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Happy Father's Day Sundaily! (Read 35 times)


    Morning! Happy fathers day!


    Beautiful day here again today. It's pretty cloudy, but the sun is poking through. Not sure what I'll run today, something easy to loosen up a bit.


    QOTD: Glazed doughnuts are the way to go.


      Hoping none of the other fathers are at work like I am now.


      Got in 9.5 happy miles yesterday despite being unhappy to have cancelled my cycling race and weekend in Sonoma ....


      QOTD: Not really a big donut fan ... I need some red wine Wink


        runtraildc: Which 10k are you doing?

        Hebron 10K trail race in Patapsco State Park.  Got to see a bit of those trails and I'll definitely be back..  Small race with a good mix of mud, hills and singletrack.


        Endless trails

          Nice pics of Tahoe, Sue. Boy do I miss running in California.


          In honor of today's QOTD my lovely wife went out and got a dozen donuts. I ate

          two then rememebered why I don't eat donuts, I think they are tastier in my mind

          than actually eating them.


            Heading out for a run, how far and how fast is yet to be decided. And upon further reflection I may not even go. For some reason my body doesn't want to even though my mind is saying I should.


            Bird - Great QOTD.


            FTYC - If you don't like donuts are there any pastries that are more Austrian (If I recall right that's where you are from) that you enjoy?


            TT - It's nice to see that Marley wants to get out. Do you think the Soleus problem was why she didn't want to run earlier this month?


            Queen - Nice Pictures. I like high mountain lakes.


            QOTD: Chocolate covered, filled with peanut butter creame. Had one at 3:30 this morning. Wonderful source of energy to keep me awake.

            Brian Runner

              Earlier today I posted: "Will do somewhere between 2 and 25 miles depending on how much ambition I have."


              As it turns out I had lots of ambition and ended up doing a 26.30 miles on the trails in 5:42 with 3,200ft of elevation gain.

                TT - It's nice to see that Marley wants to get out. Do you think the Soleus problem was why she didn't want to run earlier this month?


                Yes I think that was probably it.  It is hard to tell for sure though.  She didn't give much indication, no limping or anything, but the vet found that she was a bit sore there and thought that would account for her reluctance to run.


                Tallahassee, Florida


                  Happy Father's Day! Hope all the fathers had a great day.

                  (I'm thankful I got a good run in with my father yesterday and the fact that he is a runner and started me running as a kid.)



                  6 today (road/jeep road) with a decent climb about 3 miles in.

                  47 for the week. 





                  Shame on you for making me crave donuts.  Tongue Have an excellent mom&pop donut shop we go to about 20minutes away.  

                  Love so many different ones...they have amazing creme filled ones, double-chocolate, sprinkles, honeydew, plain them.

                  Not sure I really have a favorite, they are all so good, whatever sounds good at the time.

                  As far as national chains->    dunkin>>>>krispy kreme


                    ...I ran 22 yesterday on the Tahoe Rim Trail.  We are running all the segments this summer.  I have run 4 and this one has been the best so far (Tahoe Meadows to Spooner Summit).  Beautiful views and an awesome trail.  Packed sand.  The sun was shining yet the temps was probably 60.  Everything was fresh and green up there.



                    Queen, Beautiful pictures!  And I love your plan to run the entire trail in segments.


                    I didn't run today - my quads are recovering from yesterday's mountain.  Roll eyes    Did an upper body workout instead; we went kayaking for Father's Day.  It was really fun.  I was in a kayak with 17yo son, and hubby had 20yo daughter with him.  When we started to head back, hubby & daughter were ahead of us.  My son asked, "Do you think we can beat them?"  Yeah!  I felt like I was in that galley scene from Ben Hur.  We beat 'em.  I didn't know my son had a competitive streak; maybe he'll be a runner yet.


                    QOTD: Any donut except "designer" donuts.  True story: a very trendy donut place opened up here in the OC.  I was in the area and stopped by to see what the fuss was about.  They had flavors like Haupia (fancy name for coconut & creme) and bacon.  The prices were $3.50 per donut!  Insane!  Here's the embarrassing part; instead of walking out, I actually bought 2.  Blush  They tasted exactly like $1 donuts.  So I paid $5 in stupid tax that morning.

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