.

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          Congratulations to you both, that's awesome!


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            Congratulations, well done! The pictures are great, the kiddo seems so comfortable performing all these tricks.

            And the snow is just fabulous!

            Run for fun.


              You need to blow up and frame that 5th photo. Very cool.


              Sounds like your kid gained a lot of experience and handled things really well.



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                Very nice. Congratulations.