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Driving to and fro (Read 63 times)


    Three hours right after a 100K. It wasn't bad at all. Typically, I go with someone who isn't running the whole race, or I go with someone when I am not running the whole race. Whoever isn't running does all the driving. I'd rather run than drive just about any day.


    I have only stayed in a motel for one race. I normally sleep in a tent but I have been known to sleep in a car. I tend to do better when I sleep in a tent. I know quite a few people who drive to 100 mile start lines; nap in the car; run the race with no crew or pacers; get in the car and go home. I suspect I may be doing one like that next year. And it may work out better because I tend to worry about my crew getting bored or worrying about me.



    Faster Than Your Couch!

      2.5 hours was my longest drive after a race, and it was tough. I had to pull over for a short nap after an hour.


      SillyC: I have this "mom" reflex, too. But on the other hand, if my kids don't notice, I might raid their lunchboxes for leftovers when I pick them up from school after my long run. Blush


      After the OC100, I had a 1-hour drive to my hotel, and the only thing that kept me awake was DD in the passenger seat. I couldn't have done it without her.

      A lot of issues come up for me during a longer drive after a long or especially exhausting race, the stiffness, soreness, tiredness, and insatiable hunger sometimes.

      Run for fun.



        You might check out the new Zensah Ultra Sleeves. Greater compression and better technology in how the compression is applied. More on this later....



        Thanks! I got the $65 dollar hospital grade SOCKS for the plane ride.  I packed my sleeves in case the socks got to be overwhelming...  but they felt really good.  My feet normally swell in airplanes whether I've been running or not.

        running under the BigSky

          I won't drive far  the morning of a race, need my sleep!  I ve driven several hors after a race though, not ideal, but usually need to make it back for work