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Ultra Cowboy

    I woke up at 5 to hear the wind blowing against the South facing windows.  Started the coffee and .... fell asleep on the couch.  Woke up later and Took me until 10 to get out odf the house.  Storm let up for a few miniutes but all 10.2 miles was a wet slog running along in/through/over rocks and rivers.  Had the whole State park to myself in the middle of a Sunday!  Finished wet and happy


    Thinking WARM thoughts for you snow folk....54degrees F here..


    Had to drive through water doors deep in 2 places on the driveway where the Creek had backed up or jumped the banks.  Whooo Hoo 4- wheelin!


    Sun is out now..Migh have to put on the rubber boots and take ol' Bob for a spin...



      Got in just under 11 miles on Tiger Mtn.  The upper elevations were snowy and a bit icy, but the lower elevations were great and relatively dry.  So good to be on the trails after two days of road running!


      qotd: double short eggnog latte. Don't have a favorite alcoholic holiday beverage, but I do consume a bit of red wine over this period.  (On the wagon come Jan. 2!)

      Upcoming races: 1/9 Bridle Trails 50K, 1/30 Lake Youngs Nuts Run 50K, 2/14 My Better Half, 3/5 Dupont Trail Marathon, 4/2 Umstead 100

      Endurance Guy

      Pain cave junkie

        Hi folks!


        I got in 7.5 trail miles today in 70 minutes followed by 35 miles on my fixed gear road bike.  Ride was a tad over 90 minutes and I'm done for the weekend.  Tomorrow will be a 40 mile mtn bike ride with a 10 mile trail run on Xmas day.


        May peace and harmony be with all of you.