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    Afternoon trail people!


    Ended up bagging yesterdays run after a mile due to some foot soreness (not sure where that came from).  I did manage to get 20 mins on the bike rollers (despite a flat tire) and a pushup workout, so not  a total loss.


    Plan for today is for 4 easy miles, 20 minutes on the rollers, and 10 mins of ab/core workout of some type.


    QOTD: I don't have real life running friends and you guys are a bunch of enablers so I will say "yes, I run and race more due to the internet".  I never would have done Stone Mill if it wasn't for ya'll.

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      Tweaked a tendon in my ankle yesterday, so I'll have to cancel the long run I had negotiated a slot for today.  The worst part is that it happened because of arrogance and not respecting the weights I was carrying around. (I pivoted on the ball of my foot with an 85-lb dumbbell in each hand.)


      QOTD: I've been running since before the internet, but for sure being part of this on-line community has changed my frame of reference with regard to what's normal and possible. Thank you all for that!

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        Salomon run last night, so probably nothing today due to work ... 24 degrees this morning, so good weather for some mellow miles. Too bad!


          QOTD: I don't race very much, but there are lots of races that I wouldn't know about if it wasn't for the Internet. I don't hang out with anyone who runs except at races. I am the only person close to my area who runs.



            Probably no run today. Slept in a bit and spending a good portion of the day getting ready for my Fire Fighter 1 tests, which start tomorrow.


            QOTD: I was in first grade when the internet became commercialized. So much of my life I have used the internet. But I had started running a few times without the help of internet knowledge and resources and I never lasted very long. So yes I run a lot more with the internet. I find a lot of inspiration here. I'm not much of a racer. To date I have only signed up for 2 local races. I used the internet to do so, but I didn't HAVE to.


              Hello there... been busy travelling as of late and  just getting back into the normal swing of things.


              I  wavered about running today but had an hour+ window at lunch so just shoed up and out the door I went. Foggy mild weather here. I was just going to trot around the neighborhoods for 45 minutes to an hour but for some reason after a mile or so decided to torture myself with some Cross Road hill repeats (this is a local hill right near my neighborhood). I haven't done these in ages and I sort of remember why that is because they bring me to the point where I can't decide whether I should puke or unclench my ass cheeks and shit myself instead. The hill is somewhere between 1000-1200m in length I guess, maybe 200 foot climb, a small break midway before the steepest section and flattening out at the top. I used to do 3-5 repeats. I wanted to do 3 today but after 1 I had convinced myself that hey maybe 2 would be a victory but after the 2 decided well you can do one more you know and meet your goal so I did manage 3. I did not try to talk myself into 4. Splits going up were in the 4:51-5:01 range and I have no idea what that means other than it was very hard and the easy jog down took 6 minutes. My hip and back are a bit sore now but they were the other day too so well I guess it is what it is. I have been slacking on my stretching.


              QOTD: The internet helps me find races and commiserate with like minded souls about the wonderful world of running. I think without it I would run anyways but would type less about it.

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                Ran six very good miles this am with me muttly.  Brrrhh took a good mile or two to warm up.  I guess winter has reached me.


                QOTD : I don't think I would run more or less but do know I would get more done around the house.  You guys make me think I should run longer but I know I would only do it to say I did it but that I wouldn't really enjoy it.  Undecided



                Kelly and Sandy:  Good luck this weekend on your race this weekend.

                moonlighter:  Can't rmemeber the distance but good luck on your race.  I am doing a 50K that I also do not feel prepared for and we have a storm coming so I have to drive out of the storm but should be nice where we are going.

                Gator: Where do you live?  I am from Traverse City and still have all the family there.

                runtraildc:  Keep streaking!

                Andie:  Yea I thought about how we only get this killer cold weather occasional and if I lived in it I would definitely be on the treadmill way more.

                Chnaiur:  A runner receives a twisted ankle from lifting weights..was funny.

                LB2: I thought you had your brother to run with?

                Xtreme:  I can't decide whether I should puke or unclench my ass cheeks and shit myself instead"  that is a good discritpion of how you feel when you give and all out effort.

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                  lace_up and LB2 - frozen spiders at the Cajun Coyote sound good.  Yum.  We should scout out a RA spot for the S/F, wonder if Jo would like to be our "Trailer Trash Coach".



                  I'll check with my people, but I think we can make that happen.

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                    0 day for me today- which is just fine; -15F this morning w/ a balmy 3 degrees for a high, predicting -25 tonight- New Mexico has mountains don't they? Big grin


                    qotd: the internet has been a blessing for me and running- I've learned a ton on this forum and various articles on line, I've met running buddies online and am able to scout races across the US- God bless Al Gore! Wink

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                      Out the door, then turned around. Back out a couple hours later for a jog/walk for an hour or so. Those interval workouts beat me up and it takes 3 days to recover.


                      QOTD: I ran more before the internet was invented. Sources of info included Long Distance Log and Distance Running News. RW and RT hadn't been founded yet and there weren't but a handful of ultras around the country. Tom Osler was the best source for finding out about those and I think most were on the track anyway. Word of mouth was the best source for local races.

                      2017 Goals: for races not to be exercises in futility


                         God bless Al Gore! Wink


                        Was down in D.C. while he was V.P. and we were near the Capital when there he was--in a cute jogging suit with 3 big goons jogging along with him and a dark Suburban idling alongside him.  He REALLY did invent running ya know!


                        GOOD LUCK racers this weekend!