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    I like the looks of these. Does sizing seem accurate?


    Yes, and they will exchange no problem. PM me if you decide to order and I will hook you up.

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      Yes, and they will exchange no problem. PM me if you decide to order and I will hook you up.

      there any LRS in the area that carry the Altras?  I would be interested in trying on a pair of Superiors, although I'm not sure I'm ready to go to a zero-drop shoe.


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          I was watching this thread and it seems like you guys&gals like zero drop shoes.  Does that take much getting used to for trails ?  Kind of seems like it wouldn't, since your feet tend to land every which-way.  But I haven't tried them.  (I already tend to land on my forefoot.)


          Also, I looked at the Altras online, and they look nice.  (The Lone Peak 1.5 in particular).  But what's the deal with that "flap" that sticks out from the heel ?  Almost looks like a little mud flap !

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            Thanks for the update Jamezilla!


            jjs22- I can't speak to what its like switching to zero drop, or minimal drop shoes. It's what I started running in. My thinking though is that if you are already landing with your forefoot or midfoot the transition would not be bad. I'd recommend holding onto whatever your current shoes are though just in case. I've read some reviews and no one seems to notice that the "mud flap" actually does anything. I think a lot of people actually cut them off and don't notice a difference.


            As an update, I still haven't bought any shoes. Mainly because I procrastinated to long. And I'm cheap.  My MT1010 now have holes all the way through to my socks. But I need to decide to run my semi-trail marathon in either the holey MT1010 or my road shoes. At this point if I ordered something right this second I'd get maybe 10 miles on them(if they fit), and I'd be nervous about running a race in shoes that new.




              Also, I looked at the Altras online, and they look nice.  (The Lone Peak 1.5 in particular).  But what's the deal with that "flap" that sticks out from the heel ?  Almost looks like a little mud flap !


              Yeah I've noticed that as well...I would like to try on a pair of Altras.


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                I have a pair of Altra Lone Peaks women's 7.5 that I would rehome . They have maybe 25-30 miles on them and I can't even wear them as regular shoes , they just set off tendonitis in my ankle . They are free to a good home just pm your details and I'll send them on .


                  I have been running in NB 110's lately. I love that shoe, and I still have a pair in reserve with barely any miles on them. It is, in my opinion, a solid shoe. I don't know how far you plan to run in them, but I find it to be a great shoe for a 50 miler or less; it may be fine for a 100 miler. I don't think I have run more than about an 8 hour run in them, and my feet were very happy at the end of that and the next day. But everyone is different. In fact, I almost gave up on the first pair I had with about 100 miles on them. I decided to give them one more shot, and believe it or not, they just started working for me. I don't really believe in a "break in" period, but I needed some time in those shoes. Subsequent purchases of the shoe have never given me a problem. I don't know what that was about, but I am very happy that I didn't throw in the towel on those shoes early.


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                    Stopped by LRS today and tried on shoes.


                    I meant to try on the Altra Lone Peaks and love them.  My problem with them was a huge surprise : they were too tight in the forefoot !  The shoe dude noticed how much my feet were squishing out and hanging over.  Shoe dude said the insoles were removeable and some people run w/o them.  But the surface below the insole is very grippy and it was hard slipping my sock over it.  When I stood up in the shoes, it was like my sock was adhered to rhe shoe and any motion made my foot rub against the sock.  So no go.


                    I tried on the MT1010v2.  To me they just seemed too flimsy.  I had a hard time believing they would hold up to much trail running before ripping apart, and after the v1 fail and no real body of customer feedback I gave them a pass.  Also the shape just didn't work for my foot - snug in some spots, loose in others.  And finally, just in trying them on (no running) I felt a seam and a crease rub on my foot.


                    I was not out for a minimalist shoe, but out of curiosity tried on the MT110 in the silver/green colors.  It is the ugliest thing that has ever been on my feet and I've stepped in plenty of dog poo.  But they felt perfect.  I adjusted the lace tension, tied 'em up, stood up and everything was just right.


                    This store lets you go running outside.  So I stepped out the door and let the sidewalk clear up a bit.  As soon as I started running I noticed I had a shorter step/higher cadence than I meant to.  After 10-20 yards, I was struck by how light these things are.  Although I'm a slow plodder, I zipped up to my (unfamiliar) sprint pace and darted around a pedestrian or two. It was exhilirating, playful.  My lungs put the kibosh on that fun but there's always downhill running to look forward to.  Then I ran over some rougher surfaces : gravel, rough edge of sidewalk, areas xeriscaped w/ 1-2" stones.  Nothing telegraphed through.


                    Shoe dude offered to order some in one of the less hideous color combos, but that would ruin the sweet sweet impulse buy experience.  So I boxed 'em up and paid.  Tempting to run right now, but I think I'll let the temps die down a bit.

                    Stupid feet!

                    Stupid elbow!

                    Will run for scenery.

                      Just a follow-up.  I took the MT110's out on a 6 mile trail run, and my initial impression was spot on.  There was a huge pile of dog crap in the trail, and the shoes were uglier.  You know what poop looks like; here's the shoe :



                      Check out the red lace tips!  The laces are bulge-y like a string of link sausage.  The uppers are not made of mesh like most/all other shoes, but some kind of waterproof plastic with holes punched through it to make it breathable and geometric graphics printed on it to enhance the ugliness. But the shoe store guy says it's the highest miles/$ shoe they sell.


                      The run went great. I'm supposed to be recovering from a long/hard run last weekend but I couldn't help pushing it just a little.  I really appreciate how light these shoes are - I had no idea it made such a difference.  When a dip came along I could charge down one side and coast back up the other.  And b/c they fit so closely to my foot I felt much more nimble.  I skipped the log bridge and charged through the (dry) rocky creek bed without hesitation.


                      The biggest change, though, was coming back downhill.  With the low drop (4mm) the heel sorta gets out of the way, making for a more confident forefoot landing.


                      These shoes are clearly less padded than I'm used to, but my feet felt reasonably well protected.  There's a rock plate under the forefoot so I didn't feel barefoot and vulnerable.  And there seems to be enough material under the heel to protect it if/when you inadvertently bang it down on something.  But still, there is a certain amount of "feeling the trail".  Not unpleasant or uncomfortable for 6 miles, but we'll see what it's like on longer runs.  One guy at the store wore these for LT100.  But then again, people don't sign up for that if they're too into comfort, now, do they?

                      Stupid feet!

                      Stupid elbow!