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Christmas Eve Daily (Read 31 times)


    Easy little shake out run this morning. Not far, not fast, not slow, pretty darn cold.


    QOTD: Who doesn't celebrate Christmas? We will have gumbo tomorrow, among other things. Gumbo is a funny thing-- good or bad, rarely in between. I hope this is good. The secret is in the roux: stir, stir, stir... Merry Christmas.



      A nice crisp 10 miles this morning.  I slept in a bit so it was actually light out when I started.


      Happy Holidays everyone.


      qotd:  We are still on for bagels and lox tonight, but tomorrow we are switching it up and having baked rigatoni with sausage per our DD's and DS's request.  I'm totally good with that !!!! 

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        A nice 3.5 miles in the rain. I don't think I'll ever be used to rain over the holidays.


        QOTD: Not to big into Christmas here. DBF's parents sent us a box of goodies which includes some Colorado brewed beer. So... beer!


          (and sugnim, will you post your tamales recipe?  sounds delicious!)


          I would if I used one, but I kind of wing it in the kitchen.  Tamales are easy, but time-consuming.


          I wish I could do an edible post for you all & give you each a tamale!


            QOTD: Who doesn't celebrate Christmas? 


            Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims, just to name a few.  


              Had to work today but was able to start early and it was only a 7 hour day. That's fine as I really had no plans. My daughter is spending Christmas eve at her boyfriends so we are empty nesters. (Gulp) Not really ready for the upcoming transition. Anyway, I had time for a very cold 6 mile run. This cold makes my muscles tight and a couple of my joints were protesting. It took close to 3 miles just to start to feel allright.


              Hopefully I can get up early and get 10 in tomorrow before all the relative stuff starts.


              Jonfer--nice summary.


              Just remembered I have beer freezing on the back porch so later for the QOTD I hope.


              Merry Christmas or Happy holidays everyone! 

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                Slept in this morning and had to rush through a 4 mile run before heading to work for an 11-7 shift. Customers weren't bad at all today, mostly thankful to find anything on their lists. Lots of empty shelves and bookcases when we finally closed the doors, straightened, and went home.


                QOTD: I usually just graze my way through the day on whatever is handy or easy to fix.

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