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    Goal was 18 but my figures came out short and ended up with 16.3....plan was to run past the store to add 2 more miles, but stopped for a Red Hook.  Not training for anything so might as well kick it.


    Trails and cocktails:  2 AM wouldn't expect any less from you.  Big grin

    TT: long post from you, so i am guessing it was a extremely awesome run today.

    mtwarden:  Sounds like your OK with the long winter.  We are full spring here and my yard is a b o u t.. to...go...o f f !!!

    Northern:  Can not stand doing anything indoor on weekends when it's so nice outside.  They probably had to REALLY see Jussiac Park 3D.

    birdwell:  I don't know who McMillian is or what a proper training pace is, but it must of been good to be proud of yourself.  Wink

    Lace Up: Your married to an old lady.

     03/31/17 Retire

    04/21/18 Mendoncino 50k CA wait List

    05/12/18 Smith Rock Ascent 50K OR

    07/14/18 MT Hood 50 OR 






      Lake Sonoma 50 today .. 1st 50-miler, made some nutrition and other rookie mistakes, but finished fine for my purposes. Running 30 miles longer than your longest run of the ear in a tough trail race is probably not a good idea, but it was fun anyway. Report to follow ...