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Faster Than Your Couch!

    Good Morning,


    More snow, as forecasted. Must be about 1-2 inches of the white fluff. So here I'll go again, with all my winter gear, out for another run in the cold. I'm just so sick of it already. Maybe I'll whip out the snow shoes?


    My youngest ran his race (Run around Egg Hill) yesterday, and he won his age group (4 to 5 year-olds). There were 7 boys in his group, and all of them were pretty fast runners. But my little one took it easy, started off not too fast, picked up speed along the way, took the lead, then zig-zagged along the road, loosing ground to another boy. He realized it shortly before the finish line, so he sped up some more and beat the guy to the finish, winning the race. Well done, nice strategy to leave some reserves in the tank just to unleash full power when needed.

    He got a nice trophy, but best were the bananas after the race!


    QOTD: pass.


    Enjoy the fresh start into a new week, trailers!

    Run for fun.

    Occasional Runner

      Taking one more rest day. My weight is still down 4 pounds from my pre-race weight, which is a little odd. I usually take a big dip and them bounce back right away. But right now, I'm floating around an all time low and seem to be stuck there.


      Flying to New Mexico late today and hope to get on some trails out there this week.


      Couch- Very cool about the kid. I hope he sticks with it. Ask him if he wants to pace me sometime.


        11 on the trails yesterday, 4.5 solo before meeting up with a regular weekly group for another 6.5.  I badly jinxed one of the guys I met in the group - we were running together and he was really cruising the downhills on some rocky trails and I asked him his secret to running downhill so smoothly.  No sooner did he start to say "I try to let the hill take me and not fight it" than he caught his toe on a rock and took an ugly head-over-heels spill.  Some blood but nothing serious, and he got back up and we finished the run, but I don't think he wants to run with me anymore.  Will probably do 5-6 on the TM at lunch today.

          Stuck having to work (10 hours, plus a long commute) so this is a SRD.


          I wish I was out running in the snow,


          Tallahassee, Florida

            Morning folks!

            5.5 for me this morning.


            FYTC- great job for your son! Here's to the first of many age group victories!


            QOTD: pass

            Le professeur de trail

              I was able to get out for a slow but nice 4 miles this morning in the falling snow.  I love running in a snowfall - something so refreshing about it.


              Couch - future trail runner you have.  Don't it the award/winning go to his head.  But then again maybe he will be the type to win a bunch of races.

              lace - rest up and be wise.

              digdug - kinda funny about that runner - but it does bring back some memories of my own - stumbling along and thought I was ok and then blam!

              TT - you don't take too many rest days but looks like it's work induced.  Sorry.

              birdwell - correct me if I am wrong but you have already gotten in 5/5 miles - aren't you in mountain time? How early are you out?


              QOTD: Do you get any evil eyes, comments, questions, complaints, arguments from your DW, DH, or other about the running gear/shoes you buy or how much you buy?


              So I really don't get nearly as many shoes as others (like some of you) do but I just ordered another piar.  DW gave me some questioning and it seems no matter how I explain it, it doesn't matter.  I try and say "well if I was a hunter or a fisherman...I would be buying all kinds of gear" She doesn't buy it.  We don't argue over it but I feel guilty at times for doing what I enjoy.  She is not against the running but not as supportive as I'd like.


              Have a great day!

              The incarnation of peacefulness and patience



                Happy Passover to all those who celebrate! I'll be celebrating with my boyfriend's family tonight and tomorrow evening.

                Unfortunately, I turned my ankle during my trail run yesterday, and though it didn't kill me at the time, now my outer heel/ankle is not feeling so great. It doesn't feel sprained or broken or anything, but it's definitely very annoying. I'm going to rest and ice it today and probably tomorrow and hope that does the trick.


                QOTD: I don't share a bank account yet, but I live with my boyfriend and I definitely feel the need to justify some running purchases. He will make jokes about how much I buy, but I normally try to buy the "on sale" stuff so I don't feel as guilty Wink

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                  am supposed to start seeing the snow at 11.  I wanted to do 5 mi at a local nature center but I think I forgot to throw my gloves in the gym bag, so  I'll probably just settle on some road miles later. Fun stuff.



                  Lynde: I haven't posted in a few days, but I believe you slipped it in that you placed 2nd Female overall...huge congrats.


                  QOTD: I'm not a personally wealthy individual so the running costs are certainly a concern of mine and my GF's.  Running is cheap...technical gear is not.  Even with getting most of the gear I want, I do not spend more than $1000 a year which I think is reasonable for a 300+ days/year hobby/sport/whatever.


                  Boyjame:  My favorites:

                  "I think I want to run  ________  race"  [much later] "I'm not going to do is too expensive" - No intent on running the race

                  "Look at this jacket, $200 bucks...I guess I could just get this one for $80"


                  If anyone is on the market for a hydration pack, REI's deal of the week this week is on hydration packs.  Definitely some good deals.

                  6/21 - Manitou's Revenge 54mi


                  A man may never run the same trail twice for it is not the same trail and he is not the same man


                  running under the BigSky

                    brrrrrr- 5F this morning Sad


                    I have this terrible feeling that we won't be getting Spring this year, it'll go from winer to summer and I'll be bitching about the heat before you know it!


                    planning on 6 miles in the frosty hills this afternoon


                    qotd: running (w/ the exception of travel if you go very far to run) is a pretty cheap sport compared to almost any other sport- so I don't get much too guff Smile


                      Good morning all!


                      SRD for me. I got in 10 miles along the river trail yesterday with the dog, while pushing DS in the stroller. It was actually a pretty enjoyable run considering it was flat as a pancake and a paved trail. Just a nice easy effort on a sunny cool day.


                      TnC: I've gotten the dreaded outside ankle pain a few times this winter after snowy/rocky runs. Seems a couple days of icing has taken care of it mostly. Hope that works for you as well.


                      QOTD: Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I think my wife just gets annoyed with my constant gear analysis. She starts to question me when I start talking about some fancy new piece of gear right after purchasing the same type. I have to explain that I am only researching so I am ready to buy when the time comes. But she will usually urge me to buy something new when I need it, so overall she is pretty understanding of my gear obsession.


                        morning all!  beautiful, sticky snow here in DC.  But decided for a rest day.  I'll get some core and strength training in after work.  I'll try out the new cascadias tomorrow morning.  Did some damage to the REI dividend yesterday to the qotd is timely.


                        FTYC-- congrats to your speedy (and strategic) son!


                        MTwarden-- are you going to post a report on your Joshua Tree run (even though it was not a race)?


                        qotd:  DH doesn't quite understand why I need so many shoes, but doesn't complain.  He kitesurfs-- a far more expensive sport with intensive gear needs, so he wisely keeps his comments to a minimum.

                        running under the BigSky



                          MTwarden-- are you going to post a report on your Joshua Tree run (even though it was not a race)?



                          you must have missed it Big grin 



                            you must have missed it Big grin 


                            Thanks!  And perhaps those short-shorts haters are just jealous?  sounds like a great time (first half and campfire sections, sorry about the hard second half).  Congrats!

                              G'morning all. Took my new altra's out for a spin this morning, 5 miles. They were great, rocks, smooth clay, uphill, downhill, all good. The heels feel a little loose, but that's probably just a lacing issue. I haven't bothered to butterfly the laces yet like I do on most shoes.


                              Jamezilla: Thanks! I've been waiting on the official results to write up a report... should be coming soon.


                              qotd: not really, but I sometimes feel temporarily guilty when purchasing new running gear instead of other stuff I need.

                              Pinhoti 100: Finished :D

                                Jaime, I am in mountain time. I was up at 5 this morning. It's the only way to get runs in without sacrificing family time.


                                QOTD: yes! My wife is very aware that I have more shoes than her, and that this "hobby" costs money. If the conversation turns to it being to expensive, I just point out that running is cheaper than paintball and dirt bikes, both previous hobbies of mine.


                                we are getting much better about striking a balance. I encourage and support her interests, both finacially and emotionally, and she supports mine. I couldn't do this without her support though.