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Wildlife Photo Thread (Read 46 times)


    A nice group of little bucks lounging on the peak before I so rudely interrupted their breakfast...

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      I'm not sure how I would react to that. I've had a lot of encounters with bears, but never with a sow and cubs that close.


      Good idea, I love seeing critters when out for a run! I'll have to look back through my photos and post a few from some of my encounters.


      Came across this old girl and her cubs on a local trail. Both cubs quickly climbed up trees, but she hung out to make sure I wasn't going to cause any trouble. Only about 20 yards away.



        It was a bit sketchy... Didn't even notice them until I heard the cubs climbing up the trees, since I was watching the trail in front of me. Just kind of froze when I realized what the noise was from and at the time it seemed like a good idea to pull out the camera and grab a picture. My dog was with, which I think made me a bit more comfortable. Figured he would at least distract the bear while I bailed if things escalated. It was a pretty cool encounter!


        This one seemed a bit more friendly...

          Awesome pictures you guys!!!  I have none!!

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            A couple more of one of my favorite animals, Bighorn sheep.


            A group of big old rams lounging at 13,000ft


            These boys weren't interested in sharing the trail.

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              We have plenty of these too.


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                I cannot compete with the great pictures you guys have (which I love!) but here is one of the few I have of a black beauty in PA (too bad you can only see her head).

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