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Northface 50K Endurance Run...I went up, I went down, repeat, repeat, repeat. (May contain foul language) (Read 58 times)


    Boohiss to Friday night packet pickup in a big city. Talk about traffic nightmare and pre-race stress. A friend of mine did a North Face race in NY and the packet pickup was in Manhattan for a race 2 hours outside the city. Seems like a North Face thing.


    Nice going Queen and great job on the race.  First AG is pretty much awesome. Maybe they will send you some f*cking beer as a prize. You earned it. Report with curse words is fine for me.

    In dog beers, I've only had one.


    Thread killer ..

      Congratulations !


      I used to go over to Santa Rosa to horse shows and it terrified me driving over there , although it's pretty scary here when it snows or rains.

        great write-up, congrats on the AG award! Sounds like an amazing (tough) course. Loved reading the report!


          Congratulations on winning your AG! It looks like a beautiful course, thanks for sharing the RR.


            Nice job! Sounds like a tough race. I'm pretty sure we've all had moments in a race or run where that foul language flows freely! For me it is usually closely followed by laughing as I think of the fact that I'm actually having fun.


            Faster Than Your Couch!

              Congratulations, great race, and congrats also on the AG win!


              Your report made me chuckle several times, having experineced one or another of the challenges at different races. Sounds like a tough course, though, and stairs are just - difficult to run, to say it in a nice way.

              Run for fun.