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My C-C-C-Cajun C-C-C-Coyote race report (Read 49 times)

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    You're not to blame, LB, it's Kelly.  I've run THREE races with him where it's poured (Javelina, Rocky and Cajun Coyote).  I'll sure as heck be bringing my rain gear to Coldwater Rumble and Zion!  


    It builds character, Betsy. You're welcome.

    4/21- Boston Marathon

    4/25- Salt Flats 100

    5/3- Sinister Night Run 55K

    5/10- Ice Age 50M

    6/1- Comrades Marathon

    6/14- Bryce 100


    Eat to run, Run to eat

      Holy Moley...


      That race report was downright SCARY!!  Amazing job pushing through conditions that the speedier folks didn't get to *COUGH* enjoy..

      Stone Mill 50m 11/16/13  12:42

      Febapple Frozen 50k 2/22/14

      Gator eye

        You are one tough cookie!  Congrats.

        5/10/14 Armada Marathon

        6/7/14 Yankee Springs Trail Run double marathon

        8/16/14 Marquette Trail 50m

        9/5/14 Woodstock Hallucination 100m


          I loved the RR. Great job grinding it out and finishing! You are definitely a determined runner.

            Great race report, congrats on the AG win in cold rain! Hope you have warmed up by now!