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    Probably no miles today...working instead. BUT....on the dark side...I GOT MY CHRISTMAS BONUS!  It will be working 8 hour instead of 12, but only 32 hours a week...but one more day a week. Behind curtain #2...only 24 hours a week...curtain #3 is no job at all.  I should know at the latest on Friday.


    Endless trails

      Almost sounded like you were knocked out cold all night, lying in the icy trail ..


      C'mon cut me some slack, I wasn't too bright to begin with and after slamming my head I'm a

      bigger knucklehead.


      Maybe I need a little help with my sentence structure, where's John M. and Mandy?


      Happy Birthday, couch, and thanks for the advice.


        Interval training today.


        QOTD: A crockpot. I really enjoy slow-cooking large pieces of tasty meat, and a crockpot is a much more convenient option than running the oven for 6+ hours.

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          I did not run this am and hope to run later but I am weak and it may be raining...I do have a treadmill though.


          QOTD:  nothing and hopefully I get it.

          My husband called me and suggested we go to the beach Christmas eve day.  I replied "I'm going to be at the beach on Sunday.  If you wnat to go to the beach why don't you come Sunday?"  Him "It's our annivarsy, I thought we would go to lunch or something."  Geez I am bad at these things.. 

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          Refurbished Hip

            I took a spill yesterday out on the trails, slipped and slammed my head on the ice, woke

            up this morning sore and stiff. I may try again later with my screw shoes, may have to take an URD.


            That comma after ice would work better as a semi-colon. 

            100K or Bust

              Felt really sluggish getting started, probably from all the slow going in the snow, so turned the run into a fartlek workout, one minute pickups every half mile.


              QOTD: Standards on my Christmas list are food and drink, especially chocolate, cheese, and wine. I wouldn't mind a new pair of running shorts or a waist pack either.

              2017 Goals: for races not to be exercises in futility

              running under the BigSky



                That's awesome. I used to do that for my daughter in her younger years. Since we are talking snowshoes I also had her on some tiny plastic snowshoes when she was 3. Still kept those things for memories.


                QOTD--I  have no needs but the same daughter already told me that she got me a BlackDiamond headlamp. She must have been raised right! 


                sweet- I got my grandson a little pair two seasons ago, he was a natural on them Smile- they still work for him (probably another year)


                I'm hoping he'll be asking for packs and headlamps in a few years Big grin


                Brian Runner

                  Have not posted here in a while. Healthy and running well so far this winter, but sort of in a holding pattern until the new year when its time officially get serious about the training for my spring goal races.


                  No run today. Leading a group run for the local club tomorrow evening.


                    Warden--that picture is priceless!  


                      Did a quick 5 mi yesterday (Wed), today is a SRD since I'm flying home.


                      My big project is over at the end of Dec and now I'm being poached by a few depts in my company, a few days ago I was offered a position that would have relocated me to London, and now I have another offer for Asia, not to mention one that would keep me where I am...  it's nice to be "loved".... decisions, decisions.  But no matter what, there are always places to run!  Stay tuned.


                      qotd: nothing special this year, the whole family will be together and that's all the DW and I really want.

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