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    I just wrapped up a 41 mile night run in Arizona. It was blistering HOT, even at night. I managed a 2nd place finish overall but got destroyed by the winner. In turn, I destroyed the guy in 3rd. I waited around the finish for 35 minutes and never saw him. It was a brutal race so people were pretty spread out. Time for a few Z's before hopping a jet to Utah.


    QOTD: If you could package up the gift of running and put a bow on it, who would you give it to? Family member, friend, celebrity...whoever. I think we all have somebody in our lives that would really benefit from all it has to offer.


    I would give it to my Boss's wife. That may seem odd, but we're really close to their family and we love them all. She's the nicest woman I've ever met, she works out and is super fit, but she "thinks" she can't run. More than anything, I want to show her that she can. I know she would be amazing and it would change her life.

    4/21- Boston Marathon

    4/25- Salt Flats 100

    5/3- Sinister Night Run 55K

    5/10- Ice Age 50M

    6/1- Comrades Marathon

    6/14- Bryce 100


    Faster Than Your Couch!

      Good Morning,


      Congrats, Kelly, on your race. 2nd overall is extremely impressive!


      I messed up my work schedule, thought I'd start an hour earlier than I actually have to, and missed the opportunity to get in an early run. Duh.

      But I'll still stick to my plan for a few miles after work.

      So now I'm having a nice breakfast with DH instead.


      QOTD: My younger DD. The boys all run or bike, age-appropriately (not competitively), and the older DD works out and is fairly fit. My younger DD is a dancer, but she could use some more endurance - always good for long-term health, physically and mentally. And I'd have a running buddy for a few years, while she's still living with us! Big grin

      Run for fun.



        The pooch and I did a quick easy 5 miles of trail this morning.


        QOTD: Probably my wife.


        Parkville MD

        Refurbished Hip

          I rode 50 miles on the bike yesterday.  And mowed my parents lawn.  Today I'm hitting the mountain bike trails while it's still dry here.


          QOTD: (Good question, Kelly)  Can I give it to myself?  Joking


          running under the BigSky

            SRD for me, definitely feeling the repercussions from yesterdays race


            qotd: I feel I have helped share the gift of running with several of my closest family, both my DD's and my DW are now running.  I hope to share this gift soon with my young grandson Smile


            HURL Fat Ass 50k  1/11- DNS sick :(

            Zion Traverse 47 miles 4/5 DNS :( stress fracture in heel

            Don't Fence Me In 30k 5/10


              a mind-numbing yoga class earlier.  Reminded me why I stopped going to this particular class.  I needed it though.  I'll get in a very short hill run later this afternoon.


              qotd:  I've already got my two son's on board (age-appropriately), so I'd like to give it to my sister, for both the physical and mental health benefits.


                Yesterday I ran the hill behind my house a bit. Made it up to 1000 ft and .34 miles in just under 20 minutes. Then I made it down in record time. My foot work had really improved! After the hill I laid out some speed on the lower trails for a few miles.


                QOTD: My mom. Two years after a total hip replacement she got connected with a personal trainer who really helped her learn what to do at the gym. She dropped a good amount of weight and added some muscles. I think she's always thought running was not possible. I see how happy she gets from hiking/climbing mountains. It would be great if she could get that feeling every day from a run around the local trails.

                Brian Runner

                  16 flat miles on the Catharine Valley Trail this moring. It was a group run, with four people doing various shorter distances and three of doing the whole 16. Ran as a group for most of the morning and then split off during the last 5 to run my fastest miles of the run. Pretty sore right now. I haven't done any extended flat running since the end of March. Its such a different animal from twisting, climbing single track.


                  Follower of Forrest

                    Good afternoon,


                    Headed back out to Ramapo Park for 14.  I spent less time lost this time.  Almost stepped on a black snake, who slithered off, hung a right and came right for me (I literally had to jump)...he wasn't going to strike, just made a wrong turn.


                    QOTD: I wish trail running upon my brother.  He needs to lighten up and spend some time outdoors.  He would be as fast/faster than me so quickly too.  I know he's going nuts not doing anything physical (formerly a college gymnast), but he's not having it (running).

                    4/5 - Lost Brook Trail 10mi  1:15:42

                    4/27 - Ironmaster's Challenge 50k

                    6/21 - Manitou's Revenge 56mi



                      Did 15 pretty good miles this morning.  No sun here, but I was soaked with the 100% humidity.


                      qotd: my older brother was a great runner way back in high school and college (I think his HS mile PR was 4:18), he ran some road races and even a marathon after, but then drifted away.  Always felt that he should take it up again.

                      Hog's Hunt 50k, May 10 (maybe)

                      Bighorn 100m, Jun 20

                      Occasional Runner

                        I rode 50 miles on the bike yesterday.  And mowed my parents lawn.  Today I'm hitting the mountain bike trails while it's still dry here.


                        QOTD: (Good question, Kelly)  Can I give it to myself?  Joking


                        A little selfish Mandy.


                        I need to admit that I giggled a bit when I read "Can I give it to myself".


                        That's what she said!

                        4/21- Boston Marathon

                        4/25- Salt Flats 100

                        5/3- Sinister Night Run 55K

                        5/10- Ice Age 50M

                        6/1- Comrades Marathon

                        6/14- Bryce 100

                           20 miles on the Tahoe Rim Trail....I  left the details up to my partner only to discover she knowingly took us the hard because she wanted all our runs around the lake to go it the same direction.  I swear it was about 14 uphill miles, 2 level and 2 down hill.  It was also very hot.  When we finally finished it began to rain and then hailed.  It's ok it's done but it was a lot of power walking and not much running.


                          QOTD: Good question.  I would give it to my nice.  She's 23ish, a single Mom, never had a job, looks to guys for approval, bipolar, fat, lazy, and sucks the life out of my sister because she is always worried about her.  I think exercise does wonders for people's spirit.  I would like to see Zeke proud of herself for achieving something.  Hell I would like to see her do something!!  Yes she's a Mom but laying watching cartoons with your kid is not really being a Mom.

                          Way Too Cool 50K 03/08/14


                            Put in my normal 13.1 mile trail run. Kind of slow, but then I had stopped to chat with a old guy that was strolling along the road listening to the NASCAR race.


                            QOTD: Three people come to mind. First is DW which would give me a running partner and give her something to do at races. Second would be DD. She has a huge diesel engine inside of her but no desire to use it. Lastly would be a friend from work who was one of the better work partners I've ever had. She caught a nasty lung infection that almost killed her and now is on disability and can only walk 2 MPH for 10 minutes on the treadmill. She'd love to be able to run enough to play with her daughter.

                            4/20/13 Hyner 50k

                            9/28/13 Bald Eagle Megatransect (Marathon)


                              9.4 slow and easy trail miles for the dog and I this morning. Legs were tired but not hurting after yesterdays hard long run. Then this evening went for a hike up on the mountain with the dog and DS in the backpack. DS wasn't too excited about the idea tonight, so it was shorter than I had hoped. Still nice to wander around the trails for a bit.


                              QOTD: Not sure really. DW runs occasionally, but might be nice if we could do some longer runs through the mountains together. I think my mom would really enjoy it and has shown interest, but thinks she is too old for running. I don't think that's the case so maybe someday I can convince her... Or maybe my second brother. He doesn't do much physical activity, so misses out on some of the back country adventures my older brother, dad and I do once in a while. Would be nice if he could/would join us. Sorry that wasn't much of an answer, more like rambling on about the topic....


                                20 miles in Desolation Wilderness yesterday. Half of it limping on an injured foot. I made a separate post about that.


                                QOTD: I would love to run with my wife. Sharing nature together in that way would be wonderful.

                                3/8 Way Too Cool 50k WNS

                                4/19 Tehama Wildflowers 50k