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Mistletoe Mondaily (Read 245 times)

    Took Monday off--we had to go downtown to lay in more food, as the stores all closed at noon and won't reopen until the 27th. So, no run in the morning, then when we got home, we had to start in on the goodies...



    QOTD: Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?


    Rather than have a big holiday meal today, we'll eat breads, cheeses and those types of foods. I'm not sure where the tradition comes from but I've been doing it all my life.


    This. At home, I usually add in some hot hors d'oeuvres, but here the yummies are mostly cold--we had several different cheeses and breads, grapes, smoked salmon, bear sausage, and reindeer meat. Along with gloggi and gingerbread cookies. Varied the assortment and had the same thing for dinner.